(record scratching) – Guys, this has to be a joke. Check this backdoor.
(dramatic music) We cannot be stuck in here. – [Stephen] Check it, check it, check it! – Does it open?
– Open up! – No, it’s still locked. – Okay, come on guys! Let’s check this door! (heavy breathing) Please!
(door handle rattling) Can you not get it opened at all? – [Taylor] The window! – Guys, guys! Is there any doors that
we haven’t checked? Check every door! – Right here.
(child exclaims) Guys what are we gonna do? We can’t be stuck in the
Hacker’s Mansion forever. (charming guitar riff) (doorbell rings)
(footsteps thudding) (light music) – We got a present!
(kids exclaim) Fan mail! We got fan mail! – We got a huge package mailed to us! Should we open it guys? – [Kids] Yeah! (paper ripping) (kids shouting) – I hold it! (gasps) – We got a new letter?
(paper rustling) – It says, hi SOTY Family! I am a big fan of your channel! And I love your 24 hour videos! So I went ahead and set up a 24 Hour Escape Room Challenge, in my mansion! Wait. That’s cool. – We get to go in a mansion? – If you accept, get in
the car and come here now. H, but that’s all they wrote at the end. Just H. – Who’s H? – Who cares, we get to
spend 24 hours in a mansion! Everyone get changed, let’s go! (playful, charming beat) (wind whooshing) – Whoa! – Whoa! – Whoa!
(kid coughing) – [Payton] Whoa! – [Steve] Let’s go inside! – It really is a mansion! – We have arrived at the
biggest mansion ever. – I can’t wait to do a 24 hours challenge! – Let the challenge begin. Come on, guys!
– Let’ go! – Let’s get inside!
(kids murmur excitedly) I’m so excited!
(gasps) Look at this door, guys! (gasps) Look how nice it looks inside. – It’s a mansion! – [Jamie] ‘Kay, Taylor, do the honors! (Taylor gasps) Whoa.
(giggles) (Yeagers gasps)
– Whoa! – Holy moly! Um, that’s not good.
(kid coughs) (door handle rattling) Is it on, is it? Guys, now try it. (door handle rattling) – Wait, to open the door. Maybe…
(door handle rattling) – Hey, who shut it?
(dramatic music) – Um, I think it just shut on its own. – What kind of house is this? – Guys, there’s a back door! (murmurs)
(footsteps shuffling) – Try pushing it.
– Oh. – [Stephen] It’s not working. – [Jamie] Can we get out? – [Stephen] Door’s not working. – Um, This is not good, guys.
(suspenseful music) (door handle rattling) I can’t get into any
of these doors at all. (door handle rattling) Okay, this is not good.
– Guys! Come here!
– Everyone check the doors. – [Jordyn] Over here! – [Jamie] Go check these doors, guys! – [Jordyn] What? – [Stephen] Guys, what
about this toy area? – Guys, look what I found. – Guys. (dramatic music) – [Taylor] Guys, there’s a box! – [Jamie] What is it? – There’s a lock.
– It’s locked. – [Steve] It’s a locked. Where’s the key?
– Let me see. Oh. I can’t even tell what’s in there. It looks like it goes on forever! – I can feel air on my face. – [Jamie] You can feel air? – [Parker] Yeah, at the opening. – [Jamie] Is there air coming through it? (Jordyn gasps) – Every door is locked, in here! (door handle rattling) – [Jamie] What are you looking at? – (stammers) Why? Uh, I think we’re being watched. (kids murmuring) – That is not good. – Okay, so maybe this is a part of it. Maybe we’re supposed to be
locked in, but I kinda don’t like being trapped in a place
that I don’t know that well. We have a really good view. But, we are stuck in this place. – Uh, I’m kinda scared, guys. (television static buzzing) (gasps)
Guys, guys, guys, guys! (emergency alert blaring)
– What? – Whoa, what is this? – Oh my gosh, this is so weird. (emergency alert blaring)
(static buzzing) – Welcome to my mansion. I see that you have accepted
my 24 hour challenge. Now it’s time to see what you are made of. You will be locked in this
mansion until you are able to complete the tasks necessary
to escape within 24 hours. Shot of The Yeagers, your first task is to find my hidden treasure. Good luck. (maniacal laughing) – I guess we’re going on a
treasure hunt, guys, let’s go! – Alright, first things
first, I guess we’re looking for a treasure without being
able to open any doors. That should be in plain sight. (dramatic music) You see anything? – Nope, not in there. – [Jordyn] Guys, look, there’s something. – [Jamie] ‘Kay, Jordyn, check in there, and tell me if you see a treasure. (toys shuffling) – [Jordyn] Can’t see it. – Look, there’s a bump! (Jamie gasps)
– What is it? (Taylor gasps)
Is it a treasure? – No.
– No. – It’s–
(Jamie exclaims) – It’s definitely not a treasure. I do not have any idea where
(chuckles) it would be. – I know where to look. I’m goin’ in! (shouting) (dramatic music) (little feet shuffling) – [Taylor] Are you okay? – [Jamie] Do you guys see
the treasure anywhere? – No.
– No! (grunts)
Payton help! – Hacker, do you think
you’re being funny right now? (Taylor grunts) – Dada, I found the treasure! – Where? – Where?
– Right here! (gasps)
– Whoa! – Whoa!
– Gotcha! (Parker exclaims)
– Good idea! – What in the world, guys? (Stephen grunts) There’s the treasure!
– Guys! – That’s the craziest hiding spot ever! How are we gonna get it down? (Steve grunts) – Get the treasure. – [Jordyn] She got it,
guys open it, open it! – [Stephen] Open it. (gasps)
– What? – A spinning cube? – It’s called a Rubik’s
Cube and they’re really fun. – A Rubik’s Cube, that’s not good because I do not know how
to solve those at all. We’re in trouble. – What do we do now? (television static buzzing) (kids shouting)
(emergency alert blaring) – Not again! – Well done, I see that you
have discovered my treasure. With my Rubik’s Cube that
may come in handy later. You shall see. But for now, your next task is to find the room with the
lasers and the handcuffs. Two of you must be handcuffed together and work your way through
the lasers and back. If you fail to complete this task, I think we know what happens. (maniacal laughing) – Alright, so, I guess
we need to find a room that has the lasers in it, and handcuffs. – We saw handcuffs earlier!
(girls exclaiming) – What?
– Come on guys! – The handcuffs!
– There’s handcuffs? – Come on, come on, where?
(Parker shouting) (Jamie gasps) Wait, wait a minute!
– Wait, wait up! – [Jamie] Let me see,
let me see, let me see. – Guys, the handcuffs!
(Parker gasps) (gasps) – [Jamie] Oh, stop, stop, Parker! There are lasers! – [Jordyn] Don’t mess up the lasers! – So the Hacker said that we needed to go through the lasers, but two people at a time
handcuffed (chuckles) together. (Stephen sighs)
I’m voting not Parker. – Say what? – I think I should do it because I’m the most nimble in the family. (Taylor chuckles) – Funny. – Me and Payton are the smallest. I think we should do it. (dramatic music) (handcuffs rattle) – Girls. (handcuffs clicking)
Don’t let our family down. – Talk about pressure guys. But, seriously, do not touch these lasers! We need to get out of this mansion. I’m scared of this Hacker.
– Guys? – We got this. (grunts) – [Jordyn and Payton] Phew! – [Payton] You step on it first. (gasps)
– Don’t touch it! – Here, hold my hand. Alright, hurry! (grunts) – Okay here, I can step here. (handcuff rattle)
(exclaims) – Whoa, okay.
– Oh, okay. Step. – No!
– Step! – I stepped!
– Okay! – Go fast! – [Payton and Jordyn] Step, step! We made it! – Hmm.
– Now what do we do? – Uh, You have to come back too! (dramatic music) – Alright, we completed the second task! Let’s go see what the Hacker has to say. Come on guys! (mysterious music)
(Payton murmuring) – Guys, I think I heard voices
coming out of this box. (murmurs) I hear the voices. (kid coughs)
– What the? – Guys! The Hacker’s again on the TV! (emergency alert blaring) (feet shuffling)
(kids panting) – I see that you have survived
the lasers, well done. While that may have been a little easy, now the task will be timed. Soon I will unlock the door, that will lead you to the puzzle room. In the puzzle room you will
have to discover a puzzle. And you have five minutes to solve it. Or else. (maniacal laughing) (mysterious music) – [Kids] What? (exciting music) – Another door just opened, guys! Whoa, guys look at that egg! – They say we have five
minutes to solve a puzzle. (egg thuds) – Whoa.
(kids exclaim) (Taylor grunts)
(dramatic music) – [Jamie] Hurry, dump it out! You have five minutes, guys! – [Stephen] It’s a Hatchimal puzzle? – [Payton] Hatchimal? – I think it is.
– Look! – That’s what it looks like.
– Look! (pieces shuffling) – Guys, look, I put one together! – [Stephen] Yes, that’s good. – [Jordyn] I found the wing. – Nice! – Wait.
– Wait, what is that? (pieces shuffling) Guys, we have four minutes left! (Jordyn groans) – [Payton] Guys, someone give me something I’ve–
– Guys, look what I got! – Alright, guys! It looks like we only
have three minutes left. We have got to hurry! – What happens if we don’t
do it in five minutes? Are we stuck here forever? – Hey I’m not willing to
find out what happens. So guys hurry! We gotta solve this! – [Jordyn] It’s another eye. To the eye piece! – [Taylor] Forehead, forehead. (dramatic, ominous orchestral score) – Guys! Look, I have this. – [Payton] Wait, guys, we need a wing! – Alright, guys, it’s
getting down to the wire. We’re at two minutes. We have two minutes left guys! Ah, we have more than half of the puzzle that we have to solve. (groans)
– Guys, we have to hurry! (kids murmuring) Guys, we’re getting so
close to being done! – [Taylor] This is for
something, I know it. – Guys, we only have one minute left! – I told you guys we
gotta pick up the pace! – [Stephen] Alright, I’ll just gonna start putting these together. – [Payton] Wait, this
needs to go in the belly! Excuse me. – [Jamie] 10. (Stephen groans) Nine. C’mon, guys, hurry!
(kids murmuring) Eight.
– It goes there! (Payton murmurs)
– Seven. (kids panting) Six. – [Payton] Here! – Put it in!
– Five. (kids cheering) We did it! – There were five seconds on the clock! That was a little too close. – Look at our puzzle. (dramatic music) – Alright guys so. So far we’ve been able
to complete three tasks. I think we’re going to be
able to escape out of here. Alright, Hacker, you
can come on anytime now! We’re waiting. (suspenseful music) (kid groaning) (Stephen whistling) (television static buzzing) (kids cheering) – Well done with the puzzle! I’m surprised that you
were able to complete the task in such a short amount of time. But now, we are gonna test
how sharp you really are. I will unlock the room that
has a word scramble for you. You will be timed, and
you have very little time to discover the correct word. I don’t think you’re gonna
wanna find out what happens if you don’t unscramble the word properly. (maniacal laughing) – Alright, so we need to find
a room with words scrambled. This one’s still locked, guys! (kids murmuring) C’mon, let’s check some other doors. – [Steve] Over here, come here. (kids shouting)
– Is it, no. – Is it in the bathroom?
– Not over here. Check in that one. No?
– No. In here? – Huh. (doors rattling) – Not that one. (door rattles) – [Jamie] It’s in there? – Nope. It’s not in that place. (gasps) – Whoa!
– Guys? (Stephen exclaims) (mysterious music) – Eldene? – Alright, so we just need
to unscramble this word, and hopefully we will be able
to get out of this mansion! – We seriously have been in
here almost for 24 hours! – Uh, Denlee? (kids murmuring) Delnee. Uh, Delene? Delene. Nedlee. Hmm? Nedele. Wait, wait, wait, is it needle? Please say it’s needle! (bell chimes) (kids cheering) C’mon guys, c’mon, I’m the best! Uh huh! Let’s get out of here! – Yeah. (grunts) – Wait, guys. – Alright, so we solved
that puzzle, Hacker! What do we do now? What does that mean? (chuckles) (kids gasping) – [Stephen] Whoa! – [Taylor] Whoa! (dramatic music) – A way out!
– This room is huge, guys! – Guys, a way out! – Oh my gosh! Open it, Stephen! – [Steve] Did we escape? (Stephen grunts) Wait…
– What? – Is there a bar down there?
– Come on! – [Steve] There’s always a bar. – [Jamie] Open it guys! – [Stephen] What the heck? There’s like, no doorknobs! – There’s no doorknobs? I was sure that this was the
last thing we needed to do! And this was our way out.
(door thuds) – We’re locked in here forever! (Parker groans) – Guys! There’s a door right here. I bet this is the way
that we have to get out. Not over there! But right here! – It’s one of the down, down, up ones. Let’s try down, down, up. (Payton giggles) Down, down, up.
(lock clicks) – [Jamie] Did it work? – No. – Are there like no clues anywhere in this room to help us solve it? – What about up, up, down? (lock clicking) – Wait, wait a minute. Left, left, right, up, up, down, down. – Guys, we’re running out
of time, we gotta hurry up. – Once our 24 hours is up, then that means that we did
not complete the challenge. – Side, up, down, side. No. (groans) C’mon, just give us a hint, already! C’mon, just give us a hint! – Guys, this is the hardest
clue that we’ve had. I know he said that they’re
gonna get harder and harder. But this is nearly impossible because we cannot figure out
a way to get in there! – Guys, we passed our time, it’s 7:01. – What does that mean?
(television static buzzing) (yelling)
(emergency alert blaring) (maniacal laughing) – I see you were unable to escape my mansion within 24 hours. Well guess what? Your channel is mine! And now, you’re permanently
locked in this mansion. But don’t worry, your YouTube
channel will be taken care of. (maniacal laughing) (television static buzzing) (suspenseful music)
– Guys this has to be a joke. Check this back door! We cannot be stuck in here. – [Stephen] Check it, check it, check it. – Does it open?
– Open up! – No, it’s still locked. – Okay, come on guys! Let’s check this door! (heavy breathing) Please!
(door handle rattling) Can you not get it opened at all? – [Taylor] The window! – Guys, guys! Is there any doors that
we haven’t checked? Check every door. – Right here!
(kid exclaims) – What about that vent
with the lock on it? – [Stephen] Yeah the vent! – [Payton] Got it! It’s still locked. – [Jamie] Is it still locked? Come on! Does that need a key? Look at the bottom. Does it need a key? – [Stephen] There’s gotta be
a key around here somewhere. – There’s a key!
– There’s a keyhole. (scoffs) Guys, what are we gonna do? We can’t be stuck in the
Hacker’s Mansion forever. – Forever?
– I wanna go home! (Jordyn bangs on door)
(Parker groans) – I don’t wanna stay here forever. (kids cooing)
– This is not good. – Can someone save us? (kid exclaims)
– We’re gonna be trapped in here forever! (stammers) And the windows might be locked! (radio sounding off) (gasps)
– What! – What was that?
– What was that? – [Stephen] Hello! – [Girls] Hello? – Hello!
– Hello! – [Man] Hello. (gasps)
– Hello? – [Jamie] Do you hear it? – Where at?
(gasps) – [Man] Can you hear us? – Hello? – Is somebody there?
(radio clicks) – [Man] Yeah, is somebody around here? – [Stephen] Yeah. – I don’t think we’re alone in the house. Who is this?
(radio clicks) (mysterious music) (mysterious voices murmuring) – [Man] We don’t know if
we wanna say who we are. Wait. You said you’re in a weird house? We’re in a weird house, too. How did you get there?
(radio clicks) – We just got like a package. And came here just to do a fun little game with our family and we’re stuck. (radio clicks) There’s like a vent with a lock on it. We’re just kinda sitting
here not knowing what to do. (radio clicks) – [Man] Maybe we can come find you? ‘Cause we have some keys if
you’re looking for a key. (radio clicks) – They have a key! (kids gasps)
– Yes! – Should we do it?
– Yeah! I mean how else are we
gonna get outta here? – Okay (stammers) let’s do it. – [Woman] Are you friendly? (radio clicks) – [Kids] Yeah! – [Man] Sounds like there’s
a whole bunch of you. Are you individuals or are you a family? (radio clicks) – We’re a family. We’re just (stammers) two parents and a buncha kids.
(radio clicks) – Where’s Mommy?
– Same here, so. If we can help get you
free, will you help free us? ‘Cause we’re locked into
this house, as well. (radio clicks) – Yeah I think if we
work together on this, we can get outta here.
(radio clicks) – Alright guys, let’s go
by the vent, at least. And then maybe they’ll send somebody. – Alright.
– We’ll wait to hear from them. Alright, so while they are
making a plan to get to us, we’re just gonna sit by
this vent and wait and see! – Hello! – [Jordyn] Hello! – [Payton] Is anyone in there? – [Man] Alright! We are gonna send one of the people in our party to try to find you. They’re bringing a set
of keys so hopefully we can help you guys out.
– Yes! (claps)
– And then in turn you guys can help us out.
(radio clicks) – So we can get out? – Yes I am super tired of being stuck in this Hacker’s Mansion! We’ve been here for longer than 24 hours! It’s crazy! – I wanna go home! – Who is with us, though? (radio static buzzing)
(Jamie gasps) – What?
– Guys! The Hacker, he’s here!
(emergency alert blaring) (kids exclaiming) Go!
– Go, go! – Here we go again!
(emergency alert blaring) (dramatic music) – I see that you’re still
stuck in my mansion. Well guess what? Hacker’s Mansion is not so easy to escape. But lucky for you I’ve been
unable to hack your channel! Up ’til now. But believe me. If you don’t get out of here soon. Your channel will be mine forever! (maniacal laughing) I’m watching you. (gasps)
– Someone’s at the vent, guys! Come on! – [Stephen] Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! (feet shuffling)
(heavy breathing) (suspenseful music)
(Payton exclaims) – [Payton] I can hear them! (Jamie gasps) – [Woman] Where do you think you are? Upstairs or downstairs?
(radio clicks) – Downstairs! – Yeah we came in the
basement when we first came in so I’m pretty sure we’re downstairs. (radio clicks)
– Okay! So I’ll head towards
the basement box fort. – Good luck.
(radio clicks) – I think she’s coming! – [Woman] Guys, I think I’m really close! I hear you!
(radio clicks) (gasps) – [Jamie] Someone’s in there! Get it, Parker! – Here’s the key!
– Get the key! (kids exclaim) – And now we can pop that lock open! (grunts)
– Parker! – She has it.
– Oh pull it! – [Payton] Nope, just. (gasps)
– Parker, undo it! (grunts) (gasps) (kids exclaim)
– Who is it? (gasps)
– Surprise! Hey! (gasps)
Oh my gosh! I’m so glad it’s you guys! I had no idea who I was
talking to this whole time! – It’s Jordan from That YouTub3 Family! – Our whole family was so worried! We had no idea who we were talking to. Okay guys I’m gonna head back and tell my family real quick that it was you guys because we’ve all be super worried! (kids exclaiming)
Just try and stay close behind and follow me! – Alright guys so we know that That YouTub3 Family is the other family, that is trapped in this mansion. Um, you four! We’re gonna send you
guys to go follow them, bring ’em back here. Dad and I are gonna stay with Parker. Bring the walkie-talkie guys so that you can get a hold of people. And then as soon as you figure out where they’re at, come right back! ‘Kay?
– Got it. – Got it.
– Got it. – ‘Kay, let’s do this! (kids shuffling)
(suspenseful music) Good luck, guys! – [Taylor] Thanks, mom! (kids shuffling)
(kids murmuring) (grunts) (suspenseful music) – Whoa! – Wow!
– Look at this place! – Oh my gosh! – Whoa!
– Whoa! – It’s a mansion! – Guys, there’s a camera in this room! That must mean the Hacker
must be watching us! – Guys!
– Hey! (Stephen blows raspberry)
Let us out of here. – Maybe we could get out of this door. (grunts)
– Is it locked? – [Stephen] How in the world
does he lock all these doors? – I don’t know! – What are we supposed to solve, then? – [Jordyn] I dunno. Under the carpet.
– No. (Jordyn grunts) – [Jordyn] Nope! – [Taylor] Huh? (television static buzzing)
(gasps) (emergency alert blaring) (Jordyn gasps) (intense, dramatic beat)
– I see that you’ve escaped the basement. (maniacal laughing) You thought that was all
that there was to this? You were wrong! It will not be so easy
to escape my mansion, while I hack your channel! I will, however, give you
another chance to escape. Now that you made it through the first part of my Mystery Mansion. If you wanna escape? You must break the high score on the game you find in this room. But guess what? That won’t be so easy! Because I am the Hacker! (maniacal laughing) – I don’t see a game that we need to play. (mysterious music) – [Jordyn] Where could it be? (Taylor gasps) – Bop It!
– It’s a Bop It game! – We’re gonna beat the
record on a Bop It game? – I’m bad at it, though! – Really, Hacker? – Drink it!
(game plays) Pull it!
(game plays) Pass it!
(techno beat) Drink it!
(game plays) Selfie it!
(game plays) Hammer it!
(game plays) Pull it!
(game plays) Oh!
(Stephen groans) – Stephen! (techno beat) – Twist it!
(game plays) Oh!
(Payton groans) (Bop It speaks) – [Jordyn] Are you happy, Hacker? (hiphop beat) – Bop it!
(game plays) – Twist it!
(game plays) – Pull it!
(game plays) – Saw it!
(game plays) – Bop it!
(game plays) – Pass it!
(techno beat) – First, it’s selfie.
– Saw it! (game plays)
– Whoa! – Twist it!
(game plays) – Hammer it!
(game plays) – Pull it!
(game plays) – Pass it!
(faster techno beat) (Payton chuckles) – Twist it!
(game plays) – Drink it!
(game plays) – Pull it!
(game plays) – Pass it!
(fast techno beat) – Twist it!
(game plays) – Drink it!
(game plays) – Pull it!
(game plays) – Hammer it!
(game plays) – Selfie it!
(game laughs) (groans)
(buzzer sounds) (television static buzzing)
(dramatic music) (maniacal laughing) – Shot of the Yeagers, you
do disappoint me sometimes. You did not accomplish
the task that I gave you. And therefore you will not be released from my mansion. (laughs) I will give you another clue, though. Every room you get in to will give you an
opportunity to escape again. But my puzzles again are not so easy! Oh I see that you’ve
discovered That YouTub3 Family. Well guess what? They’re obviously not very
good at solving puzzles either, and might not be much help! Because they’re also stuck after not completing their task
in the first 24 hours! Your channels will be mine! (maniacal laughing) – No, we didn’t do it? (gasps)
– Oh my gosh, we can’t! (Stephen groans)
– What do we do? – We’re really stuck in this room! – I was really hoping That YouTub3 Family was gonna be in this room! But they’re not and we failed the puzzle. – Then we need to go to a different room to try and solve the puzzle! (dramatic music)
(kids shuffling) (kids murmuring) – Mom, Dad! Can you hear us? – [Jamie] Yeah we can hear you! How’s it going guys? – Yeah, we didn’t solve our first problem. So we’re gonna go into another room! – [Steve] If you need
our help let us know! – Okay! (kids shuffling)
(staggered breathing) (Stephen groans) – [Payton] Are we in there now, yet? (Stephen groans)
(kids shuffling) – [Stephen] Whoa. – Whee! Whoa! – [All] Whoa! (intense, dramatic beat) – Oh I see you’ve discovered another room. Well done, Yeagers. But your time is running out! Soon I will have hacked your
channel and it will be mine! (maniacal laughing) As you can see a crime has been
committed in this bathroom. All you need to do is discover
what is what that happened. I will tell you one thing. This will not be easy!
(maniacal laughing) Good luck. – Uh, did the Hacker just
appear in that mirror? Creepiest thing that I’ve seen all day! – Not creepier than this thing! – So we have to try to solve a crime? – That’s weird! – Do you guys see any clues in here? – No. (Stephen and Taylor murmuring) – All I see is toilet paper. (girls murmuring) – [Stephen] Nothing in the bathroom! – There’s nothing in here! – I have no idea what happened here. Payton, Jordyn! Go back and get Mom and Dad, ’cause I have no idea what to do. We need some help. – Okay!
– Let’s go, dude! – And hurry because we
only have 10 minutes! (kids panting)
(suspenseful music) (Jordyn shuffling) – [Jordyn] Whee! (Payton shuffling) (groans) (coughs) I think we’re lost! – Wherever we are, we are lost! – I don’t know (stammer) how we are going to get back to Mom and Dad! (suspenseful music)
(kid coughing) – Oh dear, they’re taking forever, and we’re running outta time. Let’s just try to solve this. – Okay. Steve, there’s something
weird on this counter! Two broken soap pieces. – So Taylor, over here. The water’s on, the soap’s tipped over, this mat’s all flipped over. I think it does something with this. Plus, every (stammers) yellow line connects to something of water. – Maybe if we need to follow
this caution tape somewhere. – Alright, it comes through here, then it goes all the way
over here, back to the soap. In the non-running sink. Goes all the way to here. And then we gotta small bathroom, here. – I don’t see anything weird in here. – I have no idea what this crime is! – We’re never going to
get out of this place. (television static buzzing) (emergency alert blaring) – Time’s up! (maniacal laughing) Another puzzle not solved by you. Why am I not surprised? Well guess what? Your time is running out. And soon I will have hacked
your channel completely. You will not escape my mansion, so easily! – We gotta find Mom and Dad, and Jordyn and Payton! (suspenseful music) (shuffles) (Stephen groans) (shuffles) Taylor, hurry up! We’re almost to Mom and Dad! (heavy breathing)
(shuffles) (Taylor groans) Finally, we found you guys! – We were lost. – Where are you going? Mom and Dad, that way! (shuffles)
(kids panting) (groans) Mom, Dad, Parker! We need you, we can’t solve any of these! – I coming in, guys! With Mom and Daddy! (suspenseful music) (bodies shuffling) – Oh my goodness! This is so hard to go through! I think we only have a little bit longer and then we’ll reach the end! (grunts) – Mommy! (exclaims)
– Come on, guys! – Finally! (bodies shuffling) – Finally we’re here! – You were trapped?
– Yeah. (kids murmuring)
(Steve groans) – Whoa! Guys we finally found That YouTub3 Family!
(all cheering) – Finally we met up with you guys! (girls cheering) – So you guys have been
(kids shouting) in here for hours waiting for us? – For a long time.
(kids murmuring) We’re so glad that you
guys are here with us. Not that we want you in
the same predicament. But.
(YouTub3 Dad chuckles) Oh my gosh.
– We’ve been searching everywhere, we can’t find the key. – Yeah.
– We’re lost. – So there’s a lock here. We’re locked in and we need to find a key. – We’ve been in here for hours! (families murmuring) And we’ve searched everywhere and we can’t find the keys. So, we’re glad you guys are in here. Maybe you’ll be able to find it, ’cause I’ve given up. – Maybe a fresh pair of
eyes might look somewhere where we’ve just overlooked.
– Yeah. – And it looks like the Hacker
is filming us, once again. – But not for long.
(dramatic music) (Payton murmuring)
(Jamie gasps) – He unplugged it! – Bye-bye, Hacker! – Alright guys! Let’s all try and find that key so we can get out of here!
(Ty exclaims) – Parker, do you see it?
– See it? – Do you see it under here?
(pillow puffs) (Audrey murmurs)
(objects clanking) – [Jake] I don’t see under
these so it’s not under here! – It’s over here?
– I know, we already looked there.
(suspenseful music) – Is it in that vent?
(vent squeaks) – [Audrey] Yeah, I tried checking
but I don’t see anything. – I’m tired. (sighs)
– I’m tired, too. (both sighing) – We gotta get outta here.
(groans) – [Jake] What time is it? Does anyone have a phone? – I don’t know, but it’s late.
(kids murmuring) – It is getting so hot in here, guys! There so many bodies. We’ve been in here for a while. And we have not found a key anywhere! – [Parker] I found it! (intense, dramatic beat)
– What? – What?
– It’s right there! – Parker found it! – It’s right there!
– Whoa! – Whoa!
– I see it! – It’s right there!
– Can’t get me up! (groans)
– How? (exciting music)
– Got it! (Steve grunts)
(Jordyn groans) (Stephen laughing)
I got the key! Let’s go! – [Audrey] Okay, um. – [YouTub3 Dad] Yeah, she’s our navigator. She’s our–
– I’m not the locksmith! Okay.
– I’m good at how to unlock these!
– You got this, Audrey! You got this, I’ll rub your shoulders! (Audrey giggles)
– You can do it! – Audrey I’m good at–
– Get us outta here! (gasps)
(cheers) – Yes!
– Guys, we can escape! – Open the door! (suspenseful music) (door clicks)
(gasps) (cheers)
(kids shouting) (murmurs) – Let’s go, let’s go!
(feet shuffling) (murmurs) – Wait!
– Wait. – Guys, come here!
(feet shuffling) – So there’s some numbers, and colors.
(zany music) – [Payton] Wait, this
must be dynamite, I think. – I think this is gonna
be our next challenge that we have to do before we can get outta here.
– Wait, wait! – Do we have to deal wire? (murmurs) – You mean we’re not gonna get
out of here, like right now? – I’m not thinking we can get out. – Why?
(kids murmuring) – [Payton] Guys, it
says you’re supposed to make the measure of it. (kids murmuring) – So this will just blow up? – Don’t touch it! – What is this, can we not get out? – [Payton] Don’t touch it! – Look what I found! – [Steve, Stephen and Payton] No! – If you cut the wrong
thing, it’ll explode! – Maybe. – Alright so there are numbers
on this device and colors. I do not know how we
are going to solve this. – Does that mean we are not free, yet? (murmurs) (television static buzzing) (gasps) – [Kids] The Hacker! (emergency alert blaring)
(feet thudding) (kids panting) (intense, dramatic beat)
(maniacal laughing) – I see that you have discovered
my device on the door. Well guess what? You will only have three attempts to escape and diffuse my device. This is not a game you want to lose. Everything I say turns to clues. Remember, if you are unable to
solve your half of the puzzle finding the correct numbers
so the combinations, while That YouTub3 Family
discovers the colors. Both your channels will be mine. (maniacal laughing) – Oh my gosh, guys. We still have to solve more puzzles before we are going to be able
to get out of this house. And we only have three tries, or else we are locked in here forever. – I don’t know if we can do this. – Alright, so That YouTub3 Family, they’re going to go out and they’re gonna look for the color combinations we need. And we’re gonna go look for
the number combinations. So we really need to get on it, and figure out what these clues mean. – Alright, we have Parker here. She’s so tired. We’ve been stuck in the Hacker’s Mansion for so long and we have not slept at all. Parker’s taking a little bit of a nap. And we’re gonna try and solve these clues and puzzles with
That YouTub3 Family. So hopefully we can get out of here! So guys did you hear any clues, from what the Hacker just said to us? (suspenseful music) – [Stephen] Hmm. – This is not a game you wanna lose. What does that mean? – There is a game room. – [Kids] The game room! – [Jamie] Come on, guys! Let’ go! (feet shuffling)
(kids panting) – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! (feet thudding) – There’s a game room here! (murmurs) (gasps) – Whoa!
– A game that you don’t wanna lose.
– Come on! – Alright so there’s several
games in this game room. We have an air hockey table and we have a foosball table, behind me. But I don’t know if there’s any other clues here in this room. (exciting, suspenseful music) Do you see anything in there? – [Payton] No. All I see is these, but. – [Jamie] See anything, Stephen? – [Stephen] Mm-mm. – We are still trying
(kid coughs) to figure out our clues. Are you guys having any luck?
(radio clicks) (suspenseful music) – [YouTub3 Dad] No yet. We’re getting close though, I think. (radio clicks) – Alright, it looks like they still haven’t come up with a clue yet. But they said that they’re getting close, and I don’t think we were close at all. – We’re looking for a number clue, guys. – Number clue, guys! – [Jamie] Maybe we need to count
how many players there are. – [Taylor, Jordyn and Payton]
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11. – (stammers) There’s 11, 22! – You have 22?
– 22. – Alright, so 22. But I’m just not sure if
that’s what we’re looking for. (Steve murmurs) – Hey, you guys there?
(radio clicks) – It’s a game we don’t wanna lose. (sighs) Yeah we’re here.
(radio clicks) – [YouTub3 Dad] I think
we found our first clue. We figured it out. So you guys figure yours out, but meet us at the front door.
(radio clicks) – Awesome, we’ll be there soon hopefully! (radio clicks) – Oh no we haven’t figured it out yet! I checked there. – You’re that game you don’t wanna lose. A game we don’t wanna lose. – It’s one of these two. (stammers) – And this isn’t a hard game. – Maybe (stammers) on the TV?
(Jordyn murmurs) – I never lose at foosball, guys. I’m awesome! I’m never on a losing team. – Always on the losing team.
– No! – So who is the losing team? – They’re, no. – The blue team always–
– Wait. – [Jamie] I know, but these
tell you who the losing team is. – [Steve] How many points do they have? – Three.
– They’re all three. – What do they have?
– Four. – So that’s the losing team, right? – Yeah. – Three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, 10! – [Jamie] That’s the losing team. (tally markers clacking)
– That’s their score. – [Stephen and Taylor] Three. – I think that’s our best guess. – Is that it?
– Three, three, three! – [Jamie] Okay, tell ’em, tell ’em! – Well, I think we got our
numbers so we’ll head right down. (radio clicks) (kids shouting)
(exciting, dramatic music) – C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!
– Let’s go, let’s go! – [Jordyn] What’s gonna happen? – [Taylor] We need to
get outta here, guys! – Come on, guys, go!
(radio clicks) (feeting thudding) – Three?
– Three! – [YouTub3 Mom] Where’d
you get, you got three? – Yeah!
– What did you guys get? – We found blue.
(murmurs) – What?
– I don’t know. – It’s got blue wire! – Alright so That YouTub3 Family found that it’s the blue color. We think. And we think it’s the number three. So we’re trying to figure out how that works with this device. – Guys, I think we have
to cut three blues. – I tried to do five– – We’re going to find the third wire. And if it’s attached to a blue,
I guess we’re gonna clip it! (Jordyn hisses)
– There’s all of these. – Oh, and this one’s square!
– I’m not cutting this wire. – Wait guys!
(laughs) – [Jordan] I don’t wanna cut
the wire either! (chuckles) – And the note said circle!
– Wait, wait, circle? Wait. – So we got this circle one.
– Alright. – The circle build.
– Wait, wait, wait, wait! (Taylor and Jordyn shouting)
– We only have three tries! – Wait are you sure about this? – Are we really?
– Yes, I feel– – Yes!
– Sure. (intense, suspenseful music)
– Do hold on! (wire snaps) (gasps) – [Jake] Nothing happened! (murmurs) – I cut it and nothing happened. I think that’s good? – No, it’s bad! – Think that means we got
our first try wrong, guys. We are down to two more tries before we are locked in here forever. – I guess it was bad. – [Jordan] ‘Kay guys, I think
we’re gonna split up again. You guys look for the numbers
and look for a lot of clues. We’ll look for the colors. Ready, set? – [All] Go! – Okay, I really don’t
know what we go from here. Um, I guess we need to find more clues. We’re gonna go back up to the game room, to see if we find anymore
clues for the next number. Alright guys, I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure if this was the wrong number. Or maybe That YouTub3
Family had the wrong color. – That’s probably what it was! – Of course, it was. (television static buzzing)
– Whoa! (intense, dramatic beat)
– This is not a movie. This is real life. Don’t take a seat for too long. Or your channel will be mine! (maniacal laughing) (television static buzzing) – This is not a movie, it’s real life! Easy peasy, lemon squeezey! To the theater room! – Let’s go!
(shuffles) (gasps) – This mansion has a theater? (kids panting)
(footsteps pounding) (murmurs) (Stephen grunts)
(feet thudding) – More stairs? – I still can’t believe that the Hacker’s Mansion has a theater room! Maybe I wouldn’t mind being
stuck in here, forever! (record skipping) – I can show you the world! – [Jordyn] Get confidence! – Shining, shimmering, splendid! – [Taylor] Boy! – Apparently I’m the only one trying (chuckles) to solve these puzzles! – Guys, everybody look for a number! – [YouTub3 Dad] Hey we
found our second clue. – Hmm.
– So we’ll meet you at the front door when you guys are ready. – Wow, you guys are cruisin’! We’re still looking for ours.
(radio clicks) – They always find their clues first! We are so slow, guys! – We (stammers) gottta count all the dots there are on the floor. (gasps)
One, two, three, four! One million, one million five! – If that’s the case, we’re
stuck in here forever. – What about movies?
– Yeah! – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. I think it’s seven. – It could be seven. But maybe it’s talking about how many lights are in here? – One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. – 17 seems like such a large number. I don’t know if that’s it, guys. – The Hacker said something
about sitting down. (gasps) How many couches?
– Eight, eight, eight! One, two, three, four, one,
two, three, four, eight! – [Jamie and Jordyn]
One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.
– Five, six, seven, eight. – Eight, okay!
(kids shouting) – [Kids] Eight, eight,
eight, eight, eight! – Eight, aye, aye, aye, aye!
– Eight! – [Jordyn] Eight! – We found ours! We’re coming guys!
(radio clicks) (murmurs) Come!
(feet shuffling) – Eight!
– Come on, let’s go, let’s go! – It’s eight, it’s eight! – It’s eight?
– I swear, let’s break it! – Yes, it’s eight!
– Where’s the little clippers? – Okay, show what we’ve found! – I (stammers) got the clippers! – We found–
– Square we go! – We found a red square. – It’s true.
– But it’s a red square. – You’re sure you’re
right this time, though? ‘Cause last time you said it
was blue and that didn’t work. – There’s all white here.
– Well I don’t know. This one was found!
– I’m just saying! – It opens, right? (chuckles)
Let’s look at it! – Is there a red square
coordinating to your number? – Yeah!
– Yeah there’s a red square! – Wait, no, wait!
(kids quarreling) – Yeah there’s a square.
– Make sure it’s right! – The eighth one is a red square! All the clues come together. (suspenseful music)
– Now! (wires snapping) (Jamie gasps) – There’s one more!
(murmurs) There’s one more! – It didn’t open! – That was our second try! – We only have one more left! – Or else we’re stuck in here, forever! – And the Hacker will
take over our channel! (Jamie sighs) – Guys, I really don’t
want our channel hacked! We’re gonna go back downstairs and see if there’s
anything that we missed. Maybe there’s a clue down there that can help us find the third number. (kids murmuring)
– Parker’s still sleeping! – She’s a big help. (footsteps thudding) Guys be really careful finding
the right clue this time. It’s our last chance.
(radio clicks) (sighs)
– Yeah we have been reading over and over ours. And I think we know
what we’re looking for, but yeah I totally agree. If we don’t get this one right, no channel and then
we’re stuck here forever. (radio clicks) – Yikes.
(radio clicks) (sighs)
Let’s do it. – Is this is last one?
– Alright guys! We need to comb through this basement and see if we can find any clues anywhere. – Guys, freedom is so close. (grunts) – I feel like I haven’t
seen the sun, forever! – That’s because it’s nighttime! – I’m looking everywhere
and I don’t see any numbers. Anywhere.
– Guys! – Oh, the kitchen, guys!
– Guys, I think I helped! – It’s 2:12. (chuckles) – Mom, that number’s gonna change. So, probably shouldn’t bet on that. – Come on!
– I’m just referring to the fact that it is 2:12
in the morning, guys. And we’re awake and we are still searching and trying to get out of the Hacker’s Mansion!
– Guys, guys! (television static buzzing)
(gasps) – [Kids] The Hacker! (emergency alert blaring)
(murmurs) (intense, dramatic beat)
– I know you’re in my mansion. But there’s not enough room for you to make one more mistake. If you do not diffuse
the device on this try, your channels are mine! (maniacal laughing)
(suspenseful music) – Does that mean we just need to count how many rooms are in the mansion? – We can’t get this wrong! – Wait, you already found your last clue? (radio clicks) – [YouTub3 Dad] We did
it almost seems too easy but yeah we found it.
(kid coughing) We’ll wait for you at the front door ’cause we’re kind of apprehensive. (radio clicks) – I think we know ours, too. We’ll be there in a minute.
(radio clicks) Let’s do this guys. – One, two! – Three, four! (kids panting)
(feet thudding) – Here’s the fifth room! – ‘Kay, this is the sixth room! Now we gotta go upstairs! – Here’s room seven. (heavy breathing) – Eight. – And nine! Let’s go, nine! (sighs)
– Alright guys! So there are nine
bedrooms in this mansion. Hopefully we are right. This is nerve-wracking! This is our last shot! Or I guess we’re stuck in here and you guys won’t see us, ever again! (kid coughing) – Okay so this is our last chance. This is what we found, it’s green. So we know that there’s
green wires out there. And then we don’t know if it’s a circle, a square–
– Or a triangle. – Or the triangle, because we
haven’t tried triangle one, so it could be any one of them. – Oh, my goodness.
– We got nine. So maybe that could help? (dramatic music) Hopefully it’s right. – We feeling good about this?
(kids exclaim) The Hacker is smart,
he’s one smart cookie. – This is our last chance
to go with the right choice. – Do you think we go
the right answer, guys? – Who gets to cut the wire? – Not it.
– Nose goes! – [All] Not it! – Not it!
– Not it. – You wanna do it? Okay, you’re the chosen one hired! – [Payton] I do it! (suspenseful music)
– We got millions of fans. They’re just waiting to
see you get this right! No pressure. (nervously giggles) Nine, green. – Nine is a green. – [Audrey] Do you think
you got the right one? – Yeah, I think!
– Okay. Oh no! – (hisses) Um. (intense, suspenseful music)
(clippers chomping) – Open the door?
– It was warm. – Did you hear anything?
– The door? – Hello?
– Is that? – I’m not, I don’t, I’m not, I don’t! I don’t do open the door! (murmurs)
(epic, dramatic music) It’s the moment of truth, guys! – Guys! – [Audrey and Jordan] Three, two! – [Girls] One! – Open it, open it, open it!
– Is it working? (gasps)
– It opened! – Oh my!
– It worked! (exciting music) Sunlight!
– Yes! – Wait?
– Whoa, what? – Great.
– Wait. – What?
(gasps) – Let’s get outta here!
– What? – [Kids] What, another package? – I don’t know if I like this. – I don’t know if I wanna
have another scary adventure. – I think we should open it. Do you guys think we should? – Thanks That YouTub3
Family for helping us get out of the Hacker’s Mansion! – Help them by subscribing
to their channel! Subscribe to our channel!
– Comment below! – Give us a big thumbs up! – And we’ll see you guys, tomorrow! – [Kids] Bye! (charming guitar riff)

ESCAPING Hacker’s Mansion! Every Skit in one Video!

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