okay [Applause] what are you doing here I'm okay right now Hey right now okay sorry baby I can't fly with you cuz I still have to finish my heart so do you have any new toys a pilot okay baby let me go back hmm I'll take a stream and this baby can you play by yourself I need a finish what you're still playing have you finish your homework good job Emma you can play now sure let's go to the toy store welcome Japan Dada Emma your money very much oh and Melanie back for you Oh have you give you to spoon here you go just play with your dog I have to clean up now Emma how I wonder what you're the baby sleeping guys please go check the washing machine it's Noah ta da please remember to subscribe our Channel and click the back button see you next time

Emma Pretend Play Babysitting Cry Baby Dolls w/ Nursery Playset Girl Toys
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