hi guys on this ski tips video I'm going to show you things to check to do a good snow plow by looking at your skis however you shouldn't look at your skis but that's what most beginners do if you look at your skis and you realize how they should be the ski tip should be level when you go straight and the inside key should be slightly in front as you turning so I'm going to show you now by looking at in front of me one common mistake is as you start turning you keep the inside ski behind like this huh this is stuck on the edge this is happing also because you're rotating your shoulders too much into the turn instead make sure things is slightly in front when you start turning so I show you a common mistake if you're coming from crossing the slope so with the happy ski slightly in front common mistake that most beginners do he's just opened the up his ski this way to start the snow plow which is wrong because then the down is ski he's stuck behind and he makes it very hard for you to turn what you should do is as you coming with a little bit of momentum forward you release your edges and you let them pointing down the hill at this moment he opened wide snow plow and then you transfer the weight on the other side ski which is not the left one and you bring them back parallel having the uphill ski slightly in front on the other side if he happens that the skis are sliding backward what you need to do you just do the opposite you widen the stance from and you have the back of the skis nearby and just try not to cross them otherwise you won't stop just open wide apart stand up tall and open the reverse snowplow okay guys I hope these skiing tips for beginners will help your snowplow and stay tuned for more videos to come see ya bye

Fabulous Ski Lessons Beginner – How to ski for beginner and turn – Skiing Tips – Snow Plough

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