So I need to show you The thing I’m working on out here. I’ve always wired a little house inside the tree, but turns out I don’t know how to make one inside a tree. I can make one on the ground right there. You know all this right here We dug all that wood out now it’s a roof. And I just found that cardboard if you just go on inside here pretty cool It’s pretty sturdy too. working on it There’s Corbin. That’s what our fort looks like. Yeah, we tried to make one Still working out here, here’s some of the wood. There’s some more planks back here like this. That’s a good one, a good stick. Yeah, we’re going ice-skating soon on that That’s what it looks like tell me the subscribers how you think I should do it. I feel pretty so pretty I took the time to get ready My goodness it’s arm is broken. Did you see that? There was a statue of liberty that was a balloon one and it’s arms was like So today we are going ice skating. Who’s excited for ice skating? I am too, so we’re going ice-skating. I’ve been talking to Michael and realized I don’t know if we ever have been ice skating together. If we had it have been like when we were engaged or something. I know we had ice skating. Must’ve been we were engaged because I do not remember going ice skating with you. Ice skating is a luxury because I’m always pregnant or nursing with a baby. Thank you. It’s either I can’t go or I can’t go. And now that I’m used to not going, I’m like do I really want to go ice skating? I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it once we get there, but right now. I’m kind of like Hey, Becca I put on your favorite Brad Paisley song. Oh my goodness we have the tiniest little ice skates they are so cute. Are you excited? Yeah Alright you got your boots on? Hi how are you guys? You wanna introduce yourselves? Hi I’m Amanda, I’m Jessie And I’m Anna Thanks you guys They watch the vlogs, cool Charlie wanted to take a Doritos break, so we’re hanging out. Okay that was really fun. I like this lighting how do you like me now? Okay that works that was really fun. I think that I am not used to ice-skating my ankles are yelling at me a little They’re like. Hey why did you that to me? That was really fun. We met whole bunch of viewers there. That was so cool, so we met a whole bunch of you guys and you were very helpful. Thank you for helping the kids on the ice because they really needed it and also thank you for sharing your little blue thing that helped Ellie to skate and not fall on her face. That was nice, and that was really fun. That was a good time. We’ll do that again soon for sure. Oh my goodness Terrible oh that’s better James said he almost broke his back because he like he grabbed onto the side But his body bent towards the ground like Overall though the kids had a good time. Did you guys had a good time? Do you want to do it again sometime when we all get blue thingies? They really wanted one of those, but it was so so busy. How many people there were Saturday I think I have been there before oh really yeah And it amazes me how many people there were I know I was like wow And there was some like actual like pretty good figure skaters there. And they were like skating and doing basically going in circles around everybody else. Every time I see someone like that I would just imagine they’re probably professional I’ve always wanted to do that, but I don’t think I have the discipline or the time. Especially the time and I don’t think I have the determination. So I really don’t wanna do it. We need to run to our old house What else there was another place you want, and we need to I want to get so badly. I have wanted this my entire life and I’ve never gotten it. A quad where it’s So I want scriptures where it’s the Bible in the Book of Mormon in one book not in one book, but put together. So it’s like in the same page in the same binding or whatever. And then I want to also get a new scripture case. The only scripture set that I’ve ever had I got when I was 8 years old and I have used it a lot. Probably should have used it more than I have but I didn’t pick it out. I was given it as a gift for my baptism Look it’s the temple. It was given it as a gift for my baptism when I turned 8 years old. I think it’s time for me to get mine that I’m excited about. Get a new one that I am looking forward to reading out of and I’m just so excited. What is it? It’s a package we got that says the Beach House. What is it bad? Did you order this? Maybe I don’t even know what it is. You said maybe, I have no idea what it is. Okay well then I’ll just have to hop out of the car and walk back in in just a second. I want to see it, you will. Everybody look out the other side. I’m watching you guys don’t you dare, keep your eyes over to the other side. What the heck What is that thing? A chicken? What the heck is that thing? Did I scare you guys? Did you order that? I have no idea where that came from? I have no idea why we have a chicken head. I don’t either. James you want to put it on? Alright, but you have to say You think we had the wrong package? Yes Do we totally shock you? We got that in the mail today at the PO box. Really? We have no idea who sent it to us. We just have a chicken right now. That’s cool Did that shock you? Yeah, we’re just coming to grab a few things. Someone came and framed in where the microwave is gonna go around the oven, the oven set in there a little bit nicer too. That is so nice looking, why did we do that when we lived in the house? You wanted this curtains, okay, take the curtains then. I decided a little while back Okay, go. I wanted to do something nice for Michael so I decided that you know our honeymoon phase is over. We don’t really write love notes to each other so much anymore things have changed in our relationship. We still love each other extremely, and we’re never going to split up or anything like that I love him so much I decided that I wanted to do a challenge to do one nice thing for him a day. That is out of my way not the normal things that I would do just to show that I love him. I think he’s here listening. Anyways today, I’m going to make him pie. Homemade pumpkin pie and apple pie because I think that he absolutely loves it and he He always asks me for it, and I never made it to him so Apple pie and pumpkin ideas I’ve got my pie put together, and now I just need to put the crust on top. What’s this song? What is this song? With whipping cream, look at how much is already gone. You got some Apple over here and another full pumpkin that hasn’t been touched yet That one tastes like the cast iron I don’t know why yucky You’re too good at that Ryan. Ryan I feel like that’s the move that makes you the happiest. He’s just being funny doing that. We’re watching YuYu Hakusho right now yuu-yuu hakusho is an anime show that was made like in the 90s 1933 Michael has watched it five times favorite anime absolutely my favorite Just so you know Michael doesn’t watch hardly anything more than once after he watches it. He likes to watch things one time and then move on weird, huh? He’ll watch it again. If it’s been a really long time, but yuyu hakusho. He knows it really well. He’s seen it five times. And that’s the whole series like the whole all of the different seasons and everything and there’s a lot of seasons If you like anime watch it. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool show. It’s almost it’s an adult anime. It’s not I mean not that it has anything like adult, but you wouldn’t want your kids to watch. I was watching it when I was a teenager yeah It has swear words that swear words it has a couple inappropriate things. But like anyways it’s basically is a really well-written story. I really like it and the last time I watched it was when me and Michael were very first first first married. He was like you have to watch this and I was like Animate and then I watched it, and then I was like oh, this is okay, and now I’m like Oh it’s so good! How do you like your pie? Made with love. It’s so good. I made that specifically for you You know that day that you were gone and I was like you have to take all the kids so I can get stuff done. Well I made pie crust while you were gone. And it’s been sitting in the fridge ever since then so hopefully we don’t all die, just kidding. No, it’s fine in the fridge. I could make pie cuz I made that pie crust a long time ago. Cuz I wanted to surprise you and then you got home too soon, and I wasn’t able to do it all in one day, but that’s okay.

Family Ice Skating SURPRISE! Making New Friends!

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