it's a new toy let me show you how to play over there so now we could annoy everybody funny well you know so sad Emma I wanna buy the chakra but there's no war at the store Oh John Oh Emma I'll try to buy you a tell crown but have you finish your homework yeah you have to finish your homework and I invite you to chakra okay okay you can leave this book it may help you hey guys actually I bought a chair for her already let me get some food for the chopper guys I have a lot of foot right here guys let Buddha put into the ground guys let's go let's do it guys yeah yeah okay okay okay Wow good job Emma are you ready to compete with me let's go Oh sobbing oh I got the cheese guy oh come on Oh oh come on what's next what's next Oh strawberry and so oh wow this gave me so fun guys I want to compete with a winner are you ready yeah these all three two one go okay I got strawberry mochi haha ah almost got that I've got a roughly guy come on Oh coming back I think I got I got four guys [Applause]

Emma Pretend Play CHOW CROWN Toy w Real Food
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