Subscribe For more Updates 🙂 My name is Wing Chi and they he’ll be showing you my skills – I Think it comes o is something that many people doesn’t really use nowadays I’m not sure about you guys if your guys are still using it comment down below and let me know what your isn’t fun So for me, I know you’re super my social life. I Last time I used to use Facebook more for my social life And Tumblr and we pour off of my secret Obsessions my fandom, so he sees It is Not published the professor says for you to stock so everything s that each is a song so that with his Iranian embassy Should I choose today? We are they designed Israel on your fan it’s by Cora five on fire And she for this time that is first though that is It says it least in the south cuteness yet the intonation and hard work See the life of I skip lazily easy Exercising his Right awesome. Listen, he’s an awesome coach very because he made champions Oh Be still it just feels Okay, basically Londrina x-ray to show you this very very very good tumblr it Is a nice bike or a five-on-five? So I see that hearing loss people stuff Pictures in your clothes are so nice and cute I realized not anyway sleazier. Not your friend who is still watching this in? Okay, we’re still watching this in September The communities they happen in Every order or much this year anyway If I you saw had the other his past Oh, I Trust me about these boys. He’s so respectful is so uh, Like those mother mother boy. I mean our parents you have to get this cowboy This is a cheeky or yourself so I’m gonna show you the surface of everything and Yeah, I like reading about the interviews because if you have a nose on you We would love to do this because from this you can no more is Ohio’s character. Yes One thing one thing that you may all know Is that how I started chasing newsroom is from? MD that one of his family is family and a marriage is a half things This is my favorite thing the cave use not Yes, I wouldn’t know more about him but Is it just in it? But whatever he does Is it just in head or this these Paris or these coach very also teaching how to behave in front of a crowd also behave in front of media So I would have a fire all these and I was when I said also chasing down crazy the other Info I could get by here intelligence We’ll get through this Yes, okay so so I always see the moment that you accomplish and of course it felt very good It’s four years of ready Do you know what yes papi is so great what everything and he reminded me to be grateful all the time? Okay, this video here isn’t really that nice for you but oh yes grown up so basically To say thank you and congratulations so that we doesn’t have supported me Thank you, yeah welcome you sir as I said, thank you to your home They give me a better person So this I will say this is if you are fan I will say like this business pictures interviews before it’s good for some would love sue me and I’m some who lives a really long so So I just came short guess I already really want you. So we see this channel Cora Phi 1 Phi, dr. Muller calm Oh Lou is amazing To us. Yes, the person at the back is very amazing. But what’s even more amazing is how You see how easily just that he is just young you know the way so that that guy behind him can get his moment of glory if the associates Sweet boy is that he Mitchell his teammates who should get hit they are Your moment of glory to get so savored This thought this one of those has the fan also like oh this car fell absolutely I think isn’t better way so showcase You say of taking the pictures and wish I mean instead of just copying please new features are taking us Just feel bad cause I love fire I do Annihilus I mean Tracy research reason your sir is actually also coach a teacher a coach for years already she after We have to do about his consciousness Visual her news conscious is that they bring different things to the table that gray also bring more technical side traceywilson maybe she reached the moment ELISA a lot, but definitely a mix of few a new energy Israel and That is also why also is as commences a date our defeats an issue visual reduce Oh, yeah, he’s playing course in general discography a that’s interesting Yeah, like why is it that he danced some? discography ceases it’s because of the cultural background this Monday about Israel on you is she’s very Idealized a you thirty minutes of it so fast, I mean cut this into like different videos, so So stay tuned for the next video when we talk about always why you should when you commit the chloral character field of Pistons It’s AI security and that is Again for next few videos on be also be showing more people pictures the IC and also if you see any rocks that you like you Really? Were you have to go there and support them if they ever love give them like and of course subscribe my channel and share comment below What do you love is renew? And when do you start liking a Journalist at the last year in December. Oh Is this your enemy? AJ started December and we just changed my life Tom Omar they are in the media, so There’s a notice of these conspiracies It’s enough for today so here makes me getting the next video I’m posting it tomorrow You

Figure Skating – Yuzuru Hanyu 羽生結弦 Tumblr React (Inspiro)
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3 thoughts on “Figure Skating – Yuzuru Hanyu 羽生結弦 Tumblr React (Inspiro)

  • October 17, 2018 at 7:34 am

    Hi People, thanks for the overwhelming response 🙂
    I will be creating more reaction videos to Yuzuru Hanyu blogs with better editing and cutting, do let me know what is good and what is bad.
    If you would like to buy a photo book of consisting of Yuzuru Hanyu's beautiful photos –>
    Yuzuru inspired me to create my own photo books, let me know below in the comments if you have any books or videos or blogs you would like us to react to 🙂

  • October 18, 2018 at 9:38 am

    Thanks for sharing.

  • December 20, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    Damn, she got more gums than teeth! lol


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