I've been skiing my whole life and I was in my first competition when I was eight nine years old her week I'm training around 18 to 25 hours that puts a lot of pressure on my body in October 2014 I was warming up to a position on the treadmill right before the warming up session was over our starting to feel some pains in my left heel it was almost like filling out needles or pushing into the into my heel after that I had an MRI and ultrasound to check out the situation and it was concluded with a with this stress factor in malesko after the message from the doctors that they said that I had a stress factor in my left heel bone it was for sure a big shock I had three alternatives one was to train as normal and just try to ignore the pains that wasn't any alternative at all because the pain was too big second one is to use crutches for six to eight weeks and Lemaitre was maybe in my head the best alternative was to get an operation to put two three screws in the the left heel and just be calm for the for the first month and then try to come back but the doctor wasn't that satisfied with that option so so the conclusion was to wait and see to sum it up my stress factor was there and none of those three alternatives was any good solution and also my main goal for the season World Championships in Poland was also in danger then I heard about the new treatments this consists of a small device using low intensity pulse and result and this turn out to be really effective treatment for my stress fracture by treating myself with this device 20 minutes every day my body's natural healing process is stimulated by the ultrasound and this can accelerate the healing process with more than eight weeks the treatment itself is really simple and easily fits into my daily routine the most important thing for an athlete is that the daily training and preparation is going as smooth as possible to achieve good results as a top athlete and need to keep my focus an X again helps me to keep all negative thoughts away the device is small and easy to manage and my body responded quickly to the treatment not having to go through invasive surgery and be able to continue my workout saved my skiing cyst oxygen is a dear friend of mine and played a huge part in me winning both silver and bronze in the world championships in fallen in 2014

Experience with EXOGEN Treatment – Magnus Moan (Skiing athlete)

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