maril and of you take one figure skating in Detroit is a youth development program that uses figure skating as an educational tool to give these young girls the tools they need to be successful in life but more than you know creating figure skaters we're creating future leaders we're creating young women who are confident and able to you know with these tools go after whatever it is they want in life there's a lot of girl power there's a lot of support encouragement and camaraderie that makes this community and this program all the more special figure skating in Harlem is actually the parent program and it's a program that's been incredibly successful in Harlem New York for over 20 years now the founder of figure skating in Harlem Sharon Cohen decided she wanted to expand to another city and so I sort of made it my mission to make sure that that next city was to trade three years later you know we have this incredible full-time program and just an incredible really supportive team of people who who make it all possible for these girls and you know hopefully changing many lives for the better I got involved with figure skating in Detroit because of a friend of mine worked with figure skating in Harlem and when she found out that the program was coming to Detroit she told the folk in Harlem that they needed to connect with me and other Detroiters to really make a difference in the program so it's been a life-changing experience for me and one of the reasons is not just the girls who grow and have developed and it's just wonderful but also the kinds of leaders and supporters we have the program like Meryl Davis who is not just the celebrity that perhaps you all know we know her as a coach as a guide as a mentor to the young girls in our program because that's what she does she's here all the time with them she teaches them how to skate she provides special workshops for them they know her they love her they see and they hug her I mean it's just all about role models and so with Meryl Davis our Olympic champion and Dancing with the Stars champion we've got it all more than anything figure skating is about learning to pick yourself back up and that's something in the figure skating in Detroit program we talked a lot about seeing the girls in their first and you know second times on the ice and oftentimes there's excitement but there's also some discouragement sort of mixed in there and the most beautiful thing is you know you see them fall you see them you know realize okay it's not that easy but then the light sort of goes on and they realize I can try that again you know I can get back up I can I can give it another go and then there's just this unstoppable force of energy that these young women have and so seeing them come back time and time again and seeing them grow and evolve and not just get better with their skills on the ice but gain confidence in themselves on the ice and off it's a really incredible thing to witness and that's how it works in life as well you know run into challenges run into hurdles and roadblocks but if you're willing to pick yourself back up and try again anything is really possible I'm just a small part of the team of people who are making figure skating in Detroit happen and so for me it's just such an incredible honor to be a part of a program that instills these values that are so pivotal to the Olympic movement to what it means to be an athlete and sort of be able to spread those ideals to the young women of to train you

Figure Skating in Detroit & Meryl Davis – Visit Detroit
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