GEMMA Collins’ Dancing On Ice partner Matt Evers has insisted that she did NOT fake her fall and confirmed she’s skating again  The pro spoke to This Morning today about her tumble on the ice – after Gemma was forced to deny that she staged the whole thing  Gemma shared photos of her bruised knees on Monday following the accident, but was besieged by accusations that she fell on purpose  Phillip Schofield swiftly addressed ‘fak’ claims and asked Matt: “What do you say, what does she say, to the people that say she faked that fall?”  The star replied: “OK I’ve been skating for 30 yaers, you would never want to fake a fall like that Because it hurts!”  DOI host Holly Willoughby, who previously accused Gemma of being unprofessional on the skating show, expressed her concern for her safety  She said: “She’s so lucky she didn’t catch the edge of her jaw, I mean she is so lucky  “You can see her whole body, she kind of went back and then forward and I was worried about her face I mean oh my god.”  And she added to Matt: “And you were so incredible, we saw you quickly skate round so she didn’t hit the barrier ”  Mat said he realised quickly that he had to protect Gemma from bashing her head against the barrier and his skating training kicked in  He said: “I was a para skater and as part of my training, as the male in the partnership, you’re taught and trained how to save the girl at any cost  “When I saw her slide I was very aware she was very close to the edge. First and foremost it was my job to make sure that she didn’t slide in to the barrier and thankfully she didn’t ”  Matt said it’s possible Gemma DID faint as she hit the ice.  When Phillip asked about her fainting claims, and he said: “One thing that worried me is that she said she passed out, which I don’t think she did Because she her arms were out and her eyes were open.  So that has serious implications if she’s passing out on ice ”  But Matt replied: “I think at the end of the day. In high level of sport, we call it the achievement zone, and sometimes when you’re in the middle of a performance and sometimes muscle memory takes over  “That’s why we train the celebrities so hard so that they don’t have to think about the performance I think what she experience is probably not a moment of blackout per se, but she probably can’t remember what happened because Because A, it happened so fast, and she was in such incredible performance mode.”

EVER THE PRO Gemma Collins is skating again as Dancing On Ice partner Matt Evers insists horror fall
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