Our focus is on Hanyu Yuzuru He had a lot of regrets last season due to an injury Set on his comeback, he begins his days of practice Starting soon, the Grand Prix series The focus at the center of it all is: Good morning I’m so sleepy! Even though it’s way past morning Hanyu Yuzuru He’s scheduled to appear in Skate Canada Today, he’s preparing the choreo for ice shows It’s been a month since I’ve put these skates on I’ve even changed edges too so I’m nervous The edges are new So I’m excited Thank you Once his choreo practice is over, he practices jumps While checking each and every detail, he practices the Lutz How do your jumps feel right now? It’s tough There are still so many things I need to improve So I need to work harder At last year’s Rostelecom Cup During the warmup, Hanyu had an accident He fell on the Quad Loop He injured the same right foot again He was able to win after changing the layout But it was far from a perfect performance Afterwards, he withdrew from GPF and Japanese Nationals And focused on recovering In March at the World Championships he won silver But his foot was still not fully healed Two months later Hanyu participated in ice shows Compared to Worlds, my foot is doing a lot better But I can’t say I don’t feel any pain at all This year, he started pressure training For high-level jumps, upping his strength is essential By working on his upper body strength as well, It can help prevent further injuries Hanyu kept practicing jumps even during ice shows In particular, he kept practicing the Quad Lutz Which he hasn’t attempted since his injury I do feel a bit scared and wavered at times But I do feel like my method of jumping has gotten better At the ice show in Kobe During the finale He landed the Quad Lutz in front of a big crowd The other skaters surrounded him and celebrated with him too I’ll put it in my layout when I need to It depends on my training, but I want to I have pecs now I have biceps now too He trained his body in order to jump He’s preparing in the face of new challenges He chose the same short and free programs as last year I’m not at a place where I’m fully satisfied yet I’ll work hard until I achieve my full potential

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