Hi, I’m Si-yeon. Today I’ll show you how to roller skate cross. Shall we do it together? STEP 1 BUBLLE What’s shown on the screen is called a bubble.
In Korean figure skating, many people call it a jar. First, practice this in place. If you’re used to “bubble” in place, We can roller-skate backward to the ‘Bubble’. But if this doesn’t work, if you go back to the basics and you get faster,
I need you to connect me to the Bubble. It’s because it’s the most important thing to get the hang of it. If you’ve got the hang of it, practice skating only with the Bubble. If you use your ankle to play the bubble,
It’s not fast, it’s dangerous to fall over. That’s why it’s better to use the inside of your thighs. STPE 2 LINE If STEP 1 has been completed
you can practice STEP 2. Just like I just did, just practice once. ‘BUBBLE – LINE’ you’ll practice this once
we’ll try to find the central point first. I don’t care if I practice when I go forward. If it’s not balanced,
Please check the position of the torso. Don’t let your body lean on your front legs. Even if you’re leaning against your back legs,
Nothing doing. The ideal position is that the body is positioned between the legs. And practice balancing your feet alternately. Attention here!
Be careful not to bump your boots. Now, if you’re used to it, Line from Bubble , Line in Bubbles
Practice like this. And like I said before, You have to be careful not to fall because the gap between your feet is narrowing. STEP 3 cross STEP 3 needs a little more leg overlap in STEP 2. At this time it’s easier if you tighten the muscles in your thighs. With this in mind, you can practice until the Bubble-Siline-Cross-Bubble-Siline-Cross becomes natural. You do it step-by-step, but sometimes you don’t get the speed. Once we’re back in order, it’s a bubble-line-cross. ‘Line – Cross’ is a structure that can’t speed up. We can pick up speed on STEP 1 Bubble. Use both legs for speed. If you use only one leg, you’ll never get faster. On the contrary, it’s easy to fall because it’s out of balance. That’s why we need to apply pressure to the inside of the thighs and use both legs to speed it up. STEP 1 BUBBLE STEP 2 LINE STEP 3 CROSS + The way forward is the same. wow! we did it! Then, be safe and have fun rollerskating!

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