I’m not going to check for updates now
what’s happening there Stink Pants Stink Pants ready for a new game going
to any century the blades protected the Dragonborn Emperor’s migrants commanded
fear and respect but the great war against the elves were ravaged the
Empire the Emperor was forced to sign a costly peace treaty the blades were
outlawed everyone now he’s everyone on the weekend let us
know what you’re up to I’ll be right back never heard of it anyone heard of this
game before where that food on no one’s talking to
me alright what’s this an abuser
well no choice you have to accept I can’t get download why what a game that’s no other shortest
it’s like downlight it then alright say I’m no farmer Matt Goines
here hello I remember you it’s been a while genell’s here general how are you
by the way we know that Janelle is in the hospital recently so you hope
everything turned out ok let us know if you’re even better health pretty sure I
saw my brother play this say someone actually suggested this game in the last
stream so if we’ve got any professionals again please let us know let me know if
the music is a little bit too loud is this random youichi a random tuba is
here hello how are you I think it’s first time for the stream for you
welcome to the dlg yo we’ve got a DLJ from mr. glitzy man already awesome
random says nice graphics I bet I can cook eggs on my fine bodies
I think that was for when it had all the fire before now we’ve got to do LG’s
already farmer MacGowan how are you doing I’m still far behind hello eh what
the heck is blades so yeah we don’t know see if we have anyone there saying turn
off the game sounds say game sounds is off it sounds like yep congratulations
Ethan a derp reaching the town hall 11 awesome
as a yo-yo is here hey how are you I think you’re also new to this dream now
how’s your weekend going hello is this your day not sure what that one means
random tuba we’re gonna make a distinction between random Chiba and Wai
T random YT upload a youtuber seems interesting for a game we hope so
it was suggested by a subscriber so if anyone knows how to play please guide us
through anyone remember this dreamer who were talking about the belt it’s and it
really yes I heard in Perth that he’s getting a back to the giblets
conversation again what doing so edges trying to entertain
this game is a Jojo giblets again not a pro are bright doesn’t they this game he
helped us in the previous stream it is awesome for that one actually I’ll come
back I know we we’re gonna lose him already let’s start talking about
giblets says came not again says Ethan Anna I love this game it’s a good game
say random Qi brief you know how to play please feel free to give us some
guidance and some tips cuz stink pants doesn’t know what she’s doing she’s a
complete noob not your newbie no answer
I’m downloading the game myself now it looks nice
why aren’t we sponsored by or for these games they should be paying us to
advertise like we do because in a lot of streams people do start downloading it
so there you go again again again not sure what you mean by that came now he’s
saying giblets or done device space yeah you might have to get rid of something
that ain’t me I can’t remember how much space it took up I didn’t think it was 3
B today now lols know a guy okay he’s still
arguing about giblets I missed puzzling he’s oh hang on he’s
random whose cousin are you just to clarify them oh yeah games your blood
talk you made us laugh you know talk about giblets again and I remember
getting hit me in the goblins in the crown jewels ah
last time I was saying how many times I’ve got to hit down there painful stuff
like didn’t subscribed thank you for that as a judge I’m curious where your
name might come from you don’t have to answer any personal questions if you
don’t want stinky always this likes me asking where are you from and what time
is it there but I just did it again brights back already okay Oh family
sting on the App Store for tips it says so we are gonna get some tips Peter I’m
gonna go through Play Store and I’m gonna find the game you
I find a like okay so we’re gonna get more suggestions probably Grantham’s
laughing it I’m not sure what but we do try to make it ah there you guys so
we’ve got two brothers again how awesome is that we get caiman sky captain or
Logan if you want to call him that now we’ve got a zoo Jojo and random tuber
love having the families here it’s awesome
okay apparently trolls alright stinky this one’s for you trolls
can really quickly regenerate health yep no problem is Ajay’s any we’re happy to
shout out why actually on that night for both random and AZ if you’d like me to
check out your channel just don’t forget to leave a comment on one of our videos
so I get the notification and then I can check you guys out I don’t really do it
from the stream so repeat this in every stream don’t I stinky now brights giving
you more tips he says get poison a fire enchanted at weapon and apparently he’ll
potions we controls how does he day today awesome for us today we actually
started relatively on time we saw timing between 12:00 or 1:00 o’clock but stink
pants was in bed sleeping dark elf she likes picking her characters she
does now so how’s he day today so good how’s yours random brightest brights
giving you another tip so he says okay if you hold swords through your hand it
does more damage so this sounds like Diablo yeah there’s think he likes magic
characters so just be aware she might go and do our own thing there hey Peter you
should stream sometime a ripoff of clash of clans I think I’ve seen that game
what’s it called again Ethan Aiden because it seemed recalled something
that looked a lot like clash of clans say we’re getting another
suggestion I gotta say guys we’ve had so many gaming suggestions lately it’s hard
to keep up but we’ll try our best for you in no particular order we came your
memories fishbowl memory you’re a goldfish we’ve already played Harry
Potter Hogwarts mystery we did that as lubes I think that was one of the first
games we did his name’s Baldy basics I’ve written down mr. glitz a man’s
laughing probably at me like get rid of your shields and there you go
magic exists says bright lightning plenty of clash of clans ripoffs as well
die and remember okay I might make a suggestion at some point always happy to
get the suggestions you need to hold up BRB so I’m not too sure what’s going on
there we’ll just wait and see so do you guys the two brothers random and azo are
you into the gaming as well do you have any particular games that are favorites
of yours particularly if they’re on a mobile phone because we’re too cheap to
buy things aren’t we stinky you’re too cheap to buy a game well let’s do they
one day we’re gonna have to do a quality what the oldest goals have to change
these desk doors or I’m to score next map that’s right you just keep shopping
the way they need now brights got an idea so I’m waiting to hear what that
one is and what’s everyone done on the weekend
so far or what are they up to later on in the weekend always no wait no I’m
waiting that’s already has an idea you do not have to answer this better how
old are you guys okay so I’m ancient everyone keeps guessing my age is
bugging older than what it is stinky pants are still relatively young she’s a
cute young gamer girl that I can’t convince her to put herself out there
can I not yet anyway one day maybe at the millions subscribe
but now I’m an old man play lost shelter survival now we like the last the
survival games I wonder if I’m down lighted that already because I’ve deep
down IV white of you a few okay say that’s that one and you know in dare all
the you random again you don’t have to answer that either hey P dot I fractured
my radius and playing clash of clans is hard to react with spells I’m really
sorry to hear that tonight I hope it’s okay now and your
healing nicely you’ve got the car actually where’s the radius that’s in
the reached radius isn’t that in the wrists um I got that wrong hey I’m not
the medical expert here Ethan a to break ease radius radius close not quite rest
in that forearm I was getting there at least I didn’t say the foot ride side
yeah I hope everything’s all right Ethan ADA
hang on if it’s released in your country maybe try it out the game is called bed
wave daylight I have already downloaded that I think that was suggested in the
last game in the last stream so I’ve got that one I believe random says I love my
teacher she’s funny and I saw her at Subway did you check out what subway she
bought purchased that might give you an idea of what kind of person she is I
don’t know if it’s me I always go for the cheap one meatball or whatever it is
sub whatever the cheapest one is I hope not honestly I love the streams one once
this one popped up I came running mr. glitz UN he’s a dlg isn’t he he’s an OG
dlg been around for a long time most of these guys in the stream houses and
we’re always happy to welcome the new guys like the two brothers P say random
YT videos is PCMR another game yeah Oh PC master-race for gaming so it
is we really have games coming out of our ear holes I like this dreams more than the musical
challenges kindest insult others you haven’t heard the new musical challenge
yet came we are just mainly doing streams at the moment I explained that
in the last one because we really want to get the watch time up that’s what
we’re is taking the longest we’re getting there but it’s just slow so the
more streams we do the I guess the more watch time we end up getting all right
so Oh back to that then Trey try out 50 loops so you might have to slow to come
on the gaming suggestions but again is bright lightning is 50 loops another
game or you’re talking about Elder Scrolls oh we’ve got a joke
knock knock stinky yeah say who’s there boo what do they do say boohoo boohoo I
guess so kilala I don’t know if that was a punchline meant why you said is the
punchline that’s a good one Peter I didn’t are you interested in PC
gaming we haven’t actually tried it to be
honest random my I used to play PC games when I
was around well I’m not too sure how old you are but Kane yeah around his age I
used to do a lot of PC gaming this is before the days of mobile phones and
Playstations and all of these sorts of things but must admit I haven’t done it
for a long long time okay say we might try again not would you be any good with
the mouse and the keyboard it’s been a long time since I’ve done that another
game so these 50 loops all right say but because dead by
daylight was already suggested fifty loops is mine wait I thought of a better
one I would play PC games but my hard drive died on me
yeah that’s it’s not fun when hard drives die I’ve lost a few and I didn’t
have backup some of the files I thought I lost all of those files very very
annoying you know my sister actually stole my game really well she wants to
play in the school PC with her friends I told her don’t do that because it’s
someone who’s steal from her so she kind of stole from me and bring to the school what did she do to make amends well I
lost so mad that I didn’t even get angry like swear or anything to her and she’s
like whoa because if you didn’t do that to me I’d
be freaking out if you do you’re an angry little dwarf eh
now I have written off sorry written those games down including the ripoff of
clash of clans the only backup is when I got a new one terabyte hard drive so I
copied all my data to that ar.drone yes guys backup your data
I’ve started doing that a little bit here we don’t actually have any experts
in these games so you’re kind of on your own
although bright like me was doing some research for you to try and assist you
on your way some loot and rebuild my own town the thing is where do I go this looks
like time that was very little effort for that knock-knock joke that’s the
original one no I made that fed the why did the chicken cross the road again
yeah it’s a Satan same original joke to get to the other side got that one random yeah random is very very good
with computers from what I’ve seen I’ve seen every single one of his videos that
he uploaded but you haven’t what are you doing you haven’t even looked in there
yeah crazy lady all that time man crazy stink pants where’s he thing there we go that’s
better I’d say it’s my right to get started from my dad Oh sage that’s quite
tech-savvy well probably should’ve learnt from my father as well he’s quite
tech savvy Ark survival evolved is apparently on mobile yes it is bright we
actually did a stream of survival the ended up being two videos out of it
because the first stream died on us after about 20 minutes but we’ve
certainly got our survival as a stream already know to get to these idiots
house that’s just to get to the other side so it looks like the chicken was
visiting us thinking the gate of the idiots house then learned more off
personal experiences I’m hoping one day random will be at the level where he can
help protect us because you know when we do get a bit of exposure from our video
so we attract all kinds of people 90% of them are really nice but then you
the 10% that just want to mess with you and I’d like them to stop
you know if they won the bigger you get the more you’re gonna be subjected to
that sort of stuff some of the channels that I watch on a regular basis
they’ve been uploading videos recently like big channels saying you know
they’ve been receiving pizzas and death threats and all of this kind of garbage
which you know spread positivity people not negativity the only negativity
you’re spread is towards stink pants other than that should all be good do
you know anything about hacking I even asked my question for me came because I
wanted to know that as well I wanted to know if randoms capable of doing that
because he is very knowledgeable I feel like he’s our guardian angel online what
are you think extinct you want to have a guardian angel yes indeed I can hack but
the legal trouble isn’t worth it that is a very good answer and that is also very
good deny random because you’ve obviously been there long enough to see
some of the stuff that we’ve gone through and I know that we were hacked
not that long ago it was a while ago to change everything which was bit
frightening at first but thankfully we didn’t have any important information
that got hacked but even an old YouTube channel every house was hacked so there
you go read the last joke why did the chicken
cross the road was that to get to the idiots house or Stinky’s house walk like
the new Archer Queen skin looks beautiful next month or salad Halloween
time what if they are planning to give a king of scary costume well stink pants
will probably stop playing clash of clans at that point maybe let the king
be a pumpkin knock knock who’s there hatch hatch who bless you I reckon
that’ll be the punchline bright lightning I know some hacks but that’s a
reason oh we’ve got a couple of year well we hope we’ve got you guys onside
as friends we really made our protection because Stinky’s not bad with
IT stuff but I’m a plus I’d sort of rely on everyone else to protect us if
possible say please be our guardian angels literally not really bless you my
goodness I have some subs well these guys tend to when you get to know people
in the streams as a they tend to these guys are great and they tend to support
you anyway so we always say check out each other’s channels if you want me to
check it out just leave a comment on one of the videos and check it out as well
say yeah yeah you’re doing their stinky you got a silver chest nice one I have
no idea what it means but it looks like you are now remember in every game some
things are more valuable than others I’m guessing the one that has five on it
as well that’s gems classic clans gems are the most important yeah I need them
to open it but I can’t get out of this anyway it’s probably a guy yeah I’d say
that one would be guy their teachers call upon me in the middle of class
occasionally when computers are not working oh hey guys so we’ve got another
genius in the house we like bright lightning and join the last couple of
streams they’re giving us good suggestions giving us guide through
these awesome stuff put up on my CAC video forgot I’d put that in your
comment came that in my comment they had the game sounds all know I think random
beat me to it or is the other way around he got there first thank you well I’m
not sure if you mean us as a shadow for that I love your channel I’m just gonna
take it as being us that’s no reaction from stinky if you
want to get started with hacking I’d recommend the channel null byte I’m
quite what you came to that well like i don’t think i’ll ever i know there
there’s a thing called script kiddies that’s pretty much all i’d be not
computer programming proficient but if they have is script them possibly but
not not that I really want to hack into anyone’s think there would be nice to
know that you know who those people that have been harassing your survey I’d like
to know that other than that I don’t really care
scroll scroll of revival revive one not sure what that is my wife all told me to
stop acting like a flamenco so I put my foot down flamingo because you know have
that way stand on one foot well I gotta tell you randoms got great
jokes keep them coming play raft it’s fun make sure if we’ve
got that all check that one out as well now it’s fun next video I promise I’ll
play Noel’s class which is modern CAC ok fair enough
how old are you you’d think you’re asking someone else not us and kill
Bobby the shark is kill Bobby the shark another game
say okay I’ll get to you in a minute say hi devil hidden gaming please don’t try
and promote your channel on our stream we’ll do it for you but you know it’s
kind of considered a bit disrespectful to do that but welcome to the stream now
we’re happy to check everyone’s channels out if you want me to check it out just
leave a comment on one of our videos otherwise I’d recommend you just get to
know everyone in the stream and they will check you out if you are 10 out
being a wonderful person like they all are I still want to know what kill the
Bobby the shark is here’s a video on getting
Wi-Fi passwords MDK for D authors USB rubber duckies Wi-Fi password over GE
how does this going how does it get away with it it seems a little bit illegal
highly illegal and thank skating you’ve done your first administrator job
they’re so awesome to see that much appreciated okay say bad devil bad
Ruta admin yeah they’re starting to talk about stuff that’s way beyond me what do
you call a dog with no legs drag no no still no oh I’ve got one about endears
but not that one my legs don’t know that could be useful in school history was
random that is true if you go to ten point zero zero one you can get the
readers that mean track and connect to smartphones wow these guys are really up
there with their technology it does what are you call the dog with no legs
it doesn’t matter he’s not coming that one’s great control network traffic Kane I didn’t
even get to see that one so just make sure like let every message through
unless it’s unless it’s you know if he’s trying to advertise the night if it’s
rude disrespectful and I if it’s any swearing the night but if it’s any
normal sort of conversation just let them through i I’ve been missing
whatever he’s been saying cuz you’re deleting the message is really quick
okay we might need to hide devil okay see that’s why you’re putting me in a
timeout say from the channel hunt down social media accounts yep that’s a lot
of language right there devil is on the timeout I don’t know what you said but
I’m trusting you two guys to do the right thing there what do you call a
fish with no eyes I love the not area everyone loves you or non reactions keep
him coming random because stink pants doesn’t get western topics he really
struggles with Western jokes which I find hilarious for 300 seconds message
rejected why did the eminem go to school that wanted why did the eminem go to
school because i wanted to be a smarty i like that he’s checking did you get that
you must have got that one oh you know what no name enemies any name yeah not
not the rapper I know the rapper you know the the confectionery the lolly
though oh yeah the one that you like to eat yes yeah okay do you know what
Smarties are not really they like M&Ms okay but just
called smiley so you don’t know how to Smarties back home I might but I’m not
the big fan of confectionery so I don’t eat enough no fair enough
and oh thank you random yes I just keep trying that betrays a name channel poor
form sunshine yeah header when people put that in
streams yeah it is it’s it’s I sort of don’t really like it when people put it
in the comments as well where they mention their their channels it’s really
frowned upon by the YouTube community but small channels do it to other small
channels a lot if you see someone do it on a big channel invariably they’re
gonna get lots of replies saying don’t mention your channel on someone else’s
but all these these new youtubers they just don’t seem to get it and I’m pretty
relentless at telling them usually it ends up in spam so I got to say look I
had to unlock your comment because there was spam
don’t mention each other boy if you got a that’s a gobbler music yes say they’re
all saying it as well but hopefully they’ll learn over time and when they’re
small youtubers they might not be aware of how disrespectful it is but we I must
admit I did it really really early in the game just to say you know if you
want more support than come visit us but I stopped doing that at least a year ago
where say cool koala fish with no eyes a jellyfish well
that’s true too so there is starfish or a jellyfish the Canadian Smarties are
like M&Ms say our Smarties are like M&Ms two different chocolate flavor but nice
you know how can i be a mod how he’s beating two streams and he seems like a
nice guy what do you think the question is bright lightning are you a dlg quak
quak overview is here hello it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you
how’s your weekend going and the other thing is please leave a comment on one
of our videos so I can remember to go to your channel what goes of you because we
just don’t do it from live chat why was the baby ant confused why was the baby
ant confused because their uncle’s aunt you know at 90 is right yeah okay oh my
goodness every time I gotta explain the jokes that’s funny I say who’s a baby
ain’t can you use P tot house clam or leg in my clan we won five of them
around our sixth one we’re not doing that well because the guys disdain
attack there’s been quite a few that just have not attacked which is annoying
we’ve been doing well like they’re close close Wars but we’ve already lost two in
a row basically because either our low guys attacks late or they just don’t
attack to be honest if you said to the first youtube video and click me at the
zoo there are many many sub to sub type comments yep I actually saw them wish
everyone a happy says quack there here we go great to see you’re all getting
along pre-show narae’s here from the clan here we go and he’s been attacking
I can tell you that now finally we’ve got someone that’s
reliable but attacks late bright lighting cd8 hi mr. glitz man awesome
cape token awaits although we can figure such things out do G for life we call
everyone we all call Lloyd LD fraternity listen to all of the doj comments love
it say we haven’t got one from bright they say these where I say B these all
the guys they’ve all been around for a long time we do have to to make sure
that you’re a you know willing to support and be a Trudell dlz are which
they all pretty much are but we’re also introducing them slowly stinking so
that’s that 100 I think I’m done I’m oh we’re going we’re not gonna get any more
jokes from random for a little bit he’s probably gonna go and research them
online now what do you call a jellyfish with five eyes with five eyes jellyfish it’s a bit of a stretch for me
devil hidden gaming is added again it looks like but that’s fine you can still
still keep trying but just keep not approving comments that shouldn’t be
your proof awesome without our administrators awesome job guys
I’m pretty new to the channel as it is which is true so it’s not that we how do
I put this like over time we we’ve gotten to know some people really well
bright say cane we know really well because he’s been there since the
beginning he joins every stream of Chatard team privately randoms the same
so when we get to that level with people that’s when we’ll probably start adding
more admins so it will happen put it that way bright but just be be patient
for a little bit if that’s okay we just want to get to know you a little bit
more and the rest of the people can I say
things like fans and community yet I’ll just say the DLJ rather than fans and
community but they are all getting to know each other as well and I can see
that they’re supporting each other’s channels because when it in particular
when it comes to Kane and random it’s a race who can come back yeah they’d race
to see you can comment first and I showed you I had the same thing on
Kane’s channel I got there and I think random had already posted he’s got a new
arch nemesis now so I’m pretty near the channel it paints it to that are here we
go with the food stink oh well problem is is I want to have pizza and help it’s
been happened but we can’t we got some food delivered
that has recipes attached and we got to cook that pretty quick and to be honest
I’m looking forward to eating that as well it looks like it’ll be quite tasty
hello you fresh not so fresh I think they have that in America hello not so
fresh but no not a sponsor healthy fresh is very tasty a French and yes thanks
for saying that as well Kane it looks like they don’t quite understand yet but
if you keep trying to advertise I don’t mind if you keep putting him in timeout
like you know because it means he sticks around so you don’t mind that bit
advertising your channel you’re just gonna have to learn your comments are
not gonna go through devil tried advertising again Thank You random as I
ate pizza what kind of pizza was it as a judge right hey
Oh an randoms back with another Jake what did the sand say to the tide long time no see sand to the time send
to the tide what did the sand say to the time you’re rationalizing the jugs too
much like we always do you’re right actually that it’s right I love here we
go they’re gonna make me you want PT you know that yeah when do you say I want go
you you mean like one week two weeks three weeks everyone last week are you
gonna want to cook up the stream that’s a question we could have pizza for lunch
and then you know hello not say fresh fatigue I shouldn’t keep saying not say
fresh and spreche okay guys sort of the last one wasn’t bad what did that I said
that one in and what kind of pizza I asked that as well even if they
accidentally even if they accidentally let one through they can delete it right
after yeah that’s right brights a bit randoms pretty good at it
and canes pretty good at it will get you there say keep interacting with this
bright and I might even ID at the end of the string because he does come across
as a really nice dude yeah would you say that getting along with everyone else
that’s what we want to say doesn’t say anything reader nasty and very
knowledgeable and has helped us out before so daresay it might end up
happening right just hold tight few points bad pizza yesterday bad pizza
yesterday I like you fresh pizza pepper our pepperoni I’d still love the
pepperoni bu you say I do I like capri chiesa but the first time I get
introduced to a pepperoni I’m like why are you ordering that it’s the worst
values it’s got one top you know and I like you what what is that the
girl in a game or someone lies not someone life ask them ask them something
nice then try and win their friendship say pepperoni love it now the next one
no Bright’s dis mentioned the controversial pizza apparently at least
according to Gordon Ramsay be the awesome Hawaiian which we don’t really
we’re okay with it isn’t it nothing special ham and pineapple some people
say you don’t put pineapple on a pizza so here’s my response to that have you
ever had banana on a pizza don’t knock it until you try it
banana on a pizza is placing in australia called byron bay where they
have this famous pizza shop and they put bananas on their pizzas it is delicious
oh yeah we’ve got a banana Jake why did the banana put sunscreen on before going
to the beach are you reading that this ones are a good Jake okay why did the
banana put sunscreen on when it went to the beach screen yep so wouldn’t peel
peel you can’t hit the game there ain’t hamburgers yesterday one a more jeez
Leslie’s been having some junk food on the weekend pizzas and hamburgers have
had a hamburger on a pizza that’s it King – I’ve seen it in America
they put hamburgers on our pizza and we actually had something like that here is
a promotion through Domino’s or pizza they’d said the handbag
we have pizzas called hamburger pizzas I’m getting hungry now already haven’t
eaten yet today where do you get these jokes from hannahb chibi Yahoo search
nut he’s just a gifted Jake teller I’m Way behind in the chat by the faith guys
but I’m going slow it’s all good I actually might be able to stay on this
till the end awesome if you can pepperoni is beautiful
100% agree now right I still think it’s not good value here for money but it is
delicious sometimes simple is the way to go like me I’m simple now why did what
did the traffic light say to the car stinky reading some more this one’s a
good joke as well I like these jokes they’re intelligent jokes what did the
traffic light say to the car close don’t look I’m changing now you’re too busy
concentrating I think your name it’s like crickets are jamming the crickets
are driving I like all toppings because more food for the same price random is a
man after my own up that’s how I think of it as well if you get the supreme or
super supreme it’s better value it’s got all of the ingredients I love your
videos not sure if he’s you’re talking about our set as I bet we’ll take it
most pizzas are nice totally agree you more got a t-star on 15 better than
nothing awesome job with the war pizza has this really good one I think it was
called the meat lovers Pizza either way it was beautiful
we still have meat lovers pizzas just to be out every whether it’s Domino’s or
pizza art or just a normal pizza shop they all that meat lovers very very
popular here personally I like Little Caesars Pizza never had it would like to
try it I’ve heard good things about it but we
just think they have it here dear guys hate when you attack like and get one
star two stars but not three stars i was watching p dots raids
he did awesome yeah be the hit and miss but I’ve got a new lineup now that does
seem to three star max bases it’s a new combination I’ve been working on and
poor stinky last night got what 99% to think on how horrid sax so that wasn’t
good and I had apples bananas and oranges well good to see you adds
something elsea I’m trying to catch up on the champ is the CR word allowed I’m
not even sure what the CR where it is I know what a full letter see where it is
which is definitely not allowed ah see how much crap I don’t know
Steve Penn says that all the time now honestly
Little Caesars has basic pepperoni pizza I mean I had a Jake buddy ah
es Webb yeah maybe not that because we do try to keep it as clean as possible I
could swap it to yeah I guess something stinky says is I’m gonna say it now
sorry you can tell me off if it’s wrong but is crap really bad I mean really old
generations I’d say it’s bad great grandmas and grandmas might not like it
but I’m guessing it’s okay and let’s face it stinky uses it a lot so you guys
will have to monitor us is that one allowed I’ve set it cast your votes now
mainly hot you just keep making me salivate with his pizza stuff they’re
getting forces to get pizza at lunchtime here’s what I’m thinking he’s still got
to cook for demons I did do the dishes say that we’ve got all of that good go
change the bad bread debate that’s good as well I have like two mandarins every
morning because I don’t want anything else
for some reason unless it’s greetings well that’s healthy okay let’s stay
there and I ate a Caesar salad yesterday as I was tapping a bit old food I want
to eat hamburger pizza Caesar salads you’re making stinky
hungry what did the back what did one butt
cheek say to the other butt cheek how this is get in Keynes’s I had me some
vegetarian vegetable soup and I was drinking a harvest tomato soup with
basil it was good well that sounds healthy and I wouldn’t mind eating that
as well together we could stop this that’s like that now everyone’s saying
it’s a you guys have got to be the judges like you know these children in
the street you and see how you doing it’s great to see you and again as your
weekend been so far did you watch the ah no sorry I’m gonna get a little bit
Australian here now that UN’s here did you watch the rugby last night or did
you watch the proper game that you should have watched which was Richmond
destroying Brisbane we destroyed them last night put it is in the preliminary
finals I almost lost my voice last night we weren’t sure if we’re gonna do this
straight yelling game and stink pants was yelling at the television we were
getting all excited over that now the grand final what do you think stinky
pants yes you want to you’re gonna watch that and make sure I’m awake for it as
well I’m sorry I’m like what do you call
cheese that’s not yours nacho cheese I’ve had that joke before a loved it
you and my brother it’s been pretty good let me let me as easy as it is lamby’s
don’t quite get that one bright why you’re so you’re a stray lien is we’re
all bright lighting I didn’t know that saw Collingwood kill the cats well this
is good because the cats destroyed us earlier in this season though 10 goals
or something a header is a crazy one so you do barrack for the Richmond Tigers
right brighter oh we’re gonna have to ban you from the streams I’m only joking
about that ban him from the streams ban Ewan as well because it sounds
he’s not a Richmond supporter didn’t didn’t follow the tags last night all
right that’s enough cuz that’s that’s no the every guy
stinky I’m gonna have to tell you something I’m learning something about
the people in the streams you’re not gonna like this one all right so just
bear with me how’s your weekend mean so far I’m pretty sure as i’s asking
someone else that you and do you want to join my clan join for heaven’s sake clan
i inactive well good point nacho cheese and MLG I did play in my NRL grand final
yesterday they walk congratulations yordan making the grand final how did
you go but he says he doesn’t play AFL what do we do about that you and doesn’t
play AFL he’s an NRL guy AFL is the game of the God’s people it is the best
football it is the only football in the world there’s no other football they
call soccer football but it’s soccer they call gridiron football but it’s
gridiron they call rugby football but it’s back me and then even worse than
that stinky guess what bright lightning is a Collingwood fan Collingwood have
all teams with the Eddie McGuire and the whatnot you know even stinky that’s not
from Australian Issac Collingwood fans have a reputation bright I’m gonna try
and convince both you support the tigey’s particularly if we make the
grant vital as an I’m joking about all of this by the way just having fun
and I had yesterday cereal for breakfast yes hey Josh I had so much food
yesterday and making me jealous I want everything I want cereal and mandarins
on a hamburger Pizza sounds delicious and now I’ve got the random has
displaced at a whole heap of emojis with food on it can I be your moderator say
random you can be but it takes time say all of these guys we add them slowly I
just add added three in the last stream and they’re all here at the moment so
we’re basically creating a little bit of a rule like we do want to get to know
you first say that we can trust you because I definitely trust random and
Ewan and Kane they’ve been with us for a long time they’re all dlz is that’s
another thing you kind of have to be a DLJ at this point and no one’s really
asked but it he said the guys that hire me I don’t know I don’t think random
Chiba knows what a DoD’s I’m pretty sure bright lightning doesn’t know what a day
LG’s yummy food Kaine I’m just gonna stay in my clan because I’m not that
active either fair enough stop you make them happy yeah here
Kate’s making me hungry too rugby’s kind of both well this is true I
mean I don’t mind rugby don’t get me your own started watching rugby when I
was still before we even had a team in our state then I moved up to one of the
rugby states for a number of years so I got into it there but it’s certainly no
AFL AFL is the game of the gods there’s no better game in the world that AFL you
stay you know he’s just done more emojis with even nicer looking food you had
another random best youtuber on ever seen so again I’m not sure if you mean I
says a bit we’ll take it we’ve seen to this we’re getting awesome compliments
from as though at the moment love it love you del G squad has arrived are we
did get a dlc from bright lightning so I might have to add him but the end of
this street even though even though he hasn’t been around that long I tell you
what pretty good okay say okay well I’m still gonna support you say as I said
random just keep sticking around and overtime when we get to know you and you
get to know others we’ll add more and more that means the bigger we grow the
more we’re gonna need isn’t it cuz I only had one for a long long time old
Lukey Luke but he hasn’t appeared for a while I might have to send him a private
message to make sure he’s okay and on top of that yeah it’s not a good time
for him I think it’s already very late that
one o’clock so he’s sort of saying do it earlier say yeah we have we have sure
have boys from shore not sure what that means
do j.crew this another one from mystical it seemed ed d oj oj they’ve nearly old
DL ga.js at the moment af al says Brady once that administrator
they’re gonna have to give it to you even though you Benny you know it’s got
add mr. glitzy man as well he’s leaning around phages they were playing around
for ages all right dude just to prove that you know we will do it let me add
another one so there we go there’s one more bit you got to understand that he’s
been around for a long time say this is aa night hang on what’s stinky doing all
right guys are gonna choice here I’ve either got to play at the my or town a
whole complete whatever that veins stinky come on I can’t they both oh okay
I have no idea what I’m doing guys and I’m gonna fall I’m gonna fall way behind
in the chat oh this one’s different from the other thing what does that mean
oh no it’s got small writing I’ve got to get out the magnifying glass as well
decoration name you’ve made decorations visit the workshop to craft or purchase
decorations guys I might not be able to catch up on the chat at this point cuz
stinky usually takes a little while in the toilet so I’m just going to walk
around and get her all confused I think I can’t do that again because it’s
decoration mine I can’t do that and I haven’t me know been talking to you guys
I haven’t really been paying attention of what I’m supposed to do bill alchemy
laboratory looks like I don’t have enough stuff for anything so keep
chatting amongst each other I might just catch up get the latest chat rather than
scroll back I can’t do anything there looks like I can’t do anything there
either nope can’t do anything let’s see if we can find someone to battle how
about that one what’s this these are all things I can’t do
alright let’s see if we can find someone we have a chat to someone this is quite
good graphics I gotta say guys so like this oh he’s that can I fight you hey
where’d you go come back here we’re walking away
I challenge you to a duel you keep walking away from me no all right you’re
just gonna ignore me then there are what’s that but I can do something here
at all what’s these River crest anti tan line choose the name between 3 and 16
characters so I’m not sure I’m sure how many characters he sees and find out in
a second almost there it’s gonna let me do that what did all right so now we’ve got a
town put on stink pants you’ve got a scroll of revival whatever that is stinky you got more XP I guess that’s
good i leveled up again oh I think I’ve got to talk to that guy
quest always look for an exclamation point icons around town okay you put
another one thank you for helping us rebuild our
town all it sounds like the pressure clans hopefully this will convince more
people to come back now what to do next stinkies back alright so sorry i’m way
behind in the chat looks like I started an argument about AFL and NRL his bright
lightnings AFL fan as you should be you’re an born I don’t know why just
adding him why allowed him to be an administrator when he’s an NRL fan oh
you’re off he chops booty today oh yeah wait tell me can we tell them what a doj
means yes he can we’re an hour into the strain so you can actually tell them at
this point kind NRL is the greatest right that’s it you ins banned removing
administrator jetties I actually played basketball yeah I used to play
basketball to you even though I’m very sure look I’ve missed a bit Oh missed a lot
that’s why my friends play that bear up back I’ve got to do the dishes good to
see you doing you your chores came ran who’s just posting more stuff about food
and all the good stuff okay mad playing boom beach while I
watched the stream we never did the boom beach did we even though a lot of people
in the clan play it boom beach and hay day barely gets updates to be honest
it’s it was popular for a while there do you like water yes I like water
everyone should like water unless you’re allergic to it in the rare case mr.
glitzy man year mr. glitzy man is a mod yeah he’s been around for a long time
mr. glitzy man was on one of our first videos and has been following us ever
since I’m interested in the game what do you call a gum train what do you call a
gum train a choo-choo train these from Australia lols well do you know the way
are dead by daylight my ball has some pretty good graphics yeah I did download
that already I’m pretty sure I’ll have to double-check but it was already on
the list still less than PC and other platforms they both Turner’s here la
baie turner I’m sorry I’m very late to say la how are you now if you want to
check out your channel just leave a comment on one of our videos because we
don’t really do it from the stream chat good graphing and hopefully you’ll be a
DLJ up good graphics I’ll make this my phone able to cook eggs
more food it’s just keeps coming welcome when I planted bamboo
why didn’t pandas come well that’s a good question and yeah we are there’s a
few Australians here but there’s people from all over the world basically scroll
of revival said that it can revive if you die so just where that was a tip for
you stinky that this goal of a revival will help you if you’d I love basketball
already in our pile of your videos I had subway yesterday I think today not today
buy another one what do you call a fish with no hang on that’s the same joke am
I missing something no I think they told that joke before
they’re telling it again because it has one eyes a fish no I’m in oh we’ve got
another Australian say bye oh I’ve got to ask you and I’m just gonna get the
the people fighting which had each other in this dream creating arch-nemesis did
you watch Richmond’s last night and it better be yes Richmond needs all of the
supporters they can get we’re we’re gonna break this trap and be a dominant
force now that’s what we have to do everyone should be following the
Richmond Tigers including bright lightnings he’s Collingwood supporter
all these peopIe start banning all the people that aren’t doing the right thing
there’d be no and left say what do you call a fish with no eyes fish by uni
here why did the turkey cross the road twice to preview wasn’t a chicken get it
chicken chicken means been this scared say the techie cross twice the preview
wasn’t a chicken okay these are great jokes you just don’t get him every
Ghazis twice because they have massive supply because the other ones passed
away random yeah I’m you yes a welcome to the stream Bo
how’s your day baby getting into the finals fever at the moment on not much
of a sports fan as they could you stop spamming something like that every time
try it sir I don’t mind doing that take it as a compliment I love you guys
streams we’re all Jake is this is very true you are like the only guy who can
pronounce my name properly he talking about me Bo that’s how you pronounce by
though bo Turner I actually went to school with a buddy saying maybe that
helps here might actually o tonight because when I went to the the private
school later on I had trouble pronouncing some names because I’d never
heard of them before I can’t pronounce it because they said
that popped up a few times by my tiles it was called they guy I night Baymont
Allstate he’s proving he’s in Australian yeah you so it’s pretty easy to
pronounce something back welcome back k nope you did a good job
cleaning the dishes and may need to apologize as a we’re glad that you and
random the two brothers are interacting so nicely with the rest of the stream I
think it’s awesome and well we have been going for a while already at the halfway
ish mark what you can’t we’re on the 100 mark
depends how we stream depending on how long people want to hear us and then I
guess how it didn’t stink pantsies to the game there’s one that she really
wants to play that’s a very rare game now because you can’t get it anymore
she’s a why don’t we play that don’t know how popular it’ll be but because
it’s very off because it’s very old and they’ve basically removed it from the
App Store so you can’t download it anymore but we’ve still got it say one
day we all have wow you be play on my phone anyway but look at the list of
games to play it’s getting very long now already isn’t it
I might have to up the streams found secret say nice and I’ll sub D here most
people pronounce it oh yeah B
I hate that a lot but not spy see he says that it’s Bo tech let’s say
pronounced by uh-huh spelled by oh right but he says a lot of people say B yeah
which is true like they’ll say B rather than by take credit to it’s like me to
me anyway Bebo actually I should have got you to say it without telling you
first yeah I still can’t tell would you have said me I will say told me again
yeah blah blah you making him sound like he’s Afrikaans stink Brock stink but all
that’s Afrikaans for stink pants did you know that I know that because of the
subtitle translations stink bro hang on I need to get a cookie I have a crappy
everyone’s getting data except for us no I sell maa be the be the Turner done
right now we pronounce it boom alright I have to go help my dad well thank you
for staying Ewan and yeah it’s I guess it’s always good to help out the parents
we got good kids here they’re good we doing their chores and helping our
parents unlike stink pants who did the dishes this morning stinky not you all
you did was feed the cat that was about it
what are you playing say we’re playing what are we playing I’ve forgotten
already Elder Scrolls blades is the name of the game was recommended to us in a
previous stream Oh someone already answered that Mimi named peanut what are you allergic
to hmm I don’t think I’m allergic to
anything like a tree allergy am i I’ve had beestings this that I’m not allergic
to anything yeah you’re you are allergic to some
things like certain fabric softeners you don’t like writing makes you break out
in a rash maybe yeah if you put too much it’s
gonna be like that but generally I’m okay
I got sensitive skin but not really a Muji all right
and what about you guys allergic to anything in particular you always got to
worry about the ones that are allergic to peanuts here people die from that
sort of stuff and bees I guess but no it’s never never
really had an analogy to anything so I’m curious to know if anyone else does and
by also says he has no allergies I mean Bank is stupid so yeah thanks a
bit of a ripoff if they’re talking about actual banks you’re not gonna make any
money from them by back I’ve got a cookie may either I’m allergic to
sunscreen well that’s interesting that must be a I don’t know if that’s a rare
allergy or not hopefully you’re not a redhead random cuz that would be
troublesome if you’re in it and allergic I serve the Soviet Union give me a
cookie none here my brother is allergic to bees
oh hello AP g OG i don’t know if i can get this right a PG Eisley not their
alleged two cats now that’s a common one my brother’s allergic to cats your
sisters allergic to cats this year that they are developing new drugs to stop
that allergy to help you cope up with that maybe not like permanently stop but
yea desist with it it’s good welcome to the stream a PG I think this is your
first time correct sorry if I’m wrong about that but it does take me a little
while to get to know people yeah I’m not that good with my memories not great
apparently some people allergic to war yeah they are it’s a very rare thing but
imagine being allergic to water take clean that would be terrible
when adding your hydrate because you gotta have water you need water to live
hey that’s grown zygote girly female baby daily female group I’ll say how you
a PG what are you up to you’d always ask this question you don’t have to answer
it and the stink pants doesn’t like me asking it but always curious to know
where you’re from what time it is there see if it’s a good time for streaming
that’s weird weird should may be dead yeah it is weird you can do a youtube
search on it you’ll find a documentary I think on people that are allergic to
water I don’t know how they survived it would
be it would be a very very rare condition and I don’t know does that
mean you just drink soft drinks all the time but that’s still gonna have water
in it or alcohol which is gonna dehydrate you everything’s got water in
it basically I know how they survive oh maybe they just
allottee through the GI tract but you can like put like IV fluids
I don’t know but IV fluids will have water in it too but it’s not good true
you are normal stomach ah that’s actually I imagine being on a
drip your entire life that are be horrible and then what you just leave it
in you can’t leave it in there permanently you gotta take it out every
and again you’d end up having a lot of holes in you over time on site anyway we
don’t know the answer to any of that it’s mostly only on the skin not on
their inside so they can drink but not have showers Wow that’d be tough if you
what kind of liquid every liquids gonna have some degree of water in it isn’t it
unless he bathed in the honey maybe he could bathe in honey that would probably
keep you clean be expensive too though and buy for honey not that it would
really go off but it’ll get dirty over time he just we’re just making up
scientific facts at the moment this is what we do on this channel there’s new
there’s a new IT IT – you guys should watch it hi team the IT Crowd or
something I think that’s a TV show I haven’t checked that out but I have
heard about it and say I know I never saw one they uh honey will make use
sticky like glue well true but very tasty
benno beer I’d rather his stink pants was allergic to water
skin wise I’d rather a bathing honey than not bathed at all isn’t it
she doesn’t bathe anyway you’re talking like once a year once a year she might
have a bathe never saw one there anyway it’s read that I need and not swimming
the pool during summer that would be pretty awful too wouldn’t it hot
summer’s day we don’t get to cool down in the water honey makes me vomit well
you might be allergic to honey bright I must admit I’m not a big fan of honey on
its own but when you put it with other stuff it’s very nice like not a huge fan
of it on toast do you have it on toast stinky but it’s nice in cereal for you
before Oh the way you make it away
yes that’s right the way you do I mean taste is absolutely delicious
you’re basically kind of cook it day it’s not not just spread on top yeah
you’re my honey answer honey your arch nemesis is what do you guys hate how
syrup tastes so I like syrup golden circle shirt maple syrup on pancakes
delicious it’s not very sweet the Canadians know what they’re doing it
on a teaspoon you don’t think maple syrup is sweet not compared to honey I
don’t think yeah maybe not compared to honey but I find it sweet the Canadians
know what they’re doing there’s that Canadian breakfast stuff is awesome I
never would have thought you’d do pancakes and bacon and eggs and maple
syrup all in the same mix but it works you can’t knock it syrups okay I guess
my pancakes with Nutella absolutely delicious again
pancakes with Vegemite don’t knock it till you try it
have you tried it I don’t have you tried it I would drive it to mine already yeah
big trip so it’s not the friend on pancake and how did you spread it was it
nice and thin nor did you do it Victoire that for me so you can’t complain and
you still didn’t like it what is it with Australians and Vegemite it’s funny our
blue tea games here hello how are you but just went to their channel yesterday
I think now don’t forget to leave a comment on one of the videos to seek and
remind me to visit your channel again because we don’t do it from the streams
go check out where TVs got a good channel there as well another gaming
channel heck yes bright you don’t like the taste of honey you should playoffs
so there’s another one that says roadblocks I actually checked that out
you have to pay for it on a mobile phone I mean
a recheck and I’ll put it on the list again
but we’ve been suggested robots before it’s really popular in a roblox
minecraft fortnight these are all of the big big games and got your life which I
guess is more for girls to play out and I where the guys would play it it looks
like a more of a girls game I have pancakes but I love waffles what’s the
difference aren’t they basically the same thing
they just look different ha between waffles and pancakes because we don’t
waffle is a big thing in America they have like waffle makers and things yeah
we when you get a waffle though its prepackaged and it’s not fresh just
another thing for the kitchen that we’ve got to get its knocked in knocked
instantly hey if I get time I won’t make a parody animation than one of your
videos I don’t know who you’re talking to you with that but happy for you to do
safe it’s us bro love it we’ve already had video he’s made about us or for us
before I’m looking at you cane and I’m looking at here random they’re both done
it random did a shout-out video for us and
came actually did a chili sauce eating video specifically for us and then he
was recording when I was sending messages on another one so we got our
own free plug unintended so you got that one as well
so I had a whole jar of Nutella tastes a dick and good mate but wasn’t
one of those bulk buying saving jars because there’d be a lot of Nutella
roblox is okay no you don’t Vegemite is that all of disgusting that’s hilarious
so we’ve got an australian that doesn’t like Vegemite ray bucks cost money but
roblox is generally free awsome tane that
oh it’s free on everything okay I’ll check that one out as well that these
bigger games I don’t know how well we’ll do with those cuz you know they’ve been
around for a long time but we’ll give it a shot
we might have to do a random pick a game out from a hat on the next one because
there’s been that many suggestions so far I’ve got a lot to get through so I
mean yeah say that that’s fine bright we’d really appreciate it if you do that
always happy to to support others where we can or collapse if we can not that
we’ve done that yet we sort of have pancakes are soft and waffles are
crunchy ah well then I don’t mind a bit of crunch imagine a crunchy pancake
that’ll be all right the my left again does that pancake place him where was it
you know in the street where they had bang cakes too they had waffles as well
can you remember they probably do I would be thinking may possibly have
waffles Nana Mae they placed me in I can’t even remember where these you know
the place where we got pancakes we spent the standing week when we go
yeah I want to get pancakes from that place I can’t remember the name of it or
anything yeah and I had like a door window where they’d sell onto the street
and you get a little kind like that yeah bye scream you can’t remember crepe
crepe that’s not pancake they sell waffles in
well that was a waste of a conversation there what yes because it’s great wait I
got another idea offensive end what are you I made a theme song for the
channel uh anything where we’re happy to get an animation
after you get the theme song whatever you choose we actually plan on doing
that as well bright but doesn’t not saying you know stopping you from doing
it but we actually have a plan for that as well but yeah happy to hear your
version – not gonna complain I can you guys through a face reveal so in the
last stream I said if we ever surpassed PewDiePie we’ll do a face revealed we
might do it at a special milestone that it actually pretty big you got to bear
in mind we personally don’t want to be we didn’t get into YouTube to be
personally famous like that wasn’t really the objective the objective
originally was just to try and help people with you know the stuff that
we’ve learnt with clash of clans and with these new new streaming games if
people don’t know the game to learn out the YouTube help videos the the musical
challenges are a bit more fun and entertainment just for us what the heck
is Vegemite so cane doesn’t know that one it is one of the most delicious
condiments and spreads you’ll ever eat cane go get some roblox released in 2006
Oh Cristina Buchanan CLA sorry I might be a little bit late with the comment
and again I think you already know just to remind me to visit your channel just
drop a comment on a video and then I can do it from there because we don’t do it
from the live chat so how are you Christina it’s been awhile since we’ve
seen her in Australia but we’ve seen her before
stinkies got no reaction at the moment right the nice actually I had waffles on
the teller and ice cream that makes me yes see we’re gonna get up getting we’re
not gonna do any cooking at home today this happens on every strike in every
stream they talk about food and then we end up going getting some of it isn’t it
you want waffles and this and that pancake and crepe morning waffles well
that’s true but I don’t know maybe that’s because it’s not popular here so
we don’t have the good ones so it can be that true well you got a pancake Paolo
that’s pretty popular in dude yeah but they don’t they might we haven’t been
there for a long time anyway enough about that that’s making me hungry still
Windows XP startup sounds more nostalgic for me was nice something yeah do you
guys have Denny’s yes we do I want cheesecake he’s making me hungry again
do you guys have has stream schedules so yes babe we tried to stream roughly this
time every Sunday it does depend on whatever workload we might have now
you’re in Australia say we’re talking Sunday Eastern Standard Time usually
between 12:00 and 1:00 o’clock for the Americans it’s actually a Saturday and
probably late in the evening for those guys but for the Aussies year to be
around that time okay so do you have guys so we’ll try and try
and do that every Sunday we’ve been pretty consistent lately I think in the
future if I take a break I will put at least a notice in the the community tab
to say that we’re taking a little break because previously I didn’t do that and
I actually it’s quite enough that a few people ask a you a cage-like what’s
going on we have an ad to me for a while everyone I took that month off I was
getting a bit despondent we teach you no idea I’ve got is some craving cheesecake
here we go again can do right they stream every Sunday C’s answer that is
their country yeah you can get Vegemite in America okay you might have to look
for it but it’ll be there somewhere and Christine says good that’s awesome me
here looking forward to your next upload lolled says a zone what is your favorite
game clash of clans for us and it’s down make sense you guys gonna make we do you
have a discord server say if you look at the description
on any of the videos I think that’s got the discord link there now I have to
warn you I’m not very good at discord say you have to kind of work out how to
join but people that manage to do it say the the link is there in the description
somewhere and is m’s here hey seven he’s another day LJ if I can call him that
even though his channels bigger and better than ours and he’s got more subs
and more views and everything I still want to call him a DL J no client from
stink again brother he’s good say it wasn’t highlighted but I found it I have
a discord server joining now awesome yeah say sorry I’m not super active on
this court I have left a few messages there but excuse me but at the moment
everyone that’s in the discord server tends to be fairly quiet so I don’t know
if there it’s a bit like our clan they’re pretty quiet in our clan as well
so I don’t need whether it’s my fault if I can say fault but yeah and let’s be
doing my well I’m just not that active on YouTube takes up so much time that I
really don’t have time to do anything else because you don’t do anything but
play game stinky that’s your role and it’s me doing that all the other stuff
dealing with comments advertising this that doing all of the social media it’s
a lot of work for one person so just be aware of that after HTTP you put instead
of okay so I think he’s helping with the
discord and stuff I assume you put his spelling ah DUI all right I’m gonna have
to draw can you remind me of that sting spelling mistake on this court in blood
mmm thanks for pointing that out can you be a little bit more specific
they’re random just say fines after HTTP he put dot instead of oh right okay okay
I didn’t know that I did that and CI random oh so randoms awful thank
you for staying as long as you did random TV using the stream for a long
time yeah hopefully we’ll see you again see you random youtuber how you guys
will wear great Christina how are you in the family house little soya going what
the heck did when did Mitzi glitzy man become a moderator just today okay and I
just added him but he’s being around I would say easily as long as you because
we did subscriber a request for mister glitzy man on one of the clash of clans
videos I think he’s changed the channel 9 may so it doesn’t look like it’s the
same if it’s mister and I glitched if it’s the same one because I can remember
the old channel name what they move on okay in the discord server years pings
to notify people with actual impact for example at everyone or you can directly
pinging something else okay well that’s good to know as well yeah I’m really not
good with with discord some learning as I go so appreciate that bright and
Christine is saying he started kindergarten getting so big
wow he’s going fast isn’t it it’s a little bit when you have the
Emily YouTube channels and they’ve got the kids involved it’s almost like a TV
show you know what I mean when you have family ties or something like that you
see the little child grow up before your very eyes and each season they get older
it’s interesting to see although I do get it I’m not and I’m definitely not
saying Christina’s channel does this I’ve got to make that clear but after
seeing many many many types of channels by now there are some that looked like
they’re just exploiting their children Christina’s doesn’t do that but I’ve
seen others where the kids don’t even look happy but don’t look like they want
to do it and the parents kind of filming the me making them do it but that’s
neither here nor there YouTube apparently has taken care of
business when it comes to that and say that’s good news now honestly I was a honestly I was a long time ago so I
don’t remember yeah he’s been around mister glitzy man has been around for a
long time I’d say as long as you came I think he was on one of the very first
videos and bright is leaving a bunch of tips I have a feeling he’s gonna have to
be added at some point as well this game looks boring well kind but this is a
thing this was actually recommended by I don’t know who but someone in the
previous stream and not that I did research but it is very popular there
when it comes to the the reviews and the the rating of the review it had
thousands which is quite good for a mobile game and whoever suggested it
must like it say they’re a bit of a hit of hit and miss because we don’t do any
real research before we play like I might check it out pretty much the only
thing I do is make sure it’s not a vertical game these days because we try
not to stream the vertical games anymore yes you’re all in the videos together
swear max loving videos well that’s good – yup that is because I’m not gonna how
can I say this fun I really want to talk about one channel that I’ve come across
recently that just from mine’s me of something that happened in
America and it’s a little bit creepy but should I say it or not probably
shouldn’t nice thing saying they’d been not okay okay that one quiet but there’s
you know we I exploit stink pants but that’s it
stink plants deserves to be exploited anyone else not so much the discord
invite isn’t working yeah so as some sorry I’m gonna have to
change all of them but random pointed out that I use the dot instead of a
colon and that’s why it’s not working so that needs to be changed but I can’t do
it during this stream is is the only problem so that’s gonna be a lot of work
as well I’m gonna have to spend the whole day trying to fix up videos I
think there’s a lot of them they need to be sorted out you think once it’s done
that’s it you don’t have to do more but basically instead of the dot you have a
colon on it if that helps it was I talking to you by say yeah just check
that one random showed before actually random if you they can you put the
correct link in the the strand like what it should be not appreciate if you do
that oh yes yes ASM always gets hungry during our streams but then again the
soda wake is people keep talking about food
I can’t believe supercell took out the gems from the silver tier what’s really
that’s so bad it’s not the discord invite correct
however there’s another way use the code d-m d-m RV q is it should give you the
option to join the server from there actually what I can do
our Esmond discordant that’s not even open either nope can’t do it at the
moment during the stream so if someone that is quite knowledgeable with this
chord can help go out be much appreciative on are they gay random just
didn’t say how look at that we’ve got the DL Jesus supporting us
they stinky we loved the DL G’s the O G’s are awesome alright so that’s good
now where are we how you doing you’re still enjoying
yourself a stinking I have to put a ban on the talk about food
hey I said is gone to get something I think to feed himself these guys have
probably been feeding themselves while we’re straining and you’re the only one
that’s been eating during this dream I’m kind of hungry at this point do you know
that all that talk about all the bad foods that I just won eight no wonder I
can’t lose weight after every stream we end up eating something not like healthy
but still do it anyway I sent you’re a friend request on call of Gd mobile say
if you’re talking about us random we’ll check that after the stream now not sure
if we’d play it again name I like koala Gd on the PlayStation because of the
controller find it much much harder on a mobile these games
stinky seems to be you’re pretty good aren’t you
like you did better than me on these type of games but if she also says
controllers better isn’t it we’re just more used to using a controller than a
mobile phone to move around would you say I don’t know how people do
it say quickly my people in that game like random when he joined the team he
was so good at it moved around really really quickly on I mean random white
tee videos because we’ve got two randoms here and again I’m advanced as well well
look at these days doing it again they’re just torturing me they like
torturing me stinky I like torturing you what goes around
comes around we we don’t actually have DL DS we’ve just got arch-nemesis
everywhere everyone’s the arch-nemesis they’ve aged a lot isn’t it
no your friends you’ve got it we’ve got no your friends in the YouTube community
just that’s never side besides black ops 3 that was awful say yeah and that’s the
thing bright I actually love call of duty and even they you say black ops 3
is awful we only have two of them right we’ve got World War two and black ops 3
and the problem is world war ii wouldn’t do the split screen for us because we
like playing together and black ops 3 allows us to do that with the split
screen so you know hopefully the next one modern warfare I think is the the
next we got o or black ops for just song as it’s got a split screen and we can
play with each other that’s what we’re after because what tends to happen like
with the world war 2 game I’ll play it for a bit and then stinky you’ll say
give me that controller because we can’t play together because we don’t do it
online I guess is the other thing have to pay I think for a Playstation
membership or something to be able to play online we’re just too cheap I did
enjoy don’t get me wrong I love the world war two I just wish the two of us
could play at the same time and I’ll try and remember this that random Chiba says
call me tiny I’ll try and remember to keep doing that so there’s no confusion
why don’t I what is the best game than call of duty I’d like to make is call of
duty rates highly for me mr. glitzy man’s torturing me pains torturing me
randoms torturing me brights not black ops 3 is for player in
zombies made awesome say a four-player can you split the screen four times well
I didn’t know you can do that now Kane’s torturing me again then the reason I
played ba 3 is we haven’t even done it zombie made have we retry no where did
we actually try to play it yeah because we’re we’re in the nightmare made at the
moment whatever the highest level is is the made that we’re doing I say JA why I
had a suspicion came might say that GTA i played that months and i didn’t really
understand what the fascination was another player said to me it’s all about
the fact that you’re driving on real streets so you know if you’ve got GTA
los vegas or something it’s the actual real streets of Las Vegas so that would
you know if they did GTA I don’t know Brisbane or something then yeah I’d find
that interesting because I’ve driven around me what are you doing these
stopped you got to keep the entertainment rolling now sting well
it’s not good if you get a little bit motion sickness from the game yeah I’m
not sure because this look at what these guys are doing team see you don’t have
to put up with this all the food they’re just making me hungry
pbbt Mabel well he had to go at that too babe we were so bad that was the first
time we tried to play a first-person shooter on the mobile phone and we was
so bad at it that we actually got a bit bored with it and switched to clash of
clans halfway through the stream I’d be happy to give it another go it’s really
popular I’m a little bit sort of annoyed that we didn’t later on down the track
that we did switch games midstream because you probably shouldn’t do that
if you have advertising a particular game in the stream but yeah she
struggled and I struggled but when it came to call a GD Mabel I think we did a
lot better but certainly not as good as random and I’m trying to think of the
other we had two other people join our team in that big AG or something I can’t
remember his name exactly I haven’t seen him since no here we go again now random
tubers to our Tiny’s torturing me they’re just all torturing me you either
hit the food emojis oh I have hacks for page B G
Mabel also I left you a tip in the discord server about tracking reggae
admins and drama makers that delete their own messages or edit them awesome
bright appreciate that so are you talking about the admins in
discord because again I’ve only got one and that’s work and I haven’t seen him
for a little while so I wouldn’t even know how to add
and that mean he added himself somehow and LePage is torturing me with more
food emojis it’s about all of them are doing it now this is insane my gosh
actually call me papa I’m calling Taba then YouTube resolving all the food
mataji’s up for let’s say should o crow X is here lol you
welcome back to the stream it’s been a while how’s your weekend been so far
what time is it there where are you ask those questions to say that’s probably not going to be
allowed that comment crow so just honest someone diddly out that’s fine say yeah
look I know that we’ve probably come and visited a channel at some point but
don’t advertise your videos or channel on the the stream okay otherwise they’ll
end up being withheld for review my fridge is empty now hold all the food
discord if you want I’m a year Peter if you’re hungry then get yourself a good
slice of pizza so our here we go with the food again
they’re just spamming me at the moment with that if you need help with that
stuff I can make short video tutorials again bright very helpful yes because I
am just not tech savvy at all so anything that you can do is awesome if
you can help if not that use videos already on the Internet
either way it’ll give you more content so if you want to do it happy to check
them out I do learn a few things from random y qi t up later but most of its
above my head then what are you up to today crow x always happy to get to know
everyone in the streamer they’re great people
except when they keep spamming me with the food which they’re doing constantly
at the moment I’ve got to go back to my house see ya well thanks for staying as
long as you did mr. glitzy man as always dlg the life
he’s a dl j IJ for life he is did you want me I can do it for a bit but you’re
gonna have to do their thing say stinkies
this might be a shorter stream because Stinky’s actually having a lot of
trouble playing because she’s actually getting a bit of motion sickness with
this game so I’m giving it a shot well after how do I get out of these
first yeah you can choose that one and press level up is that where you want
yeah you get to claim some gold but you gotta be on the chat if I’m plan all
right we will try and keep this one a bit shorter because that I want stinky
to get seek so once we get to the two hour mark or thereabouts we might enter
the stream which is not good when you have that many people in the stream that
Blamey me for a while we ma well it slowly is slowly it’s been taking a
while to get to this point but you know slowly we start having more regular
people stay for longer they get to know each other which is great they get to
take all their frustrations out on me by torturing me they love it alright say
it’s all spam yeah they keep spamming they food seems to be a popular topic in
every stray so to giblets apparently it’s a tip food small youtubers install
a Chrome extension chip buddy it’ll give you YouTube tips that’s a great tip
random because we certainly did that by cousin Peter oh hang on so there might
have been three three family members there I think that’s the case as a
random and our glitzy men are all related to awesome love it when you get
the family members involved isn’t it steam
better than you and me trying to be family members is what I’m saying
so I have to go to sleep I’ll see you next stream awesome well thank you so
much for staying as long as you did random we really appreciate it and yeah
we look forward to seeing you in the next stream these guys are just I’m lost
for words as what it’s making me tear up with the amount of support we’ve had
today we’ve got dlg AG’s as well as the nude algae is they orgies everywhere
sorry often I read that one I get motion sickness from VR aka virtual reality say
– I bow I played a little bit of virtual reality once but apparently it depends
on the quality of the product you’re using because my very first experience
with it excuse me was with the cheap headset type thing and within about two
three minutes I was starting to get the motion sickness but one of my relatives
said that they’ve got a much much better one that doesn’t do that so I guess you
have to you know pay get for what you pay for pay for what you get whatever it
is the expression I recorded a video about managing roles on discord you did
that already that was fast crack says hey I’m at 5% but I’ll still
watch your stream so thank you for doing that crow and just to remind I’ll leave
a comment on one of our videos to remind me to come back to your channel because
I don’t do it from the live chat and again just random out – just torturing
you one last time that’s one more food emoji uploading the video on the server
awesome say I can’t believe these guys can do it so fast cuz random did that as
well he uploaded a video while he was in the stream and so did Kane he did his
Tapatio video that way alright say did you want me to do this so what’s going
on looks like I don’t happy now go to build a smithy
just yet so I have to keep doing other shores or tax challenge whatsoever to
get he not go to build a smithy builder smithy then smithy away I just told you
I can do it yeah what am I supposed to be here then timber smoothie look
smoothie oh why is it saying I can build it where it’s saying I can build it
really smoothie okay visibly smoothie bill constructing easy daddy what
stuffing a bill I just play around and get it well I hang on I assume I believe
actually plays this game cuz he’s giving his tips now why I hold gold buy gold
which I think I just did so we must get home or maybe it was ASM that
recommended this game in the last stream we got a lot of games recommended to us
I can’t remember who but I am certainly plays games that we’ve been streaming
all right now guys stinky is getting a little bit of motion sickness at the
moment so I’m gonna try and get her to do some commentary but she’s at the
point where small wow she’s actually looking a little bit pale this is not
good it’s almost two hours now so I guess all right say I’ll try my very best to
keep up with both yeah she’s um she sort of mentioned before that man I’m sorry I
can’t I actually can’t do both I can trade these sent in the string at the
same time so we’ve got some stuff here stinky we’ve got iron in God’s lumber
and limestone the job boards unlocked job board has
been unlocked so I’m not paying attention to the chat at the moment guys
sorry I’ve got to concentrate on the the game you can now access jobs through the
quest menu I’ll go to the job board next to the Town Hall
okay to the job board void salts needed a wealth of fabric too many skeletons
I’ve only got four minutes to do that one might as well do that one second I
do that it’s not in here I don’t press anything I don’t think so you have to go
to job board right so go back now move around look to your left
keep going going up the stands heading towards somewhere yep still on the left
go upstair and didn’t do anything nevermind no up to the left and on the
left of the town hall there’s a chalkboard do I get in the chair no no
no no you can anyway look at the lip there is a board Mycenae boarding because you don’t move
your head ah like that because the problem means I’m holding a mic a
holding a magnifying glass at the same time so that can only do one thing at a
time in avoid salts needed this is the same stuff I saw before so you click on
that right jobs copper do I start it complete oh no hang on
that was what I complete I don’t do that mystery chest I start you’re about to
leave the town nearly at full chest capacity upgrade your chest capacity
open chests to make more room what do I do
don’t know I can’t look at it I can’t even look I’m canceling that thing
because I don’t make what I’m supposed to do they’re completed like you accept
it and then you just press you’re gonna do it that sign complaint bit using the
gems to do it you can press that press stop and well for favorite gather fabric
six times in wind Cape castle bears a week to slash oh oh are we gonna fight
yeah go ahead I didn’t realize that you were just
walking around I did fight oh come on you are walking around I’m stuck no I’m
still stuck said go downie and that’s all I know
what’s that anyway what is this music background did I just got some fabric it
looks like now what I do press but can I go down more I can yeah keeping it and
fight if you have to well I see what you mean this is not like Call of Duty is it
because it’s it’s kind of similar but a small like docker and I don’t know you
have to look for I don’t my fight cuz it looks like I’m gonna have to fight it in
a minute nice I show you do yep press whole press and whole yeah press and
whole you can do both like see it’s like that so press and hold until is full
like and then you can make that that’s not cool
look at me I’m awesome now there is still beds to be met yeah I gotta fight
again do it again press and hold press and hold yeah you
can also use either still what are my other skills so like that or like that
well he’s dead already so you have to wait to see it again you can press chill
to shield what’s that flashing Tina can you grab
that I did yes anything flashing you can grab coming your little thing oh I’m gonna get you a little Goblin what happened but you can press it too
to use special skill so what’s going on in the chat there he just concrete it all the stinkies not paying much help
with the man oh whatever men and they had a lie up in the chest wait okay now I don’t think so we have
to find more to peppery but I’ll bein everywhere in heaven and there’s nowhere
else to go he can’t even watch it at the moment rid of de stream his life where
where we had see there that’s the problem I have no idea where to go from
here I was just following that bright light yeah yes that’s no way the
evidence stops down there oh and ah now I’m lost I have no idea
for being here or not oh no I haven’t and there’s the bright light again
alright we’re taking on whoever these 3ds you just got a little axe no match
for this massive sword oh there’s another dude who came he had a name here
and you got a tiny knife I gotcha
alright so it’s that one this frame looks like it’s got a lot of stuff in it five or six more to go
can I get anything up there it’s like Diablo
you just have to explore next up alright I think I’ve got my last one right there completed items you have two choice you
can stay in this room and explore more or you can click complete and go back to
the town hall to the – – to the town and receive new one whatever price what
should I do after you complete looks like we leveled up again and I’ve
been looking at the chat and all I see is food food food and more food looks
like virtual realities they say I’m gonna sneak my phone to watch the stream
at 10:45 the parents take fine back I am sometimes not today strange alive
all right click okay it’s just act so gotta get back to that dude always where
there’s an exclamation point that’s where you’re headed jenia CL de I saw the knees smithy it’s
a bit small but it’ll do we can always improve it when we get more materials oh
there’s more other people may also need help check out the job board near the
Town Hall when you have time woodcutter said that villages may be held captive
in Deborah Colin place has long been known as a hideout we used to buy the
ring by the green cap bandits you’re a green cap bandit I fear they may have
taken advantage of the chaos and kidnapped our town spike it’s probably
worth looking into I’m on my way it seems like a waste of
time I’m on my way watch out those bandits
Eddie well warrior request the green cap bandits is he’s highlighted up there as
well the green cap bandits risky get transferred to rescue the town’s fight
stop yeah well they’re probably not going to finish it at this point cuz
with the lack of help from stinky just capacity rates you’re about to leave when when do I get to upgrade my chest
well I don’t upgrade it it keeps telling me it’s almost full I
don’t know you sound like my cricket coach all right so here we go Abdi
depending on how long this last quest goes for we might stop the stream after
this is it’s getting close to the two-hour mark anyway and I’ve already
forgotten not on the space to doing these can I addy open a door never mind well can I pick up that did I pick that
up yeah here we go you at 10:00 on Spike my you don’t look
like you’re a town spike you’re not friendly if you’re a town spike I’m
gonna whack you like cricket bat me it’s a cricket ball how about that gone
all right we’re rockin and rollin except I’m getting attacked again you guys are
relentless a bit like the English cricket team look at a list and all of
these joke references to Australian culture or space and call it we’re
getting there I haven’t even seen any townsfolk baked and also have no idea what I’m picking
up but it all looks good let’s go through these door no fear is that I’ve
got to attack that what was that a dog no I’m an animal lover didn’t want to do
that so I can pick that up too I’m probably missing our labor stuff
guys sorry open now what are we got in here this is kind of
exciting to be honest the probably should have been playing it before skip
skip why am i skipping continue let’s just continue still haven’t found a
towns folk yet they gotta be in here somewhere why can’t I open that door yeah okay here we go you were town swag
know what man you got a shield this guy’s giving me a bit of drama here I’m
not so sure it’s gonna work out well I might die at this point God is he’s
doing more damage to me than I am to him stinky
this guy’s got a shield and he keeps blocking my blogs as well well how do I
use it not great no that was close and you can
also press yet that did almost killed me a nice thing can you do the commentary
yet or you still can’t and he’s still sucking lower-lying yeah yeah see oh we
finally found a dude I can’t wait to get out of here I bet you’re in a cage like
a little bird oh you you pick up lots of stuff on these particular quest inking so they might stole hold on hey there’s
the people at a bang l/d main oh there’s the other one think we did it
look no what did you go that way come back here it sort of makes you run
really quickly for some reason like but I’m trying to open something like this
don’t forget account right over there the magnifying glass the town’s Lomas
the last I saw her she was with there later I thought I only had to save two
of you but that’s what else I’ve got a case a key found
do I have to pick it up or he just gave it teams get the chest let’s do these chest thing
what do I do open now yes what do they keep making me
spend gems to open chests cuz that was Jim’s valuable like clash of clans yeah
guess so so you can buy from them later on I guess yeah I thought my quest is
over say what I’m supposed to get oh hang on
looks like Stinky’s back you sure you can do that last quiz alright last
question so now I’m back to the little Mic Check and wait behind
Sal I read that one you both have the same voice I got the same voices he’s
creaky coach what do you think about he’s not me how did you make voice but
depends if you creaky coaches from country Australia then that’s probably
why we all have that cut well we’ve got that slow country drawl you know I don’t
speak as quickly as people that are from the city well I’m gonna go now awesome
gameplay torture the Hall of food do G for life so I guess Cain’s gone already
I didn’t even get to say goodbye to lose chaos randoms actually back now the
turning sensitivity is so low I don’t totally agree with that bow I find that
with all of these type of mobile games to be honest it seems very slow to do
things particularly in a first-person shooter I’ve done enough tutorials to
now say I guess brights been very busy during this stream you should try chizel
puffs Cheetos puffs I actually had some of those not that long ago got them from
the old supermarket they are delicious mr. glitzy man’s back repe you can’t
carry any more chests so I can’t carry any more chests
yeah I kept saying it was full and shouldn’t
I upgrade and there you go canes this is what is good about joining the streams
and up something to eat Java am i all the stinkypants did you destroy it you
got the challenge completed not quite almost try to get more that’s the only
get more get more like kill more people that’s what you want to do isn’t it say
you what gravy you eaten for the cricket boom if they still do that I’m sure they
do a grade B grade C grade I had a mate that played a lot of cricket for many
many years and said I was probably an eighth grade player F great player for
fail failed now you should tend turn it up in settings oh okay C is another tip
you can actually make it more sensitive to turn didn’t know that did you know
will do that thanks for that tip BAE we didn’t know
that that’s what he does in PE BG oligo so that’s another one you want to get
better at these type of games turn up the sensitivity and congratulations to
the both of you with your sub counts I know Kane’s channels been growing
steadily scuse baby I mean you probably just
picked up another one from Kane there say all good is what I say T I’m getting
a little bit of a chesty cough now and stinky what do you got to say for
yourself I got secret room or bed nice one
yeah I’ve been hot on your channels great randoms has been growing pains
well I kept saying upgrade your chest and you’re like boxes press stop hey
what are you doing you can’t carry any more is it and the more you guys get to
know each other in the streams I’m sure there’s stronger the the support gets
breached that’s what I’ve seen but be warned you end up getting into fights
with other youtubers that try to comment first I’m looking at you and Kane and
random I’m a – arch-nemesis I get to their channel someone’s already great
more gems you can poke a stick at you stick poker all that’s a big one you finished the
quest right was that bad at the end of that one’s all she’s gotten all excited
again he’s in it after you a little lolly you back into it here for too long
cuz you gotta remember they’ve been torturing me with all of these food
emojis I’m really hungry now okay what do you want pizza hamburgers waffles all
of the bad stuff that just that actually it really depends on whether or not
you’re prepared to cook right now you’re not prepared to cook right now we might
have to get something junky if you are prepared to cook right now then I’d wait
I don’t know what to answer who is the time catch it whatever who is
cardi ah it looks like a cat person I’m a cat person that’s you you’re a cat
person yeah little kitty cat snuggling up with you another blankie this morning
when it was all cold and I couldn’t convince her to do it for me you should
do it for mumsy isn’t it that’s it quiz I then go back and do stuff but hey if
you can keep going okay going there’s ten people in the string that’s okay you
cannot pick up another ties like because you made that upgrade you I already owe
you mine they’d upgrade it again you have to give up the chest you’re kidding
give up open now Oh which one I don’t know how it works yeah yet well what’s
the point of opening it now if you can’t carry it
oh you might carry image ten slots dismay more space for the chest which I
kind of feed it already I don’t know why ah it’s me I like tedding sensitivity
pretty I in first-person shooters I can turn around and shoot my enemies really
fast we wish they would been in the previous first-person shooters and
streams that would have made a world of difference well again I don’t know food
to have that much control you know I mean maybe it’s too fast and then get
all dizzy like we are playing this game but it’s certainly great tip because I
found call a GD very slow to turn kept dying in it thankfully we had awesome
teammates no she’s out enough I’m not feeling that good alright so we’ll we’ll
end this stream here it’s past the two-hour mark I’ve got to think look how
many people are still here ten of them we made the watch time but I can’t
torture stink when she’s she doesn’t look that good anymore and she’s got to
be hungry enough to eat is what it is was an ADD stinky she’s basically
collapsed on my shoulder yeah it’s the watch time but the problem is cane like
stinky can’t play the game anymore because it keeps making a dizzy and if I
play it I can’t do that the live chat at the same time I’m not so sure my gaming
commentary is that good I suppose it’s something we need to practice on and
plus you guys for torturing us first so long have made me exceptionally hungry
as a result so yeah we might keep this as a slightly shorter one it’s pasta to
our mark isn’t it it’s pretty much all you want isn’t it
you I feel bad like when you have when we used to have like one or two two or
three people in the stream but you know once you start getting nine or ten or
eight or whatever it is it makes me feel guilty but maybe we’ll say we’ll finish
it up here by oh don’t forget later comments um
so I can check your channel again pretty much everyone else stays that thanks to
all of the dl jeez joining much appreciated the dlg oh jeez
you guys have a fantastic rest of the weekend back for the Richmond Tigers
they got another dlg there it looks like awesome alright so have a great day
every day is MIDI LG we’ve gained by all I will stop it at this point



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