* What is Indoor Snowboard Workout:
* Indoor snowboard workout is a workout that practices mainly butter rotations. Later at
more advanced level, it also involves techniques such as butter jumps and rotating jumps. It
is a perfect off-season and pre-season workout to prepare for your snow season. It is also
generally a fun workout at home when the season does not allow you to ride on the mountain.
* How I came up with this idea * I did my 1st-ever ski “class” with a
friend in 2011, which is 7 years before, and the result was not very satisfactory. I fell
too much on that day. After trialing for 3 days, because it was not fun at all, I did
not do any snow sport for 7 years. * Long story short, in 2018 Christmas, I had
a snowboard semi-private class together with my wife. I progressed very fast after the
class, and totally got into this fun sport during the 18-19 snow season
* When the snow season was gone, my passion was still there and I’d like to do some
practice at home without snow to prepare for the 2019-2020 season
* So I searched online: Google and Youtube. Turns out:
* There are off-season training tutorials from Snowboard Addiction with their training
board system; and there are some videos from SnowboardProCamp for pre-season and off-season
training tutorials. * The problem is: the trains mainly focus
on jumping, rotating techniques and park tricks. I was not in a very good body fitness condition
at that time, and that level of jumping exhausted me in relatively very short period of time
(5-10min) * Though searching for existing training tutorials
was not quite successfully, I still put on my snowboard at home and move around on the
carpet, and just to imagine as if I were on the snow
* After many days wearing snowboard on the carpet, I found out actually I could practice
some basic rotating and jumping with this setup
* So to wrap up, this is how things started to be fun and progressed gradually. I’d
like to share this workout method on YouTube so that You may also could enjoy the fun and
many benefits out of it. * If you are interested to know more about
Indoor Snowboard Workout, please subscribe to my HomeDaddy YouTube channel and browse
through more videos about this workout. I will further explain the benefit of this workout
system, and explain how You could get started working out in this way at home.
* I’ll see you in the next video.

E1 What is Indoor Snowboard Workout?

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