Annya it’s so busy and its so early in the morning I didn’t know if anyone would come to our car wash but it looks like half of arendelle is here already. Hey what’s taking so long Hey good work girl, this looks absolutely amazing. What do you think Sven? Money well-spent come on Sven. Let’s get out of here. I’ve still got a couple of pieces of pizza left Oh how exciting I think it’s my turn Ha girls um, I’m really sorry that my car is little bit of a mess If you get it sparkling clean, I’ll give you $1 each Oh, I must forget my shopping because I’ll see you. Sorry Honey, how are you? Disgusting car worse than Kristoff’s Look were skating like the famous Jack-Frost skate sideways Annia, watch me Annia Oh Absolutely amazing girls who would have ever thought that my car was canary yellow. you look pretty tired Yes car washing is a lot of hard work How do you got a big day ahead of you? Look at all of those customers? Oh my goodness. Well, I better get home and start preparing a nice big hot dinner for you. Bye See you later, darling. Oh Yes here a bride. Let’s get out of here She did such a great job And Welcome One so what on earth is going on up there I thought this was supposed to be a car wash I’ve got to get back to the dentist surgery soon… goodness Matilda. What’s taking those girls so long? Absolutely not Matilda, a proper young lady like you does not play in bubbles Oh OK just this once Try to find me and comes the bubble monster hi everyone I’m going diving Come on now, we’ve gotta get out of here yet. Yes girlfriend I’m not letting the long life eval car get wet This is a storm coming I’m not really afraid of any storm because I’m hanging around until this car is clean. Yes get to work Oh how so annoying I was really hoping to get my car washed today. Oh well Back to the dentist’s surgery. Maybe we should come back for a part 2. Let us know in the comments

Elsa and Anna Car Wash! Toddlers – Elsya and Annya – Play with Me – Barbie Toys and Dolls – Family
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