(bright upbeat music) – [Lucy] Today my sister is in town, Karen you might recognize her as Miss PaDoodle and we are filming a video with the girls featuring this brand new
toy that’s not even out in stores right now, it’s
coming out in August. It’s made by Moose and
it’s called Kindi Kids. They are the most adorable
little dolls and play sets and they’re all about kids that are going to kindergarten for the first time. So we’re getting things set up right now and then as soon as the
girls get home from school we’re gonna start filming with them. Karen, I’m gonna give
you the big one to open. – [Karen] Okay, Yay. – [Lucy] I’m gonna open the refrigerator and the shopping cart. We try to get as much prep work done before the kids are
involved in the filming, that way as soon as they
get home from school or as soon as we get started with filming, everything’s ready to go
and we spend a lot of time doing prep work before shooting time. (bright upbeat music) These are kindergarten dolls, we actually have our
Toy School room looking a little bit different, it’s not Toy School that we’re filming in, it’s a kindergarten
classroom, and instead of me playing Miss Lucy, my sister’s
here and she is playing the kindergarten teacher
who’s gonna be Miss PaDoodle. You probably seen Miss
PaDoodle in some of our other Toy School videos, so
it’ll be fun to have it in a kindergarten classroom rather
than Toy School this time. – [Karen] Yes! – I’m really super excited
for this line of toys because Moose has a lot of
fun toys that the girls love: they make Shopkins, they make
Pikmi Pops, Scruff-a-Luvs and these new Kindi Kids are
aimed for just a slightly younger age of children and
we actually gotta sneak peek of them at Toy Fair when
we went back in January. So the girls are gonna be
super stoked when they come home from school today
and see that we have them in our house now. Now let’s get the world set up here, this is gonna be our play
center at toy school. So let’s get the kitchen…
have you got that kitchen, Karen, and I’ll put that here too? – [Karen] Yes. Actually I think
it’s like a grocery store. – Oh you’re right, it’s
the grocery store .. you’re right, supermarket. – [Karen] And then we
have the refrigerator. – Perfect – [Karen] That’s cute – All so cute. There you go. All right we’re all set up
and I think we’re gonna go pick up the girls now
so we can get them here and start filming their parts. (gasp) What do you girls think? – I like that one. – (laughs) – And this one! – They’re so cute aren’t they? – I like this one! – Do you like them too, Colin? They’re darling. – I want the pink one – Look at this one. – And the marshmallow one. – Look at this. – And you get the blue
one, the light blue. – The pink one is Donatina. The one with the blue hair is Jessicake. The one with the peppermint
colored hair is Peppa-Mint. And this one over here is Marsha Mello. – I want Marsha Mello and … – They are all so cute aren’t they? – I want these two. – I want these two. I want these two. – (laughs) And did you girls
see how their heads bobble like little bobble heads? – Yeah. – They’re cute aren’t they? – Bobble, bobble, bobble … – (laughs) – – Bobble, bobble, bobble … – Bobble heads – Bobble heads – We love the toys so
we’re ready to make a video on them now? – [Addy] Yeah – Yeah (cheery music) – It was packing in here. – So Miss Maya, you are
really in kindergarten and in this video you’re going to pretend it’s your first day of kindergarten. Were you nervous on your
first day of kindergarten? – Mmmhmm. – [Lucy] You were? – But I wasn’t for the first
part because you were there. – [Lucy] To drop you off? – Yeah – [Lucy] When did you get nervous? – When you left. – [Lucy] When I left. And now how do you feel
about kindergarten? – Really. – [Lucy] Really what? – Good. – [Lucy] Do you love it? – It’s awesome. – [Lucy] Addy what about you?
How was your experience at kindergarten? The first time you went. – I was nervous at first,
but then my teachers let all the kids feel
welcome And we all actually got a cookie. (gasp) – [Karen] That’s a good first day. – 2 cookies. 2 or 3. – So it sounds like coming
to the key to a good kindergarten is yummy treats? – [Addy] Yeah! – Sounds like toy school kind of? – [Addy] Yeah, of course it is. – I got my briefcase. – [Lucy] All right
girlies let’s get filming. – All right. – [Lucy] Miss PaDoodle are you ready? – I’m ready. – [Lucy] Okay! – We’re not filming Toy Cafe? – [Lucy] Not Toy Cafe, it’s Toy School. Or, kindergarten school I should say. – [Karen] Kindergarten! – School… (upbeat music) – Say, “Thank you Miss PaDoodle!” Action! – [Addy] Thank you Miss PaDoodle! – And then film the dolls… We’re taking a little bit of a break now because I’m not feeling too well. I’ve been feeling a little
bit icky all day and I don’t know, it’s getting to me. So I’m taking a break and
lounging here on the floor while everybody else is kinda playing and snacking around me. – For kindergarten I counted 100. – [Lucy] 10 times 10 is 100. – Can you find 9 times 9? – 81. – Good job! What about 6 times 6? – 36. – [Karen] Good job! (upbeat music) – Lucy, if you could go into
the bathroom and go blah that’d be perfect for my scene. (laughs) – All right, I am feeling
a little bit nauseated right now, but I’m hoping
if I just get up and get going and power through
it that it’ll subside. – If I got hurt this bad
and you’re just a bit sick and we finished the video
when I got this hurt, I think you can toughen it up. – Okay, so, Addy is right. We’ve had a rough couple
of days filming because I’m not feeling so well
today and we were filming a Bunch O Balloons video
a couple days ago and Addy injured herself filming that video. – On a zip line. – On a zip line, what happened girly? – So, on the zip line there
is this board where you gotta put your feet out so
you don’t scratch yourself, but I forgot to and I scratched myself. – [Lucy] Yep, she scratched
her ankle pretty bad. – [Addy] And I mean if I took
this off it would be like, like you just wouldn’t want to see it. (laughs) – So, I don’t know we’ve had
a rough couple of days here, haven’t we? – Yep! – Hopefully things can only go up. Right? – Yes. – All right, should we finish our video? – Yeah. – Let’s do it! – Okay, so Maya you’re going to say… …can you pull this out of here and say, “Here’s Peppa-Mint’s favorite ice cream!” – Here’s Peppa-Mint’s
favorite ice cream Stephanie! – [Lucy] Now let me film Addy grabbing it. Ooh! – Now to strawberry ice cream Peppa-Mint, do you want some of this? – And the camera goes in like this. Okay, go ahead. – Mmmmm! – Okay show me right next to
here, can you put your face right here? Okay, ready? Action. – I have your favorite
cereal for you Donatina. – Okay now put the spoon
in and pull it out right. – Just peace, go ahead and pull it out. And then you’re going to say,
“You did a good job Donatina!” Ready? Go ahead. – You did a good job Donatina! – Can you scoot in? And, you were holding
the cake pop up, okay? Addy say, “I think their
bellies are completely full now!” Ready, smile… …go ahead. – I think their bellies
are completely full now! (pop music) – [Maya] (sings) (girls singing) – The Kindi Kids are actually
going to be a YouTube series, and there is a song on it
called “The Bobble Dance,” which is going to be in our video. So, the girls are doing
the Bobble Dance right now. And you’ll have to watch
the video when it comes out to actually hear how the song goes. It’s a really cute song
and I think Maya’s really jamming to it. You like this song Maya? (singing “The Bobble Dance”) – And this is how you
bobble, with your head… …belly – [Lucy] What else can you bobble? – Arms… – Arms – …and legs. – Eyes. – [Lucy] Oh, bobble your eyes? Oooh. Aunt Karen, let’s see you bobble. – You can bobble your nose. – [Lucy] Let’s see Aunt Karen bobble. – You can bobble your arms… (laughs) …your legs. (laughs) – [Lucy] Okay girls, everybody in. All right guys, all right everybody… …wait can you go back in
your spot and bobble for me? Little bit more? – No, back over there
where you were girly. – [Karen] On the ground. – [Lucy] Yes, okay ready? – Grab your doll over there. – [Addy] Here I go, here I go! – And you gotta do your
bobble dance for me. Ready? Action! (girls singing) Keep dancing girl! (girls singing) Perfect! Well, we finished the video. I put on a tough face, but I am really not feeling that great. So, I am going to go
upstairs and rest now and the kids, I guess, just
are going to run wild and have some fun. (uplifting music)

Filming our Kindi Kids Toy Video
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