So, you’re the best in short track. Me, I’m just
the best Ancestors player right now. So you have a World Champion playing in front of you. When you pick up
the controller, you might not feel like a world champion to begin with. No, you’re right. I’ll try to look like one but… I mean… it’s like if I put on your skates. You’re right. Exactly. I’m telling you, I probably
couldn’t even do a complete lap! So the game we’re working on at Panache is
about the story of human evolution and… We started in the trees,
we came down, we got back on our feet… But I see you and I’m like: Hey! He’s a champion
of something, which would be impossible without civilization. You skate at over 30 mph. We are in an environment,
on this ice rink, while it’s 86°F outside, and you’re wearing skates made using the latest
techniques and materials, and you became the fastest ever. But that’s it, right? That’s evolution
right there… It took 10 million years to get to that point. Don’t move. Woah, no! Press A.
Press A!!! Move! Release. Ah well. You’ve just lost one. Alright, alright. When people play, they will wipe out their clan in the first hour. Then they’ll say to themselves “Wait a minute. How does that work?
What does this do…” And then they’ll try a few more things. You are a team going round and round. You work as a tight group and
there’s lots of technique, but is there also creativity? Ultimately, if you’re not creative or you’re afraid to
get out of that normal short track mentality, you’ll never get better at the sport. Short track is a very new
sport right now, so you have to reinvent it. I’m asking the player to be curious, to try things,
ask himself questions, ask questions of the game. Like: Can I do this…? And for us, the thirty people on the other side,
our job is to say “Yes” to these questions as much as possible. Can I do this?
We are working hard to ensure the answer is “Yes!” I need to change the way I do things
to be better during races, to be a bit more unpredictable. Woah! What the..! Turn, turn… Release. Ah!
At least you only got clawed, but now you’re bleeding. If I use too much energy, can I eat to get it back? Yes, exactly. Or you can drink. At the end of the day or whenever you want, you can
sleep, and your stamina increases according to whether you played well or not. Because sleep is also important, right? It’s essential. It dictates whether you can
recover at difficult times, in tough weeks of training. If you don’t get enough sleep, your performance
and energy levels drop noticeably. Ohhh!!! What’s he doing there? Ahhh!!! Ouch… He’s annoying, huh? He wants you. He wants to eat you. You want to win a race using up as little energy
as possible because you need energy to… Because you don’t just have one race a day. You sometimes have 3, 4, 5, 6, sometimes 9
races a day. So you need to conserve energy for the rest of the day. Have you ever been sick just before a competition? Yes. Often! But you can’t get upset about it. You have to look at it like,
“I can still do it as well or better than if I weren’t sick.” So now it’s more difficult for you because you’ve broken your leg
and you’re bleeding. So everything you do costs more energy. And to stop the bleeding, I… I imagine there’s a way… There’s a way to stop the bleeding, just like
there’s a way to heal your injuries. Even if you’re not at peak fitness, you still have a way
to race that requires less energy. So, you need to find that way and execute it to perfection. At the end of the day,
that could mean a gold medal, silver medal or bronze medal… It might not happen, but there’s a chance it could happen. When you compete and when you need to survive in a certain situation,
you must find a way to survive. Sometimes you’ll fail, other times you’ll succeed. It’s similar in a survival game. I think
you learn more from mistakes than from successes. Woah!!! Hold, hold, hold, hold, release! You’ve got it. Yay! Charles Hamelin, Olympic Champion, has just survived
a leopard attack for the first time ever. Yes!

Experiences: The Athlete

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    Eyy, my apes just became bipedal!

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    Фигня получилась, мутная игра, не понял что делать. Я думал будет типа как "Фар край: Праймал".


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