And while the rhythmic gymnastics season just
kicked off,… the 2014-2015 Figure Skating season came to end,… with the conclusion
of the World Figure Skating Championships in Shanghai. And for the Korean figure skaters,…
it was a season of ups and downs. Now season would come to an end with Park
So-youn finishing 12th overall in the world championships,… after a final score of
160.75 points,… while Kim Hae-jin would finish off her event,… finishing in 19th
place after scoring 136.24 points overall. Now both skaters did improve from last year′s
world championships,… but still can′t seem to improve enough to compete with some
the world′s best,.. and fulfill the expectation as the ′next Kim Yu-na′. But at the
young age of 17,… there′s still time for improvements,… as they hope to wow
the fans during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games.

Figure Skating World Championship caps season for Koreans 세계 피겨스케이팅 챔피언십 결과
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