– This morning we are
getting ready to film a commercial in our house for
this new toy from Spin Master. It’s called an Owleez. And it’s a really fun and cool flying toy. (whirring) Whoa! The Owleez is a baby owl. Pretty cute baby owl, don’t you think? And Owleez learns how to fly
but you have to teach it. And just like when you
learn like to ride a bike, the very first time being on the bike it doesn’t go perfectly, does it? Sometimes you fall a few
times, you need some help along the way, same thing with the Owleez. That’s part of the charm of the little owl is that it’s not gonna go
perfectly the first time. You have to teach it. And over time, it learns
to fly pretty well. What do yellow eyes mean? You remember? – It wants to eat. – [Lucy] Oh it’s hungry? Where’s its berry? – He’s feeling gassy so
we have to rub the tummy. Oh now he wants more food. (buzzing) (laughing) – He tooted! – [Lucy] All right, Addy’s
teaching it how to fly. This is how you teach it to fly. (triumphant music) – [Maya] It’s gonna fly! (chiming music) (whirring) – [Lucy] Oh crash landing! – Now it’s sad so you have to care for it. – [Lucy] Say, “it’s okay, it takes time!” Are you girls ready? We’re gonna have, probably
25 people wandering around our house pretty soon. – Seriously? – Yep, a lot of people. (screaming) We shot a commercial last
year for Rainbocorns and there were a lot
of people in the house. And this time it’s in our own house. We’re shooting it in our house. – Yeah. – ‘Cause we know where everything is. – But we’re gonna have a lot
of people wandering around for two days.
– Yeah. – “She’s our brand new baby owl!” – She’s our brand new baby owl! – Good job. And Addy, “she needs us
to teach her to fly”. – She needs us to teach her to fly. – “Do you think we can?” – Do you think we can? – [Lucy] One of the fun parts
about doing commercial shoot is the girls get to get
their hair and makeup done. Plus we have the whole wardrobe behind us. The wardrobe team came
by a couple of days ago two times and the girls
tried out probably 50 outfits trying to figure out
what they’re gonna wear for the various scenes of the commercial. And now they’re getting all glammed up. I don’t think we’ve ever curled your hair with like big roller curlers. Have we, Addy? Maybe you could just wear
the curlers in the video and start a new trend, Addy. No? You don’t like that trend? Do you think they’re gonna
curl or straighten your hair? What do you think? What do you think of Addy’s hair? Does it look silly? (laughing) Do you want curlers in your hair, Colin? – No. – [Lucy] You want curlers? No. You know what I always think the best part about filming a commercial is? – [Maya] What? – The food spreads. Sandy thinks so, too. Cinnamon rolls. Yummy. And we’re bringing in
breakfast sandwiches. Are you excited. Jason’s all about food. Jason. – [Jason] Yeah. – Breakfast sandwiches are here. – They are? Let’s do it! (laughing) Put this on pause. (laughing) Jason is highly motivated by food. – Oh here are the best parts. – [Jason] Ooh yum! – [Lucy] Cinnamon rolls. – I had the cinnamon rolls. – Did ya? Are they good?
– They’re really good. – [Lucy] What about the bananas
and grapes and apples, Maya? You gonna eat those, too? Just the cinnamon rolls? Oh there you go! (upbeat music) Addy’s getting her wardrobe on. And we’re twins! – [Crew Member] Just take a picture. – Polka dots! And I think we both have
jeans on, too right? And we both have our hair curled. (laughing) We’re practically twins, Addy. – Except you don’t have
a pink shirt under mine. – I don’t have a pink under mine. Should I go get one on? – Yeah. – [Lucy] I don’t have
a cool unicorn jacket. That is cool. If they had those unicorn
jackets in my size, I would totally sport that though. Now that Addy is all dressed and ready, it’s Maya’s turn to get
her hair and makeup done. What outfit are gonna
get to wear first, Maya? – This. – [Lucy] What is this? Oh those have stars on them. So cute! And that top? Cute. – Our house is a… I don’t think there’s ever been
(talking drowns out speech) – It’s pretty crowded, isn’t it? We have a lot of people in here. It’s fun though. – Yeah, it’s fun. – Are we gonna have a good time? We have two days of a crowded house. – Yeah. They’re gonna be here tomorrow, too. – And this is only the main level. There’s still people in the basement. And people upstairs
setting up in Maya’s room because they’re filming the
commercial in Maya’s room, our living room, the basement,
I think the entry way, and I think this room, too. So it’s gonna kinda be all over. – Oh my gosh. (laughing) – And they’re setting up a
bunch of lights out front in the front yard. You notice that? – No, I’m gonna go look. – [Lucy] What’s the big green thing for? What does that do? – We’re gonna put that outside the window when we shoot up here. – [Lucy] Oh okay. – And they’re gonna key some flying — – [Lucy] Oh so actually
this is a green screen. – Yeah. – [Lucy] Pretty cool. So we found out it’s not
lights they’re putting up. They’re putting up this green screen. And when they’re filming in Maya’s room, they’re gonna put it all up to the windows and that way they’ll be
able to see like little owls flying, I think. On the green screen. – Oh. – Kinda cool, huh? We’ve never used a green
screen on our channel. – Yeah we’ve never used it. We just always like make things happen. We don’t really use green screens. – Pretty neat though. I love the look, Maya! Look at those, that hair! You like your outfit? – Yes. – [Lucy] And your hair? Checkin’ it out? (laughter) You look darling. You like these? Little pop knots. – Yeah! – [Lucy] All right girlie, have fun! Bye! The girls just headed downstairs. They’re gonna do their
first shot in our basement in our toy cafe. This is so different from
something for our YouTube channel because generally it’s just the four of us Jason, me, Addy, and Maya. And now the girls are
downstairs without us. Without Jason and I. And a whole crew, microphones, and lights, and it’s a pretty big deal. I think they’re gonna do just great. They are gettin’ all set up in there. This is so much more high
tech than what we’re used to. We never have cameras near this size. Sandy, let’s go! Sorry. Sandy, you’re in the way. Come on! Sandy, come on! Sandy, let’s go. Come on! You’re in the way, girl. You’re in the way. Back upstairs. Back upstairs. Believe it or not, Sandy here is actually gonna
get to be in the commercial. She’s gonna be in a really short
scene that we’re gonna film later today at the bottom of the stairs. So you’re gonna see
Sandy on a TV commercial. You’re making your big break today, Sandy! – This is like Sandy, your dog. All right? You love Sandy? This is just like Sandy, your dog, right? Okay. – The girls just finished their lines and you guys did awesome! – It was like kinda hard to memorize them. – Were you a little bit nervous? I think Maya was a little
bit shy, but she did great. And I’m so proud of you. – There was a shot but I (unintelligible). – You were nervous about your lines. You did very well. All right I turned my back for a second and looked over and
Addy has some cool hair I have to show you. Oh Addy! You’re gonna love this, girl! – [Hairdresser] You wanna see? – [Lucy] (laughing) You
got some fun colors. See my camera? – Whoa! I love it! I thought I felt some
extra spray on my shoulder. – Maya’s gonna wanna have pink hair, too. She might want turquoise. – When you’re done filming,
we have other colors we could spray in your hair. – [Lucy] What color is this one? I don’t know. This is probably gold? Silver glitter. – I may want this one. – [Lucy] What colors did she have here? Oh there’s purple, blue. If you could have your hair any color, what would you choose? – Pink. – [Lucy] You’d do pink Addy? What about you, Maya? – Pink and silver. – They just took Addy to film upstairs to film in Maya’s room. Maya’s getting a little break right now but Addy’s upstairs doing a scene. I’m gonna try to sneak
upstairs and take a peek, but there’s a lot of people up there. – So maybe we raise that up a little bit. Or we’ll raise the camera a little bit. Probably too much seen. Yeah what if you’re kneeling? And you’re just talking to your Owleez, you’re getting to know her. – I’ve never seen Maya’s
room look so neat before. Are they flying the Owleez over there? They sure are. Oh there is goes! Whoa. Whoa, it’s getting so high! The girls have been working super hard and now it’s the best time! It’s food time! (upbeat music) 1:30 is way later than
we generally eat lunch. I think the girls are absolutely starving! And the food smells so good. We have Mexican food. One of my favorites. It’s crazy how much
time they spend shooting on these commercials. We’ve been here for several
hours and they just do little shots over and over and over again. Whereas you know when we shoot,
we’ll shoot a whole video in a few hours. So it’s just a completely
different process, how slowly it moves and
how meticulous they are with all the little details. They just wrapped up all
the shots inside Addy’s room and so they’re moving all the equipment and lights back downstairs. We’re gonna film a little bit on the main level of the house. So all the girls are playing outside. In addition to Addy and Maya,
we have two other little girls who are gonna be in the commercial. One’s an extra and one’s Addy’s double that’s filling in for
her fingers actually. For when Addy gets tired
and they do close up shots they’ll bring her double in to do some of the close up finger
shots holding the toy. And then we have another little
girl here who’s a sibling. So I think the girls are bonding and enjoying some fresh air. (upbeat music) (calming music) You girls having a good time? – Yeah.
– Making the commercial today? – [Girls] Yeah. – What was that? – Yeah. – You getting tired yet? – Yeah.
– Ummm – [Lucy] A little bit? – Yeah I am. – It’s been a busy, busy, busy day. – And we’re having this, a
whole nother day tomorrow. Listen, we only filmed,
today we’re only filming 15 second of the commercial. Only 15.
– I know. I’ll let you get back to
filming ’cause the camera is aiming right at me. They’ve been filming
just all over the house. They’re right in one of
our family room right now. And they’ve moved the
furniture, they’ve swapped out console tables for other console tables, brought in lamps, set up
a TV, it’s just amazing how they pull a room apart,
set it up for the shoot, and then put it all back. There’s a lot of moving parts. Are you done? – Yeah but I have to do one last line. – [Lucy] Oh one last line? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Oh I thought you were done. – [Crew Member] This is it. So wrap it up. All right guys, that’s it. Thank you very much. (cheering) (upbeat music) – Well we’ve just wrapped the video. What’d you girls think? – Awesome.
– Fun. – Did you have a good time? – Yeah. – It was a lot. A long, long day but a
lot of fun, wasn’t it? I thought it was a lot of fun. All right girls good job today. Do it again tomorrow now. Thanks for watching and
we’ll see you next time on Tic Tac Toy Family. XOXO (upbeat music)

Filming our Owleez TV Commercial
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