if I were to explain what it’s like, it’s
like, “Oh my god, I’m in the air!” and then it’s a split second of, “Oh my god,
I’m in the air, but then the rest is like, “Okay, I’m in control.” I’m Lalee Ibssa, here with Cal TV News, reporting from Oakland Ice Center, where many
members of Cal figure-skating train. Many people watching the 2018 Pyeongchang
Olympics were outraged that skaters like Patrick Chan, who fell, were able to beat
skaters like Adam Rippon who skated a flawless program. Well, I’m here with
Captain of Cal Figure Skating, Chelsea, in order to give you a better
explanation on how figure skating is scored, and what that means for training
skaters. The IJS system is a point-based system, and it’s broken into two parts.
You have your technical score, and then you have your component score. So, the
technical score is basically what it sounds like:
all the technical elements. So, this consists of your footwork sequence, your
jumps, and your spin. For a senior ladies long program, you
have seven jumping passes, you have three spins, and then you have a step sequence
and a choreography sequence. What does that mean? You have seven jumps in your
routine: three of those jumping passes are combinations, and then the rest of
them are solo jumps. And then for spins, you have what we call levels. So, judges
are allowed to give you “grades of execution,” and we call these GEOs for
short, and the GOE scale ranges from a negative three to a positive three, so if
a judge awards you a zero for an element, that means that it’s okay. It’s
textbook okay. You don’t get any additional points, but you don’t lose any
points, so zeroes are usually good. So, my training now, I definitely can say
that it’s been affected by the IJS system. Since everything is such a
numbers game nowadays, a lot of skaters, including myself, work on spins
differently. We work on jumps differently. Our instincts tell us that we want to
stay on the ground and stay safe, but for this sport, we’re pushing ourselves to go
to incredible speeds, to go into triple jumps that require brute force in order
to compete successfully.

Figure Skating at Cal: Scoring Under a New System
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