Good morning, good afternoon, and good
evening. I’m Hatem Radwan. I’m from Beirut, Lebanon. I moved to Dubai
in 2010, where I started my teaching career as a biology teacher and subject leader. I chose effective learning in the
digital age to be the topic of my presentation because I do believe that
technology must lead to effective learning. At the end of the day you want
to check how our students are learning. In my presentation I want to discuss the
challenges that teachers face in using technology, and I want to highlight on
how we can overcome these challenges. By using Edmodo. All educators across the
world are one family that share the same DNA of giving. I’m coming from a biology
background so you have to expect a lot of scientific terms in my presentation.
The age of the universe is 14.7 billion years and we humans are only two
hundred thousand years, but we achieved to overcome all the challenges, and the
changes that happen. Why? Because we have the nature power of evolving. We have
this internal power that allow us to overcome the challenges for the sake of
our existence. Now the world is different in the 21st century. The globe is one
community where everything is connected by technology. So why don’t we move from
having this impact from the classroom to having it across the globe? For me, I
chose Edmodo in order to do this
transformation in my classroom and my strategies. I’ll be explaining
briefly why Edmondo. In order to have effective learning, we need to have
connection, and we need to be able to reflect on what our students are doing
and what our colleagues are doing. We need to find resources that match our
standards and we need to be able to do assessments online. We need to do
this kind of management, unlike social media, that we can connect with our
students but we cannot manage what they are doing and educational terms. We
need to be able to set our instructions online. One more, we need to have our
students engage in what they are doing and we need to see how much they are
progressing. If you put all these together in one platform, we can reach
effective learning. I’ll share a short story about my student. He had brain
cancer, and he was very young. He did surgery that required to remove part of
his brain. And this affected his cognitive growth and physical
growth. Thanks to Edmodo, this student had biology as his best subject.
And in this example he sent me the research about brain cancer. It’s
very dramatic that he wrote, or emotional, that he wrote about his case. And thanks
to Edmodo, I gave him this badge. I created this badge and I called it
“Remarkable DNA”. Your DNA codes for intelligence. And this is a very
important feature that we need to put in our mind. We need to celebrate success
with our students and we need to give them rewards when they do something
fantastic. Finding resources online sometimes will
give you a lot of details, a lot of stuff that you don’t need. But on Edmodo, you
can find your request. And that’s why there is the spotlight. Spotlight you can
target your search, and you can write what sort of resource you need. And
thanks for a lot of generous educators across the globe, who keep on sharing
their best practices. Because if we want to move from inside the classroom and
think about a community across the globe. We need to share, we need to communicate
because communication equals connection. So we need to be connected to all other
educators across the globe and we need to know what they are doing. And this is
kind of thinking outside the box and letting our students learn what other
educators are teaching across the globe. But again in order to make your work
systematic and organized, let’s use whatever tool you want. But at the end of
the day, link it and put it on Edmodo. By doing this, you are having only one
platform where your kids can refer to it whenever they want to refer to it and
find everything there. There are a lot of applications, websites, and
educational platforms. So that’s why some teachers fear to stepping into the
technology. They have a lot of options. Use whatever you want, but
Edmodo is giving one platform where you can put
everything. Moving to reflection, I’ll be highlighting on parents engagement.
This is a problem that we all face nowadays. Parents, it’s not like they
don’t care, but they are busy. I did this just illustrate that we have direct
contact with our students and the students have direct contact with the
parents. But if I delete Edmodo from this diagram, we don’t have direct
contact with the parents. But the problem is how to make the parents active users?
So, like in previous years, I used to have like only 10 or 12 parents communicating
with me and those are the parents of the nerds. Their kids are doing great. Why are you
asking about them. I’m not expecting you to ask about your child. You can ask
Edmodo to give this sheet, you can print and give it to the
students, give it to your parents, and let them add this code somewhere on
Edmodo. But not all of them are going to be active. I thought why don’t I
modify it a little bit, and I add some points that attract parents and I added
even the mobile app and QR code so that they can have a direct access. And what
was the result? Still very few of parents responded so I thought why don’t I give
the parents an assignment that they have to do? So I came up with this idea. Instead of giving this paper to the students, and go give it to your parents,
and sign. I gave them this paper and it says that you are kindly requested to
sign the safety lab contract and return it by the end of this week. How to do it?
You need to create a parent account on Edmodo by visiting Edmodo and
download the app. You need to use this group code and you will find the
paper that you signed it and you return it. And there is a note board drop down
you must have the contract completed before your child can engage in any lab.
And honestly he’s not going to be engaged in our lab because this is a
policy and we need to respect it. So after 2 weeks all the parents were there. Thank you, I need to move from the level
of being a user to the level of being a leader because we teachers are leaders.
And I think the biggest shift for educators using technology isn’t skill
set. It’s very easy to learn by your own. It’s mindset. You need to think global, you
need to create a digital network, community, unlimited borders you can
communicate with everyone. For me when I say effective learning,
I say Edmodo.

Effective Learning in the Digital Age (Recap) — EdmodoCon 2018
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