[Knocks] [Gasps] [Silly music] Well hello, dearies! Uh, hello. Are you Nanny Bertha? Yes dearie, Big Bertha
here at your service. Okay well, thank you so
much for watching the kids. [Laughing] I’ve never used a child
care service before. No problem, I love children. I, I don’t mean to be rude; but, is there something
wrong with your face? Oh, uh, I forgot to
take off my mud mask, but don’t you worry. I’ll take it off in a little bit and your kids will
have fun here. Mom, I don’t want the
babysitter to babysit us. Aren’t we old enough that we can babysit ourselves
for a few hours? Oh sweetheart, I’m sorry but I’m gonna be gone all day. [Giggling] But I’ll be back a
little bit later tonight. Your munchkins and I are
going to have so much fun. [Laughing] Kaden, Jack, Jasmine; okay,
here’s your bag for today, it’s got your lunches in
it and all your activities. Alright? So, head on in. Seriously? Bye, I love you! Come on in kiddies! [Giggles] Toodles! Ha ha ha ha! Alright you little
rascals, follow me. [Gasps] Where are you taking us? None of your business,
just follow me! Come kids, in here. Now I have some
business to attend to; so, you can stay in
here all day. [Giggles] Wait, you can’t be serious! Oh I am serious. And don’t you dare say a
word of this to your mother. What?! What do you mean? Don’t you even try
to escape. [Giggles] Huh? [Bing!] [Cackling] [Bing!] [Bing!] Ha ha ha
ha ha! Hmmm… [Lasers] That’s no nanny,
that’s a witch! Witches aren’t real! Well she’s mean and green… She did just put
us in the basement. I know, I know,
she might be a witch, but not a real one
with magic and stuff. Besides, we’re not locked
in the basement, see? [Buzzing]
Whoa! Oh no! We really are locked
in the basement! Ahhhh! Guys, guys! Calm
down, calm down. Huh, huh? Good thing I brought these! Epic! You packed our blasters? Yeah, I snuck them in the
bag when Mom wasn’t looking. Give me one of
those so I can see if I can blast out of the door. [Zip, zink!] [Pop!] [Boing!] Oh darn, that didn’t work. Dang it, lets
look around the room and try to find something else. [Upbeat music] What’s this? Looks like some
type of old treasure box. Let’s open it. Push-pins,
why would there ever be pushpins in here? Jazzy, what do you have? Guys I bet this is the
keypad to unlock the door. Maybe if we guess the numbers,
maybe it’ll let us out. [Click, click, click, click] [Alarm buzzers] Well that didn’t work. Let’s look around
the room again. Maybe there’s more clues. Nope. Nope. Nope. What’s this? Wait a minute… What are these
pumpkins doing here? Guys, guys, come here, look! What? There’s a number on the
bottom of the pumpkin. Wait a minute! Guys, I found the number five! Lets search all the pumpkins. What does this say? I found the number one! Guys, everybody, lets go
search for more pumpkins. Look, I found another pumpkin. And I found another one. Wait is that all? Is that all seven? Yeah, this one
is number three! Let’s go see if we can
find a code, let’s go! Yeah, let’s go, go, go! Okay, Kaden bring
yours over here. Which one was first? Okay, let’s put them in order. Wait I see something, wait. It’s written by odds. One, three, five,
seven, and nine. Wait, maybe that’s
the order they go in. Yeah lets try it! So one, three, five,
seven, nine. Enter. [Alarm buzzers] [Groaning] Wait a minute. Maybe we have
to do smallest to tallest. Come on.
Yeah let’s go. So put it… There ya go. Put it right here, yeah. So what order is that? So that’s nine, three, one, seven, five. Seven, five… Enter. [Xylophone music] Yeah! Yes, yes! [Cheering] Whoa, you have
got to be kidding me. Whoa, it’s a lava trap! I thought we were free. How are we ever going
to get across this? Maybe I can use my jacket
for a stepping stone. Whoa! Well, that didn’t work. There’s gotta be another way. Wait a minute, what are
those on top of the ceiling? That’s it! If we get those
stones down to the lava, maybe we can get
to the other side. Yeah, but how are
we gonna do that? Maybe we can blast
the stones down. Sweet, lets grab the blasters. [Zip, zink] Well here goes nothing. [Pop!] [Thunk] Yes, we got the first one! I guess it is a stepping stone. [Pop!] [Thunk] Yes! Nice job, Jack! Here I go. [Pop!] [Thunk] Yes, the next stepping stone. [Pop!] [Thunk] Yes! [Zip, zink] [Pop!] [Thunk] [Thunk] Yes! [Pop!] [Thunk] [Pop!] [Thunk]
Yes! Now it’s my turn! [Pop] [Thunk] Yes! We’re almost there;
we’re almost there! Wish me luck. [Pop!] [Thunk] We made it! Yeah!
Yes! We made it! Wait a minute,
there’s another one! Another one!? Oh no, another trap! Oh no! what are
we supposed to do? I don’t know, look at doorway. What, lasers? Let’s go check it out. [Upbeat music] Hey guys. Look at this. It’s sort of a light…
It is a light. Its purple.
Wait a minute… It’s a black light. What’s that? Black lights are
only used in the dark. Hmmm, maybe it’s a clue. Yeah lets try it, lets
turn off the lights. I’ll go get the lights. Whoa, cool! What are we supposed
to do with this? Well if this room is like all the others then there
has to be clues. Let’s get up and look around. Whoa guys, look! There’s
stuff written on the balloons. Wait, this one says “A.” Yeah. Look, numbers
and letters and shapes. I’ll gather the letters,
you get the numbers, and you get the shapes. Great idea. I got all the
symbols over here. But, I don’t know if they’re
supposed to mean anything… Well, I got all the
numbers in this section; but, unless there’s
another code box in here, I don’t know how
they’re going to help. I got all the letters. Let’s
see if they spell something. “H.” “A” usually comes after… “L.” There’s… Lets try two “L’s.” Hey look Jack, I spelled “HALL.” Look, I spelled the word “NEW.” “HALL?” “NEW?” That
doesn’t sound right. Wait a minute, there’s
two letters left over here. That doesn’t make sense. Maybe switch the “N” and the “W.” Maybe the “O” goes
next to the “L.” “W.” Look, look! Halloween, Halloween!
It’s Halloween! Yeah, Halloween! “H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N,”
Halloween! We did it! Yay, woo! That’s nice, but how do
we turn the lasers off? Hey remember when we got those push-pins in the treasure box? Maybe we’re supposed to use
them to pop the balloons. That’s a great idea. Let’s just pop the “H” first
and lets see what happens. Yes, let’s do this. In three, two, one, go! Whoa. Whoa, it worked! I’ve got the “A.” Hi-ya! Whoa, it’s working! “O!” W! There are only
three lasers left! “E, E!” And the last one
is “N.” Bye-bye “N!” Yeah, it’s gone! We escaped! Grab your blasters. Let’s
get this mean, old witch. A rats hair… The eye of a newt… [Gasps] [Giggles] Give up now, witch! Yeah, surrender! What, how did you escape?! We’re smarter than you think. Well then, I’ll get you my
little pretties! [Giggles] Eat. My. Darts. Ahhhhh! Give up, witch! [Cackles] How about this!? What happened to Kaden? I don’t know he’s
frozen or something. No! What have you
done to my brother?! [Laughs] [Adventure music] Ahhhhhhh! We’ve got you now, witch! Those dumb blaster
darts don’t scare me. Well, I’ll melt you with
a tall glass of water, then. No, ahhh! You better run! Jazzy, did you get her? No, she flew away on her broom
before I could even get her. What are we going
to do with Kade? It looks like
he’s in time out. I know, let’s tickle him. Tickle, tickle, tickle! That didn’t work. Let’s scare him. Boo! Wait, stinky socks
wakes everybody up. Ewww! Well, that worked. Make sure to like
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