additions that play is an experiment into what books can come in a digital age some people say physical books have qualities that don't transfer well to Digital Editions that play flips this idea on its head and asked what if digital books had qualities that don't translate to print we created four books that cannot be printed and an online bookstore powered by Google Play the books harness the dynamic properties of the web they're designed to be read on a mobile phone the first book is a novel set inside street view by Ray flossing entrances and exits we use the writing together with the street view interface merging the aesthetics of digital and printed maps for the book strata we teamed up with penguin Random House and Lex to create a collection of stories and related science essence the stories complemented the rich world of illustration and music devised by comic book artist Tommy Lee Edwards and audio-visual collective a state machine we explored how digital can challenge linear reading in the truth about cats and dogs authors Joe dan thorn and Sam Revere invited readers to switch between their Diaries and ultimately pick whose side they're on in August rotting by Alan Trotter we looked at how the writing itself could be natively digital instead of words written to be printed the text to react suggests draw interactions and deteriorates over time to Nura the characters progressive memory loss editions of play was really well received across the design and technology media the publishing industry and the general public and a host of new partners have already lined up to join our expand with more books in the pipeline addition to play is only beginning to scratch the surface of what literature can become an additional age we want to inspire the next generation of readers writers and publishers to create it

Editions At Play

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