– [Lucy] Tic Tac Toy. (cheery music) – So Addy, do you think
Pearly looks better with the pink wings or the blue wings? – Hmm, tough call, but I’m
gonna go with the pink wings. – Yeah, I think I agree. – You know what, I think I’m gonna switch Izzy and Emma’s wings, too. Let’s take your wings off, Emma. – Good idea, Addy. – Yeah, I think the silver wings would look really cute on Izzy. – So I know that Tic Tac Toys new toys are in Targets and
Walmarts, but do you think they’re at the Super Cool Toy Store too? – Hmm, I’m not sure. Wanna go find out? – Yeah, we could use some
extra XOXO Friends after all. – And a few more XOXO Hugs. – Well, let’s get rolling then. – Oh, I’m so in love
with my new toy store. It’s so much better than my last one. It’s pretty and it’s pink, and it will draw the biggest
crowd, I just know it. Oh, gotta get my register ready. (upbeat music) Oh, I almost forgot to put my sign up. Right there. Hey! Who are you and what are you doing here? – I’m Jason, owner of the
Super Duper Cool Toy Store. Looks like we’re neighbors. – No, no, no, you see, that’s not okay. I’m supposed to be the only
toy store on this side of town. – Well, not anymore. – And wait a minute,
that’s my old building that you’re using. – Isn’t it a beaut? Yeah, it was abandoned down by the creek. It just needed a little elbow grease. – Oh, this is so not cool. Seriously, you need to find
a new location like now. – Well, I like this location,
it’s prime real estate. It’s right between the
Toy School, the Toy Hotel, and the Super Cool Carnival. – Yeah, that’s exactly why
I opened my toy store here. – Tell you what, let’s
have a little competition. Whoever makes the most
money today gets to stay. The other toy store will have to move to the other side of town. – You know what, I’m confident
in my beautiful new store, my super on-trend toys, and of course, my charming personality, so
you’ve got yourself a deal. (upbeat music) – Whoa, there’s two toy stores there now. – Great, more competition
drives prices lower. We should be getting a bargain today. – Which one should we go to? – Step right up to the
Super Cool Toy Store. Super cool toys and super cool prices! – Super Duper Cool Toy
Store, it’s the place to be. – That pink toy store is pretty cool. Let’s go there first. – Come on up, girls, how may I help you? – Hi, we’re here for the
new Tic Tac Toy toys. – Oh, wonderful, as you can see, my shelves are well-stocked
with all Tic Tac Toys’ brand-new line of toys. – Wow, I could see that. – I’ve got the Surprise Boxes right here, the XOXO Friends, and the Hugs down here. – What, I can’t let my
customers spend money at the Super Cool Toy Store. I need to find a way to
get them over here quick. – You know, I’d really like to add to my Tic Tac Toy wristband collection. Do you know what pack those are in? – Oh, yes, those are found
in the Surprise Packs. In each Surprise Pack,
you’ll get one XOXO Friend, one wing, and one bracelet. – Let’s start off with a couple of the XOXO Friends Surprise Boxes then. – Perfect, here, why
don’t you each buy two. They are only 3.99 a piece, there you go. – Attention, attention, all guests at the Super Duper Cool
Toy Store will get a free XOXO Surprise Box. – Did you hear that? – Excuse me, offer only good
for the next two minutes. – We better get over there. – Sorry, miss, but we
won’t be needing these. – Oh, what? Oh, this is so not cool. – Oh, I can’t wait to
see what’s inside mine. – Just remember you got those here at the Super Duper Cool Toy Store. – Let’s see what’s inside my first bag. It’s the adorable Maya! – Oh, yeah, it looks like you got Maya O. – Let’s see who I got! Check out the cute kitty. – Oh, yep, it looks like you got Sutton. – And now let’s see what wings we got. Ooh, I got cool black ones. These look cool on Maya. – And what wings did you get? – (gasps) I got white ones. These match her fur. – And there should be
bracelets inside, too. – I got a pink one that’s glittery. It says XOXO. – [Addy] And I got a blue one. – Hmm, he thinks he’s won over there. Well, two can play at that game. – Now that you’ve opened
your free surprises, which are only available at my store, I think it’s time for you
two to do some shopping. – Oh, yeah, we would
definitely want some more Tic Tac Toy toys. – Attention, attention,
I have an entire box of XOXO Surprise Boxes
for all who come shop at the Super Cool Toy Store. – Did she say an entire box? – Oh, you’re hearing things. Take a look at all the wonderful products that I have on my shelf. – Only good for 30 more seconds. – [Both] What, we’ve gotta go. – No, no, no, stay here, please. – Will you really give this whole thing? – All those Surprise Boxes? – Sure, why not? I know how to take care of my customers here at the Super Cool Toy Store. – Amazing, we better get
a cart for all these. – I’m on it. – Oh, absolutely, and
you’ll want to fill it with lots of other toys from my toy store that you’ll purchase with money. – I can’t believe she gave
all of those away for free. That’s gonna be tough to compete with. But I’m up for the challenge. – [Addy And Maya] Whoa! – And now that you girls have cleared out my XOXO Surprise Boxes,
perhaps you want to check out my XOXO Surprise Packs. – Oh, absolutely. – Oh, wonderful. These are our XOXO Surprise Packs. Each one comes with two XOXO Friends, three pairs of swappable
wings, an accessory, putty, and a putty cutter. – Whoa, that’s so much. – And they’re only $9.99 at my store. – Cool, we’re trying to collect
all 24 of the XOXO Friends. – Oh, wonderful. Well, then how many Surprise Packs would you each like to purchase? Two each, three each? Or maybe just all of them? – Hmm, what do you think, Addy? – Attention, attention, all guests at the Super Duper Cool
Toy Store will receive a free XOXO Surprise Pack. – What, we can get one for
free at that toy store, Maya. – Oh, then let’s go over there for sure. – Oh, hold on just a second, wait, wait! No, girls, stay! Stay here! (groans) I can’t believe he
pulled my customers away again. – Oh, well, welcome back to the best toy store in town, ladies. – Thank you, we are so excited
to get a free Surprise Pack. – Well, I offer only the
best to my customers. Well, why don’t you go ahead
and make yourselves comfortable in my brand-new toy
unboxing area over there, and go ahead and open up
your XOXO Surprise Packs. – Wow, that’s so fancy. – Are you kidding me, a toy unboxing area? (scoffs) Give me a break. – I think I’m gonna take
all my boxes out first. Surprise one and two, three, four and five. – I think I’m gonna keep mine
in while I’m opening mine. – Let’s see what our first surprise is. – There’s eight surprises
in each Surprise Pack. I bet the first one’s
one of the XOXO Friends. – Aw, I got Maya X. She’s right here on the collector’s guide. – [Maya] I got the cutest poodle. – Oh, that’s Blair, Maya. She is cute. – Now box number two should
have her first set of wings. – Oh, those girls sound way too happy at the Super Duper Cool Toy Store. – [Maya] Ooh, mine are hot pink. – [Addy] So cool, check out mine. – [Maya] Time to put it on our Friends. – Adorbs. – Time for box number three. I wonder what’s inside this one. (upbeat music) – I think it might be the accessory. OMG, look what I got,
it’s the unicorn backpack! – And I got the mirror! – [Addy] And look at all
the others we could collect. – Time for box number four and five. (upbeat music) – I got Stella, the rare! – (gasps) Did she say she got a rare? – How cool, I got Maya O again. – Let’s see what wings they came with. I got lime green wings. – And I got yellow studded ones. – Time to put them on our friends. – And we still have three
surprises to open, Addy. – Box number six. Ooh, this feels like another wing. – Check out mine, they
look like angel wings. – [Addy] Those are rare ones, Maya. – No way, I’m gonna put ’em on Blair. Time to swap. (upbeat music) – And we still have two surprises. – Surprise number seven. Ooh, this feels like the putty. – Check out the blue color. – And I got hot pink. – Now let’s see what putty cutters we got. – Yeah, then we can cut out
accessories for our Friends. – Last box. I got the unicorn. – I got a heart! – So fun.
– Yeah, these were super fun to open. – Ooh, I’ve gotta find a
way to get ’em back here. – Thank you so much for
our new XOXO Friends. – Yeah, we got the coolest ones. – Oh, of course, now, did I overhear that you two wanted to collect
all 24 of the XOXO Friends? – Oh, yes, absolutely. – Well, perfect, ’cause I have quite a few more Surprise Packs right over here. Why don’t you each buy a couple to help complete your collection? – Oh, yeah, we’ll absolutely do that. – Wonderful, wonderful, how
many can I ring you up for? – (clears throat) Attention,
attention, all guests to the Super Cool Toy
Store will now receive all 12 Surprise Packs. – (gasps) Did I hear that right? – You sure did. Surprise Packs one
through 12 all for free. – Maya, we could get
all 12 Surprise Packs. That means we can have
the entire collection. – See you later, mister. – Not so fast, girls! – Sorry, dude, thanks for
the free packs though. – Seriously, all 12 packs for free? (groans) My work is cut out for me. – Surprise Pack one,
here’s Surprise Pack five, here’s Surprise Pack
seven, Surprise Pack six. – This is amazing. – Surprise Pack three and 12 and two and four, 11, and eight, and 10. – I can’t believe this. – And you girls know
that each of these packs contains unique XOXO
Friends and swappable wings, so there’s no duplicates. That means with all 12 packs, you’ll now own the entire collection. – [Both] Best day ever! – Well, I know how I
can make it even better. – Really, how? – Well, you can purchase a couple of my oh-so-collectible XOXO Hugs. – Oh, no you don’t. If those girls wanna buy their XOXO Hugs, they’re gonna buy them from me. I have to win this competition after all. – We do wanna collect all six
of those, too, so why not? – Oh, now that’s what I like to hear. How about I ring you
up for all six of them? They’re only 19.99 each. – Oh, I don’t know if we have
enough money for all six. – Attention, attention. – Oh, not again. – All guests of the Super
Duper Cool Toy Store will get free XOXO Hugs today only. – This day just keeps
getting better and better. Come on, Maya! – I don’t believe it, this guy is trying to beat me at all costs. Well, I’m not gonna let it happen because this is my location, not his. – So which of these XOXO Hugs
are you two hoping to get? – I’m really hoping for Bella. – Well, since Bella has white fur, why don’t you take this one? You can tell it’s gonna be Bella or Blair. – Oh, gee, thanks. – And I’m really hoping for Luna. – Aw, Luna has the pink fur. So why don’t you go
ahead and take this one ’cause this one has pink fur. – Thanks so much. I’d be happy with Luna or Izzy. – And again, feel free
to make yourself at home at my luxury toy unboxing lounge. – Will do, thanks so much. – Oh, I’m so not happy about this. Oh, luckily I have a
brilliant plan up my sleeves. – This contains six surprises, and I bet this has a plush in it. – Absolutely, let’s see who we got. (upbeat music) Oh, it’s Blair. She’s the cutest poodle. – Let’s see who I got. It’s Luna, the one I wanted! – So these come with six characters and six different
swappable wings to collect? – And don’t forget, we still have a pair of swappable wings and
four accessories to open. – Surprise number two. I got shimmery blue wings for Luna. – And I got shimmery green. (upbeat music) I love that we can swap
the wings on our Hugs, too. – [Jason] And you can
get a princess, chef, or pop star accessories. – For sure, let’s go
see our next surprises. – [Addy] Surprise three and four. – There’s two bags inside. It looks like I’m getting
the princess accessories. I got the crown and a
decoration for her collar. – And I got the pop star accessory kit. Here’s your tiara and your stylish charm. – I wonder who I’d want. Hmm, maybe Emma. – Time for the last two surprises. (upbeat music) What a cute brush. And every princess needs a wand. Love it! – Blair’s rocking a
microphone and a guitar brush. – I just love Luna. – Thanks so much for the Hugs. – You’re welcome. And there’s still a few more XOXO Hugs that you can add to
your collection, right? – That’s right, there’s six to collect. – And I happen to have
a few more in my store. What do you say you buy a few
to add to your collection? – I say let’s do it! – Fantastic, should I ring you up for the three that I have remaining? – Attention, attention! – Just ignore that loud
noise coming from over there. – All visitors to my toy store now receive all of my XOXO Hugs. – Is she serious? – Surely not. – 100% seriousness over here. Come clear off my shelves! – Okay, well, thanks again. We’re gonna head over to that store. – Great, just wonderful. – Two more on the bottom shelf. – And I’ve got the last two. – Thank you, thank you so much. – Yeah, this day can’t get any better. – It’s my pleasure, girls. Just taking care of my customers over here at the Super Cool Toy Store. – Well, we are very
impressed with your service. – Well, that’s great to hear. Now, why don’t you just check out a few of my other items I
have for sale over here, and perhaps I can ring
you up really quickly before that other guy interferes. – Um, I think your shelves are empty. – What? How did that happen? – Well, we better get going now. – Uh, hold on, uh,
perhaps I can interest you in this limited edition shelving unit or a one-of-a-kind sign. – Uh, thanks, but no thanks. – Seriously, how did this happen? – Oh, I see you guys are
coming back to make a purchase. – No, not today, but have
a wonderful day, though. – No purchase? But I still have a few items on my shelf. – We’ve got a giant shopping
cart filled with free toys. I think we’re good. – Hey, this is all your fault, you know. – My fault, I think not. – I didn’t make a dime today. And you didn’t either. – No kidding, not only
did we not make money, but we lost money. My shelves are almost empty. – Mine are completely empty
thanks to your shenanigans. – My shenanigans? You started it. – Oh, this is so not cool. (cheery music) – I still can’t believe we
got all these toys for free. – I know, right, it’s like a dream. – [Both] Best day ever! (cheery music) (tinkling music)

Fake Toy Stores COMPETE to Sell XOXO Friends & XOXO Hugs
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