Find books at the UTEP library In this video you will learn how to find physical items in the library using MinerQuest. You will also learn how to navigate the library building. Most of the materials in the UTEP library,
including books, are classified using the Library of Congress classification system
This system assigns a unique identifier to every object in the library’s collection,
which consists of letters and numbers. These letter and numbers are called “call
numbers”. All of our books are shelved by their call
numbers in alphanumeric order so that they are easy to find. In Miner Quest, I did a title search for a
book called “Ghost Stories of Texas”. Once you have the result, you’ll need to write
down the call number or you can have MinerQuest text the number straight to your phone. Now, to actually find the book you’ll need
to know its location. There are several different collections in
the library with different locations. This book is located in the Main Stacks. If you don’t know where the main stacks are, that’s okay. All you need to do is click on “Main Stacks”. Here’s a description of where the Main Stacks
in the library are. Notice that it consists of three floors. Please note however, that this may possibly
change over time. If it does, you will be notified that books
have changed locations. The floor you need to go to to find the book
you’re looking for is determined by the first letters of the call number. The book we’re looking for has a call number
that starts with BF. This means that we need to go to the third floor. However you also need to see if the item you’re looking for is even there. You do that by checking the Availability of the item. At all the floor landings are signs indicating
which call numbers are located to the left and to the right. The sign on the third floor tells us that
books with the call numbers A through G are to the right. Pay attention to the flags on the bookshelves
to determine which aisle your book is located. The book we’re looking for falls within this
range, so we know the book should be in this aisle. Follow the call numbers along the books in
the shelves. Remember, they’re in alphanumeric order. This is the book we’re looking for. Notice that the call number on the spine appears
exactly the same as it does in MinerQuest. Here’s the book in it’s proper place in the stacks. Now look at the call numbers further away
from either side of our book. The call numbers aren’t exactly the same but
they’re very similar which means that they have very similar subjects. So it’s likely that the books near the one
you selected from MinerQuest will also be very helpful to you. If you have any questions please call or text
us or ask us at

Find Books in the UTEP Library
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