This video might be a little Mysterious for our younger audience. Yes, this is so relaxing! [Mysterious music] Beautiful weather, Beautiful beach. Nothing
can go wrong today. [Mysterious music] Nothing can go wrong! [Mysterious music] [Boys giggling] I know. Want to go catch more animals? I can’t wait to go surfing later! And snorkeling! Hey guys, I’m gonna go and build an awesome sand castle right now! [Playful music] Perfect! [Mysterious music] Ahhh, Jack, Jasmine!
The Crazy Doll is back! What, where? She just popped her head out of that- Bucket. Uh, I didn’t see anything! April Fools Day is over, so
you can knock off the jokes! No guys really, she was just there! Oh really, than where is she? Nice try Kaden. Come on Jazzy,
let’s go toss the football. Ugh, I know I just saw her! I’m back? Seriously, Kaden? I’m back? Nice try Kaden, what an elaborate joke! That wasn’t me!
Guys, it’s gotta be her! Uh-huh, whatever! [Mysterious music] Guys, over there! What, where? Seriously? She just popped her head out of the water! It’s probably somebody snorkeling. Sometimes you take your
jokes a little too far. You guys have to take me seriously! [Mysterious music] [Mysterious music] Who did that? Kaden, knock it off! Huh? What do you mean, knock what off? Wait, who squirted me? Kaden, I don’t know how you’re
doing that, but stop it! There she is, guys! Come on! Let’s just go inside. Yeah, if he’s just gonna keep teasing us lets just go inside. [Screams loudly] Ahhhhhh! What, what was that? She was right there under the towel! Are you just trying to trick me now too? No look, she’s back! Yeah, right. What, but she was right there! Oh yeah right. How did
she get to Hawaii then? Did she dig a tunnel
through the sand then? Maybe she surfed here or something? Surfed? That’s hilarious. Have you ever seen a doll on a surfboard? Wait, what’s that? [Huh?] Yeah right, I’m not gonna
look. There’s nothing there. You have to believe us,
the Crazy Doll is back! I’m not gonna let a baby doll scare me! [Ahhhhh!] [Kids] Back to the house! [Kaden] Back to the house! [Running] [Mysterious music] No way! How’d she beat us to the house! It’s locked! Let’s try the back door. Great idea! [Running footsteps] This one’s locked too. No way, she was behind us on the beach. That doll is so sneaky! Lets see if we can spy on her? [Fun music] Hey wait, what is she doing? [Fun music] What is she doing?
She’s making a mess! Mom and Dad are gonna blame us. I’m going to go and get Mom and Dad! [Jasmine and Jack] Kaden! Looks like it’s up to us. [Fridge opens] It stopped, but it looks
like now she’s in the fridge. Whoa! She must really like hot dogs. Or dislikes them? She’s making a giant mess! We’ve gotta stop her! What’s she doing now? [Jack] Ahhh! That’s it, I’ve had enough of this! Are we really gonna let a
doll trick us like this? Are we kids, or are we babies? I’m not afraid! We’re locked out though, so
how are we gonna get inside? We’ve gotta trick her to
get her to open the door. Hmmmm? Hey, Kalia left her Barbie doll out here! Hey Jack, maybe the Crazy
Doll wants a little friend. Great idea, Barbie wants to play! [Knocking] Here she comes, in position! [Fun music] [Adventurous music] Now! Quick, quick! [Happily cheers] Take that Crazy Doll! Wait, where did she go? Maybe she left? Yeah right, I told you
that doll was sneaky! Well she’s the one locked out now. Well, wherever you are
doll, you’re not getting in! [Dryer sounds] [Mysterious creaks] [Gasps] What was that? Why, are you suspicious? No! I mean, no. You look pretty suspicious to me. I’m not suspicious of some baby doll, you are! No, you are!
No, you are! [Doll laughter] She’s throwing toys at us! Really, toys?
That’s the best you’ve got? [Adventurous music] Watch out! Take cover! Duck! [Doll laughter] She disappeared again! Last time we saw her, we had to trap her! That’s it, we have to trap her! Hey, Dad has those fishing
nets. What about that? Perfect, lets catch her! [Jasmine and Jack] Come out,
come out, wherever you are! Come out dolly, we just wanna play! This doll is good at hide-and-go-seek! Maybe she’s in a closet or something? Maybe she’s behind a pillow? She’s gotta be here somewhere! [Playful music] [Doll laughter] I almost got her! I’m gonna get you, Crazy Doll! [Playful music] Where’d she go? [Mysterious music] Jack, don’t move! Why, what’s wrong? [Gasp] Ahhhh! Just breathe! [Both] Ahhhh! Well, that didn’t work! We don’t need these nets, there useless! Hey Crazy Doll, I’m back! Jack catch! Jasmine! [Kids] It’s action time! Whoooo! Let’s split up.
Come on! Ahhhh! Sorry guys, false alarm! [Fun music] Who did that? [Fun music] Hey Kaden, was that you? What! What are you talking about? Have you found anybody yet? Nope! [Fun music] Hey, why’d you tap me? I didn’t tap you, but you tapped me! No, I didn’t tap you! How could I possibly tap you
from all the way over here? Well, then who tapped us then? [Jack And Kaden] We got tricked! [Both] Ahhh! Ahhh! We need to find that doll now! Yeah, and blast her as fast as we could! Let’s go find that doll.
Come on! [Mysterious music] [Tapping] Who did that? [Tapping] Who did that? There’s something crazy
going on around here! Come on guys, maybe she’s over here. [Mysterious music] [Kids] Ahhh! Ahhh! [Kids] Ahhh! [Doll chasing]
Ahhh! Wait a minute, why are
we running from the doll? We are the ones with the blasters. [Kids] Yeah! [Doll] Uh-oh! [Rallying cheers] Ahhh! [Exciting music] Where’d she go? She disappeared again. She’s gone. We have to outsmart her! But, what would a baby doll want? I have an idea! Ah! YES! Great idea, Jack! [Fun music] Perfect! Okay everybody lets hide. Jazzy, come over here and hide. Hey everybody, I woke up from my nap! Hey, Kyler’s binky! Kalia, don’t touch it! Come over here! Oh, okay! We’re trying to catch the Crazy Doll. Come and hide with us! [Mysterious music] There she is.
Here she comes! Oh, a cute dolly! That is not a cute dolly! That is a crazy dolly! [Mysterious music] I feel a bite! Reel it in! Reel it in! It’s working! It’s working! I got it, I got it! [Excited kids noises] [Excited kids noises] What
am I gonna do with her? Somebody open the door!
Somebody open the door! I’ll open it! [Excited kids noises] Here you take it!
No, I don’t want it! I don’t want it! Wait, Jazzy, I’ve got an
idea. Give it back to me! Stand back.
One.. Two.. Three! Whoa! [Excited celebration] Huh? Is that a fish, is
that a squid? What is that? [Startled] Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! No way! Ahhhh! [Water splashing] Sorry! Sorry! Who did that? who did that? Who did that? Not sorry! That, just happened! Great aiming Jack! I can’t believe the doll landed on the surfboard! [Mysterious music] Make sure to like and subscribe below! And share this video
with all your friends! Oh, and guess what? Check out this other Crazy Doll video
right here below us! [Kids] It’s amazing,
click it! Yeah, click it! It’s so awesome! Or click one of these awesome videos! [Kids] Come on click, click, click it!

Escape the Crazy Doll! Sneak Attack Nerf Adventure Showdown in Hawaii! The Sneaky Doll Returns!
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