Hello, I’m Robert. I am responsible
for oversight of skis at Dynafit, and today I’d like to show you the
new Tour line for 2018-19. The Tour line is the perfect balance
between performance on the climb and for the descent. A very versatile segment that ranges
from 82 mm at the waist all the way to 96 mm. When it comes to construction,
we have here what is called “2-in-1” construction. That means, where one exerts the most pressure on the ski – namely,
directly underfoot – there is a “sidewall construction” because that is the best type of
construction when the demand is for good edging ability. In addition, to the front and back of the binding, we use “cap construction,”
which is the lightest type of construction in the ski segment. Inside the Tour line there is a mix of poplar and Paulownia wood.
That means we have a 100% wood core. oplar wood is used on the exterior: As a more rigid wood,
it serves to bring super edging and fluid power transfer. In the core’s center, light Pauwlonia wood has been used for weight reduction. Apart from that along the entire length of the wood core we have also placed carbon fiber stringers. With them, the ski is even more rigid, and damping properties are increased,
and if you experience an impact under your skis the rebound ability is 12% faster. The Tour 82 is our classic ski for harder
pack conditions or for on-piste. The Tour 88 is our All-rounder that
comes in two different versions. The women’s version is tuned for a somewhat softer flex
and is also a bit lighter compared to the men’s version. When fresh powder is on the agenda,
then a good option is the Tour 96 with 99 mm at the waist. In sum, we certainly have something for everybody.
Have fun out there with the new Tour line for 2018-19.

Dynafit Touring Skis

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