Beijing Olympics, huh? The technique that’s never been done before and the Beijing Olympics Hanyu revealed his thoughts for the first time Before that, the first challenge of the season: Autumn Classic International Following the short program, Hanyu’s free With a new purple costume, he’s performing the same Origin program from last season The first jump was the jump he couldn’t land all day, the Quad Loop He somehow held onto the jump And then, in the second half with a higher base value He lands a Quad Toe Loop in combination He didn’t do a Quad Axel, but he dominated the arena with his aura He wins with a 17-point lead over second place He showed us his strength right at the beginning of the season After the competition, He talks about the next Olympics and the Quad Axel he’s been practicing Anyhow, I’m making the rotations. After that, I just need to land it. If you land the Quad Axel, will you stop there? I don’t know. I might even do the Quad Flip Beijing…Beijing Beijing Olympics, huh? I won’t go if I feel like I might lose, to be honest I don’t want to show a pathetic side of myself If I go to Beijing, it’ll be as I aim for the Quad Axel As well as all the types of Quads too Those are the feelings I have as I train now I think if I remain strong and only consider the Olympics after that, Everyone would be happy with that It’s such a bad response! How many years have I been doing interviews for?

[ENG SUB] 190916 Hanyu Yuzuru Interview
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