So, I want to give my
audience a treat right now. [APPLAUSE] You don’t know what it is. We’re about to play
What’s in the Box? Where are my– my
regular prize models Pringles and Pickles
are not here. Oh, I forgot they’re
gambling in San Manuel today. OK. Well, I need somebody
to help me out. [APPLAUSE] No. No. Doesn’t– it doesn’t
work that way. I don’t– we don’t do this show
willy nilly like I don’t have anybody so I have to
choose an audience member. I– it’s a bit. We already have somebody. [LAUGHTER] Demi DEM come on out here! [APPLAUSE] [GAME SHOW MUSIC PLAYING] You’re too good at that. You’re too good at it. [APPLAUSE CONTINUES] All right. Here’s what have happened. Have a seat, everybody. Here’s what happened; I was
wandering around the lot and I saw Demi dressed
like this I was like, hey, could you help me out? Since you’re wearing this,
it would be a perfect time. So, here’s what
you’re going to do. You’re gonna– you’re
the prize model. So, if like, for instance,
when you’re by a box, I’ll say, do you want what’s
in box number one? And you’ll do this gesture. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] And, yeah. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Yeah [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] And, box number two, and that. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Yeah. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Yeah. And the more– yeah. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Yeah. Yeah. Right. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] That’s what happens. All right, stand back there. I’m going to buy my
first contestant. Let’s see. [APPLAUSE] Hi. Hi. Hi, how you doing? Good. OK, What was your name? My name is Kelly. Hi, Kelly. I’m Ellen. I know. OK. I know, but it’s
polite to say my name. Where do you live? What do you do? Have a seat everybody. I’m from Fort Worth, Texas. And I’m a medical
devices sales rep. Ah, I see. So, here we have
some boxes here. And, of cour– [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Wait, no. Hi, Demi! No. No. You wait until I name the box. OK. And then, you’ll
do it at that box. OK. All right. So, would you like what Candy
Corn has in box number– you go to number one. OK. OK. We start with one. Over– on the other– [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] OK. All right. Or, box number two. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Perfect. I’m so good. Or box number three. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] What. All right. She’s so good. So, I have two sisters
who I love so much– It’s a good thing you can sing. I’m going to go with number
three for my two other sisters. For your two other sisters? Yes. OK. So, let’s see what’s
in box number three. And you’ll reveal it. You’ll take it off. [APPLAUSE] Ooh, candy! I want candy. I want candy. Yeah. That’s great! Is there anything else back
there behind the candy? Yes, there is. Can we– can we see it? [LAUGHTER] No, no. You just– Just take it off. Oh, OK. [APPLAUSE] [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] A TV! Thank you so much! All right, you’re welcome. You’re welcome. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Hi. Hi. Hi. How are you? I’m great, how are you? I’m good. I love you. I love you, too. All right. So, you know what this game is. Mix and Match. Yes. You just turn them
over and you have to remember where something is. And when you match it,
you’re going to win it. And– do you want to
reveal what that is? [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] There we go. All right. Pick a number. One. All right. Let’s see what’s
behind number one. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Not really– A pizza costume. A pizza costume, yes. All right pick another one. Number 12. OK, number 12. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] A trip to Cancun. All right, turn them over. All right. Number 11. All right. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Ooh! And? Number four. OK. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Number four and number 12. Number four and number 12. Let’s see what you get. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] [DINGING] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Congratulations. Congratulations! Thank you so much. Have All right. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Hi! Hi! Hi! Oh my God. Oh, she’s back over there now. OK, so we have two boxes. And would you like what’s
in the box number one? Just on the other side again. All right. She’s such a talented
singer though. [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Or, what’s in box– [LAUGHTER] It’s so– She’s good. –elegant. She’s good. She’s good. But I don’t think– [APPLAUSE] No. You never see– you
never see prize model run to the next one. [LAUGHTER] All right what would
you like box number one? [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Or box number two? [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Again, let me remind
you, box number 1? [LAUGHTER] [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] Or box number two? [MAGIC SOUND EFFECT] I’m not going to make
run, so box number two. All right, let’s see
what’s in box number two. Oh, it’s a Coach bag. It’s beautiful! Awesome. That’s a Coach bag. Yay! All right. It’s a beautiful bag. It’s a coach bag. But I am going to put
you in a predicament. Uh-oh. You can either
keep that coach bag for yourself,
which is beautiful. Probably worth– I don’t
know, a lot of money. You know? Or, you can trade it for
what’s in box number one. And whatever is
in box number one, everyone is going home with. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] We trade it. We trade it. Trade it. I hope it’s not Kleenex. Otherwise, then you would be– I’d give you a head
start to the parking lot. [LAUGHTER] All right, let’s see what
everybody in the audience is getting. Box number one, please
reveal it, prize model. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] It’s an orange box
from Shutterfly. [APPLAUSE] Shutterfly makes personalized
products, like home decor, photo gifts, and holiday cards. You can all bring your
memories to life with your $250 Shutterfly gift card. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] [UPBEAT GAME SHOW MUSIC PLAYING]

Ellen Plays ‘What’s in the Box?’ with Guest Model Demi Lovato
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