with know that YouTube family finchy why are you sad Oh faceplant burning just like where are we where are we we're sledding in the mountain window that you do family what we got over here we got that YouTube family berated oh there you go no she's a girl you ready to go yeah all right where's your blood huh they're good these girls got their saucers plays going to go down on her butt oh man right we're ready to rock this joint Romesh good boy you say go okay ready Hey broken here we go where's going to go down to you better keep your bow monsoon bricks down this hill yo gang and I win then you're what yeah you win amazing how'd you do Thank You ro great survive yeah barely I don't want you camera so holding do the camera survived yeah that's awesome okay let's see just go again oh yeah there yep she chose to roughen one I can't do it chin sled cross your legs I am die yeah yeah mom I'm gonna puke Oh what that what that what what's that word alright ladies what's going to happen right now we're going to try it in [Applause] he's booted down area Wow looking good girlfriend Oh faceplant oh I love this gym though you're silly okay come here you're okay you're okay oh let's get it why are you sad you just thank you jump you tried hard huh I love you that you see family is setting up our challenge and I'm really scared looks like fog yeah it has been a really fun day we went sledding we had pizza we went live did you guys see our lives and now we are going to be doing a special mystery gift challenge I don't know what it's actually called oh yeah but it's going to be fantastic I'm really scared and this is crazy crazy salmon is it pigs feet no what does pig's feet taste like oh my gracious I mean you're going to want to have it I hope you have a full charm that one it's really what did it taste like really nationís or veins in it there's bugs vinegar skin and it's all juicy and then when your niggers and you put in the fridge I'll try the jello I didn't better no oh my gosh hey I know are you saying go ahead alright go ahead and open up those packages see what stuff no another black display for me yeah hey hey he's gonna eat a worm the worm burning really Oh gross yeah yeah oh oh oh

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