temple food lago technical nella tennessee the locale otaku bachina bone or a Elysee we are unlike Teleco in tennessee the nearest town the nor is the headquarters of the Mastercraft production plant and this model we're about to try is called extra something extraordinary and completely different than we are used to seeing this is a boat that was created specifically for watersports waterskiing wake surfing wakeboarding and then has really special convivial characteristics it is equipped with an ill more engine model 7,000 MPI 7.4 litres 522 horsepower at 5800 rpm for those unfamiliar with ill more we can only tell you that it has a truly enviable record having triumphed in America IndyCar races and also in Formula One the purpose of boats like this is to generate a perfect wave at the stern what's the use to ski or to serve to Krause specializes in these models and they can create magnificent waves for the skier or for the wakeboarder or for the wake surfer you can model a lady on a perilous beaver theory who think with the poor baby in what way they studied the ideal wave form to entertain all these athletes and then reproduced it with a very special hull with balancing systems that I will explain to you shortly and of course with a very powerful engine because to create a big wave both high and wide that is to move tons of water we need horses energy torque power sanika we kick them if you look around you you shouldn't think that those 122 horses we have aft are there to make us go very fast the power here hands another purpose look at the trim of the boat it seems ready to take off to begin already with its bow raised it is certain this is how it's done to be able to move so much water and create a big wave with estoppel everything has been studied for this purpose even the engine very inclined with respect to its natural position it's been modified to be able to lubricate all the parts in the best way and so also the inverter which must withstand immense stress in this regard the inverter that is the main organ of the transmission and also the instrument that allows us to engage the forward gear the neutral the reverse gear is produced in Italy by ZF marine we are talking about a very high level product of the highest quality even the propeller is different it is a particular shape it is dug with concentric grooves that serve to give more thrust because it is precisely the thrust that interests us in this case we don't need the speed protecting about conviviality what I think of a area in that economy for considering a multi revolted and for Papa but this is also a convivial boat look at how it's made how many seats and many turned towards the stone because what the Americans have discovered is that it is fun it is social it is welcoming conversing with no not the skier who would be very far away no not with the wakeboarder who would also be far away from the boat but with the wake surfer attached to the hull at a distance of a few meters and with him you can talk you can also let them listen to music in short they are boats for us to have fun in a different way recently discovered and yet becoming very successful after halfway with an opinion in food Fiona bear area fear act we had a long dr. Mastercraft then had a brilliant idea to be able to create the perfect wave they thought the boat had to be very heavy and therefore it is created a loading system for water loading in tanks that are located along the longitudinal axis also on the sides of the boat those allow you to change the ascent now all of this might seem very difficult to manage the Mastercraft have created a completely electronic system which could be managed simply with a touchscreen it modifies the position of the trim tabs which changes the filling of the water tanks in the boat and creates the ideal wave for skiing surfing or wakeboarding just put it in neutral select the mode you prefer Hey well nothing it back door and look at the effect look at the wave we created let me pick well a do you understand why he's fun I mean we're on the lake flat come and he's like being on ocean waves nah Angola fits of your linty turnoff you've actually got Safari but they don't have the same violence they're easier to surf and so we're going at low speed we're at eleven point three knots so it's not a difficult exercise to surf on these waves but Akhil anyone can do it and it could be very close to the boat you can decide to create the wave you prefer you can make it bigger on one side lower on the other to make it difficult or easier for those who are surfing you can also let them hear all the music to increase their fun with the speakers here on the roll bar for this just touch this display okay notable developer River DLC in Sparta characater oh okay it's all very nice to have fun in sports that require muscles but with 522 horses they are the muscles I would also like to fill the thrill of speed what do you say what are they what can we do here DMV r is for that a really clear about knowing that it takes a few minutes to fill and empty these tanks that haven't told you yet the total capacity of the water tanks is around two thousand liters we need not a panic if you want so it's no more that it takes a little time not much because they use huge pumps and even have eight now let's not expect great speed because the transmission is shaft like the propeller is turned downwards just for the characteristics we need to scheme sure that hearing an ill more engine singing is always nice we can bring it to its maximum speed 25 miles per hour we're at three thousand seven hundred and fifty rpm you're like all gasp and it sounds even better you think that you're even Apple it becomes more in tune I mean our King forgive me oh yeah 4800 rpm we're at 33 34 miles per hour 35 around 30 knots in sure in fact it's a wonderful winter day here in Tennessee and we enjoy it all faster the system automatically removes the trim taps we don't need them to run fast on the contrary they are only a deterrent the bow Miss Holly sharp the stern is rather smooth and at this moment what is the weight like wait they've been better gonna be I am this is perfect for ski even the speed would be ideal because we were 40 miles per hour the engine has reached its maximum speed 5,800 rpm [Applause] I dunno probably mercaptan a typical mint American AMA we've just tried a typically American boat but watch out the fashion is spreading [Applause] you

[ENG] MASTERCRAFT XSTAR – Wakeboarding Boat Review – The Boat Show

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