(music) Hey! Well here you are so that must mean
you’re looking for a little cash for college. The good news is that there’s money out there. But it’s up to you to find it. The best way to get started in your search is to fill out the FAFSA online. FAFSA stands for Free Application for
Federal Student Aid. FAFSA can help you get federal grants, scholarships, work-study dollars and
some student loans. Some state scholarship programs,
like Oklahoma’s Promise and OTAG, require the FAFSA, too. Now, FAFSA is for everyone, so go ahead
and fill it out even if you think your parents make too much money to qualify. Everything you need to know about the
FAFSA is on the official website at FAFSA.gov. Ignore any noise about paying to
complete the FAFSA – it’s free! Now before you get started here are some
important FAFSA Facts: If you snooze, you lose. Some financial aid is awarded
first-come, first-served. So submit your FAFSA online as soon
as possible after the first of October each year. All right so here we go.
You’re ready to get started. I’m going to show you how to
finish the FAFSA in five steps. Step One: Gather your materials. Pulling your paperwork together in advance
will save you a lot of time later. You’ll need your social security number,
driver’s license, W2 forms, income tax return, and financial records
for you and your parents. Once you have all that stuff,
you’re good to go. Step Two: Get a FSA ID, that’s a Federal
Student Aid Identification Number. You gotta have a FSA ID to sign
and submit the FAFSA online. To get one, go to FSAID.ed.gov. If you’re a dependent student, your parent
will need his or her own FSA ID, too. And like any other username and
password, write it down and keep it safe. Step Three: Fill out the FAFSA. It wouldn’t hurt to do this step with a
parent, who can help you figure out the right
information to enter, especially in the parent demographics and financial
information sections. Here’s a tip: Use the “previous” and “next”
buttons at the bottom of each page. Don’t use your browser’s “back” button or
your information may not be saved. Be sure to enter family names exactly as
they appear on your social security cards. If the names don’t match federal records, it could delay the processing of your
FAFSA. When it’s time to enter your financial
information, there’s a cool feature that you may be able to use.
It’s the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. And it can automatically transfer your tax
information right on to the FAFSA form. Step Four: Sign and Submit your FAFSA. When you’re ready to wrap it up, print a copy of your answers from
the Sign and Submit page. Look it over and make sure
that everything’s correct. If everything’s OK, sign with your
FSA ID and click “Submit My FAFSA Now.” Step Five: Follow Up Watch your email for a Student Aid
Report, often called a SAR. Make sure all your information is correct and follow any instructions that come
with it. This information is sent to the financial aid offices of the schools you selected
on your FAFSA. Each school will tell you what aid you’re
eligible to receive. From there it’s up to you to decide which
offer works best for you. Your financial aid office can help. Well, that’s it, the FAFSA in five steps. You can do it, and StartWithFAFSA.org
can help! You’ll find a lot of great information
and tools at StartWithFAFSA.org. You can also call 1.800.4 FED AID or a
local financial aid office. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your FAFSA right now. See you on campus!

Finish the FAFSA in Five Steps (English)

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