Hi Guys Welcome back to my YouTube Channel. Back with another video, East Bridgford garden center Guys and basically it’s a garden center and it’s the best /
biggest in the country England and they’ve just put it’s really a nice
rink, its new and it only came about a week ago they put ice rink in here because it’s winter
so there’s only like a little one and I did used to do Iceskating me my sister at like
4 o’clock in the morning at Nottingham Ice Centre but I had an
injury on my leg. I fractured my leg and then I fractured my arm and I
stopped so and then we haven’t been since and it was really tiring. we have
some costumes so there’s is our costume box and it’s
time to pick out some costumes out and get ready
so this is my dance dress what we used to wear because we did dance, ballet
are they and like warming up There’s ballet dresses! No !! I and obviously we’re gonna wear tights and it’s really cold so we’re going to be quite
cold but oh that’s yours. This is Amira’s dress and it’s so nice, yours
it’s baby blue and thats in your choice Its got like diamonds. Thats your dress!
This is my dance dress and Amira had a blue one but mine was pink! oh Yasmine
that went with your leotard I have these shorts that say Yasmine. A choice, A Choice, This is my
dance dress and look, its bright pink and it’s got sequins and things on it
squares and can go on my pile of other dresses and it’s got a neck warmer okay – Never-mind. Oh no, the tights have holes in ! They have a little hole in there! Ok I dont think I want to wear them. This is a wrist band and this is the other wristband and I think I’m gonna wear my Yasmine shorts or I’m not sure if I should wear a dress? Comment down below what you would wear? GUYS “!! This was the dress
that I was talking about earlier it is like my favorite dress and it’s a little bit
faded obviously because I haven’t been ice skating for ages. This is the back
before I show you the front and it’s got like a little hole here, the back erm and it’s
really pretty and it’s baby it’s not really baby blue, its a green and like a mermaid, bluey green one and pink glittery and like a grey color with lots of sequins on it. And this is mine and It might look quite small but it’s not actually that small, and it
stretches! Its baby blue and it’s got a dark blue this is the front of it guys and
it’s got diamonds and sequins here and along here and things.
this is my second choice or first choice I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do
yet. jacket erm that yours. and both of us did figure skating like on our own but I used to do syncro skating and this is where I got these leggings that say NSSA so don’t really wanna wear them because Im not in the syncro skating team anymore.
Wow !!!! This is my second favorite dress guys it is so nice
so lets just get it back the right way because its inside out. Erm…maybe not this for going to the Ice on, a vest top!
This is my really nice dress, it’s pink and it’s got glitter like I don’t
actually know how to describe, like glitter strips in green, blue, pink and yellow’y gold color and
and it’s so nice! so that’s the front of it. Here’s my jumper !!
This is blue underneath and look at the back guys
it’s so nice!! it strips so I think I might wear that, im not sure?
look how much options I’ve got!! well they still fit me! Are you sure
because they look really small? They’re really stretchy! And this is mine and Amira did have this
earlier and she showed you and she said it was really small. So weve only got a few more things guys so I’ve also got these
leggings and these are mine and they’re just plain. I love them but I don’t
think for today, they’re from the iceskating shop, yeah Whats this? hopefully they didn’t have a hole in because you guessed, they’re mine, those ones have so many holes in so yeh, not those ones. Thats Mine !! oh yeah I completely forgot about
this one I think I might wear this? look at this, it’s
pink, white with diamonds like nearly all over. look it’s so nice so yeh and on the back it’s got buttons on, and its so nice !! Im going through all my options. So first we need to choose our outfit and then we will go and get ready!! So guys we’re now at your garden center
and look it’s so big and new and so we’re just gonna find a place to park and
we’re gonna go straight inside and I will show you our outfits when we’re
outside, so let’s go !! Ok Guys. This is what we chose to wear. I chose to wear my leg warmers and this blue dress and these tights. Im just walking in now! Thats a really nice reindeer, look at that!! So, Now our Ice Skates are on, and Ive got my mums on because we haven’t skated for ages, erm.. I have to wear my mums skates because mine have they’ve grown out and look I’ve only got a little gap now! Its Freezing !! and look, this is what the ice looks like!! Look there’s a big christmas tree! So I’m really excited to go on !! But I’m quite nervous ….. Are you ready?? Put your gloves on !! I’ve got two layers of gloves on , Here’s one and see !! So, We are on the Ice and we’ve been on the ice for 5 minutes just to warm up now we’re gonna play Tig !! We’re going to do “Rock, paper, Scissors, Shoot” and the loser is on !! Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!!
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!! Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!!
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!! YES !!! Oh Guys I’m on !!!! I will give her 5 seconds. 5……..4………………3……………….2………….1 Look she’s behind there !!! So we’re going to do different things around the ice rink to warm up again, let’s see if we can drag from one side
to the other without stopping !! Drag Challenge !! Yeh so basically, What a drag is, Amira do an example! Ok, Little man!! little man challenge I went the lowest!! Who would you saw won mum?? Amira becasue she went really low – Shall we do it again??? I win !!!!!!! That because you have got my skates on !! Have I got a wet bum?? So, Now we’re going to do challenge 3 and I’m going to go around the christmas tree, that christmas tree is so pretty! Who can do the best dance?? So it might be really like cool and sassy or it might be like really nice and cute like this or it might be like this !! That’s a bit random……. But ok, we’re going to rock, paper, scissors of who goes first and even if you don’t want to go first its Rock, Paper, Scissors who goes first!! Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!! Arghhh guys I get to go first !! Ok 3…..2……..1……….. Go !!!! Stop falling over on purpose, stop falling over on purpose!! I’m Not !! Yasmine, Go Again! Right I’m going to go again…. 3, 2, 1 Go. So Comment down below if you think that was good? Ok, Spiral …… Spiral Competition Ok, I’m not sure what challenge round this is but we’re going to do Spiral Challenge and a spiral is what I did in my dance when you lift your leg up And I’ve got different skates on so I’m not going to lift my leg up too high, so basically I’m going to do who can do the spiral best? And it’s up to you guys, who you think can do the best Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot Yes Guys !! She’s going first !! Not behind the tree!! What is she doing?? You we’re meant to go down there and back She’s not even meant to be doing that!! Where is she going??? Erm…. You can do it properly though Yas Yeah?? You did that completely wrong You were meant to start there and go down there and then spiral back down there Yas definitely won that !! Now we’re going to do a Bunny Hop Drag Challenge so this is how you do it !! Amira, Please get it right this time So basically, you have got to go all the way around the Christmas Tree to get our speed and we should land about here Then down here and do a bunny hop , drag and see who can do the most / best. Up to you guys so………… Rock, Paper, Scissors, Who goes first?? Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot Oh My God !!! Ok…… I’m going She’s so random !! I’m going to a lot better !! I will laugh if she falls over Ok, So let’s try that again maybe? So now we are going to do the last bit of the challenge and we’re going to do, who can do the best routine?? So anything, you can do anything you want, basically a routine. Normally their is music but we don’t have any music. Erm… So we are just going to dance our hearts out and we can use all of the ice and do whatever we want. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot !! Who goes first? Yes, Yes, Yes !!! Who do you think is going to win? Comment down below right now? We need music don’t we !! I can’t see her spin very well She’s got an audience Im sure you are nearly done Well done Amira We need some music don’t we!! Ok, So, Comment down below #YasFan. Yas Fan if you think I won? #It’s Princess Amira Copy Cat !!!!! Push me !!!! OK I’m cold so go have a 5 minute play and we’re going So Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video and we’re going to have 5 minutes of play time on this ice rink because it’s getting a bit chilly now! Make sure, and thank you Steve, so much for this, for inviting us here to East Bridgford Garden Centre and its so fun and you guys should come and check it out And its only £5 per person and it’s open 7 days a week So, Thank you and thank you so much to you guys for watching this video. Make sure you go over to Amira’s channel at Princess Amira and also like all our videos subscribe, turn the notification bell on and share all my videos with your friends so thank you all, Love you, Bye

East Bridgford Garden Centre – ICE SKATING RINK !!

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