my friend Heather a.k along with friend Suzanne Adam and Max strap on their snowshoes max is a first-time snowshoe er and visitor Rocky Mountain National Park Bear Lake first yes Bear Lake is one of the most photographed lakes in the world it lives up to it it's gorgeous absolutely this time of year the snow and ice are slowly melting enough to dream from Bear Lake we're off to find two more alpine lakes max is the only one in snowshoes for the first time Suzanna is a first-timer – pretty hard to beat snowshoeing on a spring day always nice to meet folks on the trail out of the trees written we arrive at nymph Lake it's a great lake to take a breather or enjoy a moment of solitude from nymph like we're heading up to where those people are very cool here we go up that gradual climb we go through a tricky spot as we hike along a small snow ledge we're surrounded by the beauty of trees snow and rocks this trail is super scenic time to get after it and the view was well worth that climb what's that called Suzanne keyword of the winds it's just gorgeous it not only looks like a keyboard but it also sounds like one is the wind sweep across the mountains and spires this is our last short steep see it Adam yeah just a few more steps thumbs up we've made it dream Lake is an alpine lake that sits in the shadow of Hallett Peak Mack sticks his hand in the ice-cold water little chilly it's just heaven Heather takes off to explore the other side of the lake this is a great spot to relax on the rocks or take a moment to lie down on the snow and dream in a land of adventure and in the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park

Explore Colorado: Snowshoeing to Dream Lake

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