over here from the Republic of Korea in Seoul Lee Eun so 14 years old born in gyeonggi-do coached by young John Chi choreographed by Scott Brown and Cindy Stewart 116 point zero three personal bests earned that at the Junior World Championships last season skating to oblivion [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] use only well moon so was the bronze medal winner last season the last junior Grand Prix in Dresden but she was a little girl he was just she must have grown six inches this past season maybe more but she's adapted to that growth extremely wealth still aggressive very quick in the air high quality of performance lovely body lines adapted very well to the taller body that she has now than last season let's take a look at some of those elements speed full-out opening up with triple lutz nice and tight fast in the air triple toe loop touchdown with a free leg there triple flip that was nice nice speed and flow on the landing double axel too much of a lean on that takeoff edge was not over top of the skate that was a problem but she fixed it later in the program triple loop lovely flow according in the system there are no elements that are under-rotated clean on all of that triple salchow nice clear clean Lani devil PO double loop I think this young lady's quite a fierce competitor al he's skilled as well too young to qualify for the Olympic Games in her home country as she's on the junior Grand Prix circuit now got star quality written all over delicate as possibly sport and solely from the anxious for the scores 120 1.55 in the free program bears his smile he's happy with that first in the free and overall the competition of 180 6.34 she's in first overall

Eunsoo LIM KOR – Salzburg – Ladies Free skating – ISU JGP 2017
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