first three skills to learn for beginner turns you may not have known this but instructors always use three specific keys when teaching a student how to snowboard since understanding these keys will help you ride more efficiently learning these keys will greatly improve your snowboarding ability now let's find out three keys that enable you to improve faster and easier balance balance is the most essential key that you will need to improve your snowboarding just like any other sport without good balance there are not many improvements we can expect from our performance you can check if your side and forward postures are straight you can also check your body alignments as your shoulders hips and knees should all be aligned with your toes you should not stand too high or too low to stabilize your balance over the snowboard bend your ankles and put your knees over the toe edge at all times so that your hips AKA center of mass will stay over the board relax your upper body but keep your lower body strong so you can adjust your balance to the situation while maintaining a strong supporting base as well use your hands to maintain proper balance if you can visualize playing any sports that you have done before it will help to keep it strong balanced in many cases steering the next step after learning to balance over the board will be steering while riding down the hill you can go straight while maintaining a good balance over the board but how can you make a turn and stop from this state the steering skill allows the snowboard to change its direction by spinning your body you can turn your board towards the direction you want to go while initiating your tenants this rotational movement causes your front shoulder to come over the edge for example while initiating the toe side turn your front shoulder pulls the front side of your hip over the toe edge and the front side of your hip pulls your front knee over the toe edge now you can push your front toes down thanks to your front knees coming over the toe edge by pushing the toe edge down the snowboard starts twisting towards the toe side and your back shoulder hip and knees will all be pulled towards the toe side as a result your center of mass moves over to the toe side and then the board will be completely tilted towards the toe side this is how your turn occurs for beginners check if your whole body is turning in the intended direction and your front shoulder hip and knees are over the toe edge to initiate the toe side turn do the same for the heelside turn and check if your front shoulder and hip are over the heel edge and try to point your knees forward this way your board will be twisted towards the heel edge and your center of mass moves over the heel edge as a result for intermediate snowboarders try to rotate your body to initiate turns from your hips or knees which are closer to the board so that you can expect a quick response from your board remember this steering skill is effective only if your balance over the board is stable managing pressure while riding on the hill you will receive pressure under your feet it might be from terrain shape or by the centrifugal force exerted while turning if you ride in those situations and can't manage it you won't be able to ride these difficult slopes managing pressure enables you to maintain a stable balance for example this skill can be used to increase your board performance by pushing down and bending the board you can also use your legs as a shock absorber to stabilize your head which has the sensors for body balance to increase your board performance while turning and while on a jump feel the pressure and resist it you can plant your legs so that you will receive the rebound force from the ground or board at the end of turns and jumps just like the force you will feel on the trampoline these three keys are essential for beginners and intermediate snowboarders to stabilize their performance there are more skills for further improvement but start working on these three skills first so your base of support will be strong and your performance will stay consistent please don't forget the life to subscribe to our channel and feel free to leave your comments below learn the world's best scientific coaching methods based on coaching national level athletes watch all our tutorials by subscribing through the online training program from our website snowboard dojo is your snowboard coach from Canada [Applause]

First 3 Snowboarding Skills to Learn for Beginner Turns

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  • June 20, 2019 at 1:07 am

    Your tutorial are wonderful and very helpful. I am learning it quick by watching your videos. Pls let me know if you have any more (specific ) for beginner turn and managing speed..Thanks for ur effort 🙏


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