– [Child] Tic Tac Toy. (upbeat music) – This toy food
centerpiece looks fabulous, I wonder if Taylor Swift
will like this one or that one? And I wonder if those two
cute girls from Tic Tac Toy are gonna show up tonight? – Ah yes, yes it is all perfection. – Chef I really can’t tell you how jazzed I am about our first Toy
Cafe Fine Dining Night. – I am how you say, jazzed too. – Our reservations are completely booked and there’s a waiting list too! Just think about it Chef we’re
about to hit the big time. Swimming pools, movie
stars, YouTube legends, Ah! (upbeat music) Really it’s just all so exciting. – What’s so exciting Lulu? – Oh hi girls, I didn’t hear you come in, tonight is Fine Dining
Night at the Toy Cafe. Doesn’t this place look smashing? White table cloths, glitter vases, beautiful flowers, candle light. – For sure, Fine Dining
Night sounds so fun. – Completely! – It does sound fun, doesn’t it? Hey, did you girls make a reservation? I don’t remember seeing
your names on the list? – Reservation? – Yup, you needed to make the reservations at the Toy Hotel. – Oh no, we totally spaced! – (sighing) Yeah we totally did. – I’m sorry girls, all I can do, is put you on the wait
list but it’s kind of long. Why don’t you go to the
front desk at the Toy Hotel, maybe they can help? – Oh, cheer up mademoiselles
it will be okay? – Ah, thanks Chef P – Yeah merci Chef. (bell rings) – Okay I have you down for two nights in the Shopkin suite beginning July 5th, thank you very much. Hello Addy and Maya what
can I help you with today? – We’re really hopping
to get a reservation for the Toy Cafe Fine
Dining Night, please? – Oh I think it might be too late – We’re really hoping
you could hook us up. – Well let me look at our
reservation list here, the reservations are all booked up. – No. – Here’s the VIP list, let me check this. – What’s a VIP? – VIP is short for Very Important Person. – We’re way important, I’m
sure we’re on that list. – Well the VIP list is
more for like celebrities, famous models, you know people like that. – Oh bummer. (phone rings) – Just one second girls
I have to get this. Hello Toy Hotel, Lucy speaking. Um hm, yes all of our Toy Cafe
Fine Dining reservations come with a complimentary stay
in our Pikmi DoughMi suite. We look forward to seeing
you this evening, good bye. – OMG, did you say there’s a
DoughMi suite in the Toy Hotel? – I sure did and it’s fabulous. – Oh man, I can’t believe we’re missing out on the DoughMi suite
too, this is the worst. – Well sorry to be the
bearer of bad news girls. – No worries, thanks Lucy. I have an idea, let’s go. – So what’s cooking in
that brain of yours Sis? – Oh not much, just a
totally amazing idea to get on the guest list. – No way, I gotta hear this. – We’re gonna dress up like celebrities and fake our way in. – Whoa, how are we gonna do that? It’s not like we look like Taylor Swift or Zendaya. – Mm, that’s true. – Wait, I know what we can do! – Yeah! – Dress up like famous models. – You mean like really real famous models? – No I mean like we make
up our names and stuff. It’ll totally fool them, trust me. – Cool, I’m in now what should we wear? (bell rings) (bright music) – Good afternoon ladies and
welcome to the Toy Hotel. How may I help you? – I’m Giselle and this is
Natasha, we’re on your VIP list. – Oh of course let me check the list. Hmm, apologies but I
don’t see your names here. What are your last names,
maybe I could check those? – We’re super famous models,
we don’t use our last names. – Oh I see, kinda like Beyonce or Madonna? Hm, you two do look super familiar. Let me see what I can do, just a moment. (bell rings) (whimsical music) – We’re in the home stretch now Chef P, only a few more decorations to put out. – Ah, looking fabulous. A little more sparkle. (phone rings) – Oh, I’ll get it. Hello this is the Toy Cafe were all your toy food dreams come true. Lulu speaking how may I help you? Oh, is it serious? Okay, well I hope you feel better. Oh! – Oh, what’s wrong Lulu, you look like you ate some bad calamari. – Yes well, our waitress
is out sick tonight. What in the world are we gonna do? (bell rings) (upbeat music) – And this is our finest
Pikmi DoughMi suite. – This is doable. – Good to hear and your reservation for
the Toy Cafe is at 6:oo pm. Feel free to call the front desk, should you need anything else. – Sure thing. – Thanks man. (upbeat music) OMG!
– OMG! Addy look at all this
amazing DoughMi stuff. – Totally mind blowing. – For sure! – You know we should probably take it easy before our big reservation tonight. – Yeah, good idea Addy. Oh, how cute? Um, smells delicious. – Checkout this one. – I’m kinda nervous we’re
gonna do something lame and blow our cover tonight. – It’s all good Sis no
worries, just have fun. (cellphone rings) – Is that your phone Addy? – It’s a text from Lulu. – What’s up? – It says, SOS need your help, come to the Toy Cafe right away. – OMG, she sounds stressed,
we better get a move on. – You’re right let’s change
back into our normal clothes and head back to the Toy Cafe. (bell rings) Lulu, Lulu, Lulu! – Oh, girls you’re here,
thank you for coming so fast. – Your message sounded way urgent! – Yeah every thing okay Lulu? – Well, not so much. The waitress I booked for tonight called in sick so I am in a major jam! Think you two could help me tonight? – And be your waitresses? – Um, well. – Um. – Please girls, please! I’ll owe you both so, so big time. – Okay Lulu, we will. – Thank you, thank you, thank you! You two are life savers. I’ll go get your uniforms and I’ll BRB. – Addy how are we gonna pull this off? – No clue, we’re just
gonna have to wing it. – Okay, here you go girls. – No roller skates this time? – Roller skates on Fine Dining Night? Who ever heard of that? – Hmm?
– Hmm? – So can you girls get back here, at the Toy Cafe a little before 6 o’clock? – Sure Lulu see you then. – Bye Lulu. – See you later girls. Whew, Fine Dining Night is back on. (bell rings) – Okay, so what’s our plan Addy? – We take turns helping Lulu
and playing famous models. That way we don’t miss out on the Toy Cafe Fine Dining Night. – Well when you put it that
way it sounds like a snap. – What could go wrong? (bell rings) – Oh I’m so excited. I hope tonight is a huge success. Are you girls ready for a fun evening? – Yup.
– Uh-huh. (playful music) – Whoa. – Yay, our first reservation is here. – Whoa is this the Toy Cafe? – It sure is? – This place is narly. – Narly, is that a good thing? – Oh totally, this
place is major different then the last time I jetted in here. – It’s our Toy Cafe Fine Dining Night. You look a way familiar by
chance is your name Devin? – Yeah, for sure and I like
totally have a reservation. – Oh let me check, oh you sure do. Why don’t you follow
me just this way Devin. (upbeat music) – Okay Devin, best seat in the house. – Righteous, thanks! – And here’s your menu, Addy
we’ll be right with you. – Maya, now’s your chance to duck out. – Roger that, I’m outtie. – Okay she’s gone. What should I get for
you this evening sir? – Not sure yet, gotta load up before I shred the half pike
later, give me a second. – Take all the time you need. (bell rings) (sneaky music) – Okay looks like next week
is all booked up, perfect! (bell rings) (techno music) – Good evening Miss Natasha. – Good evening Darling. (bell rings) – Here’s your beautiful
sparkly critters Mr. Devin. – Awesome, I was majorly
blown away by this the last time I was here. – I have arrived. – Oh, she looks like a VIP. Hello there, welcome to the
Toy Cafe’s Fine Dining Night. Do you have a reservation? – Of course Darling. – Perfect, and what’s the name? – Uh. – Uh-huh! – Uh, I don’t remember. – (gasping) Come on Maya. – You don’t remember your name? – Uh no, I don’t remember the name that my assistant gave you. – Whew, close one. – Oh, okay well which one
should I start looking for? – Uh, Natasha. – Okay, yes here Natasha. You have a reservation for
two along with Giselle. – Oh yeah she’s on a mega
important conference call but she’ll drop by soon. – Okay no problem at all, here let me escort you to your table. This way Miss. Right here should be just fine, your waitress Addy will be
with you in just a moment. Here’s the menu. – Psst, hey Miss. – That’s Devin he might recognize me. – You look familiar, have we met before? Okay, I can take a hint. – Hey Addy have you seen Maya anywhere? – Bathroom, I’ll cover for her. – Okay perfect can you
take Natasha’s order? Great. – Hey Maya, things are not
going the way we planned. – You’re telling me, I think
Devin is recognizing me. What should we do? – I don’t know but I better go change and come back as Giselle now. Otherwise Lulu is gonna be suspicious. – Okay sounds good. (bell rings) – Yes it looks like the Hatchimals suite is available August 9th, will that work? Okay wonderful, I’ll put you
down for those five nights and you’re good to go, thank you so much. (bell rings) (techno music) – Oh, good evening Miss Giselle. – Oh, good evening. (techno music) – Oh, she must be another VIP. Welcome to the Toy
Cafe’s Fine Dining Night. Do you have a reservation? – Giselle with two L’s. – Yup, here you are. You’re at the same table as
Natasha, follow me this way. – Whoa, you look totally familiar too. Are we Facebook friends or something? – I don’t think so? – Now, where did Natasha go? She was just here too! – That girl loves to
keep her fans guessing. – Oh, okay well your
waitress Maya will be right with you, hopefully. (bell rings) – Thank you very much and
we hope you enjoy your stay. (upbeat music) – Oh back so soon? – Oh yes I left my cellphone in my room. – Boy, she’s in a hurry. (bell rings) – Where are they? So weird, no Addy, no Maya. Were could those two be? (bell rings) (upbeat fun music) – Hm, I wonder what that was all about? (bell rings) (door slams) – Oh Maya, just in time. What’s up with your outfit though? – I’m gonna go check on Devin. Mr. Devin, can I get you anything else? – Nah, I’m ready to bail, check me. – Okay I’ll be right back. – Addy this is exhausting, we gotta bail on this plan. – Okay, what do we do? – Change back into your
uniform right away. – I’m on it. (bell rings) – Hello Miss. Curiouser and curiouser. (bell rings) – That dinner was tubular,
thanks and keep the change. – Wow, thanks and have a nice night. Sweet! – Hey Maya, have you seen Addy anywhere? – She said she’s going to the bathroom. – Oh, okay. Why’s everyone in the
bathroom all the time? (bell rings) – Hi housekeeper Natalie, the Scruff a Luv suite is ready
for their turn down service, thank you. (upbeat music) – I think I know what’s going on here. I’m gonna call the house toy detective and put an end to this game. (upbeat music) Toy detective Jason, this
is Lucy at the front desk, we’ve got a situation. (bell rings) – I’m here you guys. (slams door) – You are but your uniform
looks a little weird. – Oh yeah, look at that. – Okay, well now it’s my
turn to use the bathroom. Why don’t you girls stay
and keep cleaning up. – That sure was a close one Addy. – Yeah, we’ve had a lot
of close ones today. – Ah ha, we got you! – Freeze! – Hm? Welcome to Toy Cafe Fine Dining Night, do you two have a reservation? (awkward laughter) – Uh yeah, sorry girls, our bad. (girls laughing) (upbeat music)

Famous Models Visit the Toy Cafe
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