Shirley: Hey everyone. We’re here in North
London, in a building built in 1876, where the very first tv transmission was broadcast
in [19]36. And it’s here that the great Brazilian event,
Family On Ice is going to take place. We’re here, as you can see, on the ice rink
and we’re talking to one of the event’s organisers, Daniel Rodrigues. Shirley:Hey Daniel!
Daniel: Hey Shirley! Hey everyone! Shirley: So, let me get this right, this is
a big event for Brazilian families.How did the idea for an event for families come about?
Daniel: It came from the need to have an event that’s just for families, that values families
and time together with Brazilian families. And especially, for something free.
Shirley: Ah, it’s free? Daniel: Yes, it’s free.
Shirley: Is the event going to take place on the Saturday of the Easter weekend?
Daniel: It will be on 19 April from 5.30 to 8.30 in the evening.
Shirley: It’s a huge space, how many people fit in here?
Daniel: It fits 1, 250 people at once but we are hoping to have about 2500 people attending.
. Shirley: It’s going to be in the evening right?
What’s the timetable? Daniel: Yes, from 5.30 to 8.30, and we’re
hoping, with that expected number, to have people coming and going throughout the evening.
Shirley: To have 1200- 2000 people coming, you must have quite a team…
Daniel: Of course. We have a team, a great team. A team from Comunidade da Zona Sul.
People will be volunteering, supporting the general public and visiting families.
Shirley: Do you want to give the Brazilian, Portuguese speaking community a reminder about
the event? Daniel: I want to invite you here this Easter,
to share this special moment with your family. Come join in and enjoy the day with us! Shirley: I’m here with Danielle Perseguine,
another young person who’s helping organise the event. So tell us, as well as ice skating,
which is great free opportunity, what else will the event offer?
Daniele: We are going to have a space just for kids, where there will be a bouncy castle,
trampoline, face-painting, games, stories because it’s Easter, we are also going to
have mask making activities, so lots of activities really. If you have a child, you can bring
him or her here and we’ll take care of them. Shirley: You also mentioned a space for young
people? Daniele: Yes, we’re going to have Potential
Movement, which is a movement for kids from the international zona sul community. We are
going to have various interactive activities for young people, like grafitti- don’t miss
out!We will have lots of activities and ice-skating. Raffle…
Daniele: There’ll be a raffle for all the couples, there will be a space for couples
where they can meet with other couples, and there will be a raffle prize for a meal in
restaurant. And we can’t forget the elderly, there will be activities for them, chess,
massages, a space for beauty for the elderly. So come join us with all the family.
And the family which brings the most generations will win a special prize! So bring your grandma,
great-grandparents, grandchildren and everyone. Shirley: So, it’s an event for everyone.
Danielle: Yes, that’s why its Family On Ice. Shirley : So, if you’ve never skated on ice,
this is your chance. Bring the family. Danielle: Don’t miss out! It’s on 19 April,
from 17.30 to 20.00, free entry. We’re waiting for you.
Shirley: That’s right. We’re not daft, we’re going skating- right? Shall we have a go?
See you! Come to Family on Ice!

Family On Ice / Free Ice Skating in London / 19th April – Culturart Brazil

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