on tip-off Florida State and Duke the ACC tournament championship game Seminoles won this event heck of a basketball game tonight here in Charlotte with the Seminoles controlling the official that has to throw the ball up for the opening now with these guys with seven for Chris and point win over the number one seed Virginia last night and Duke defeated here the Seminoles especially after Zion Williamson went out after he got poked in the eye jumps up and look at the block now it's going to be a goaltending call on tradition does a nice job of driving with his left hand getting in the lane noclip impressive was that Terrence Mann and it's knocked away Cofer forces up with three and two Maji with the easy follow running pressive challenge gamble by man freeze up Barrett to strong off the glass and down with it Deloria they need some big minute setter Deloria tonight with all the size Florida State has it won't go down for Williamson up at 1:00 in the quarterfinal he was perfect from the field just 2 for 9 from the line in the two games into which he's played so far here in Charlotte hitting such a chalice and get going downhill then he's unstoppable Bofur driving by Williamson and DeLaurier knocks it away like dibs defense has been spectacular to start this Dan Jones to Barrett generate offense from its defense a lot of their paint points have come in transition forests up top chubachi he slams Omaha by Williamson to Jones it would be important for Trent forest will he handle the ball effectively when he's guarded by Trey Jones MJ Walker gets the bounce and ties of them are seniors this is a very very experienced team Williams should nice look in a deloria's of the mental outcome of that game while the Louisville Cardinal said the same thing after their game with Duke when they blew that twenty three point lead Williamson draws a foul inside right after that I like the idea of airing grievances I think maybe next January we should give it might spruce them things out for there and he's taken on a bigger and a bigger role and money from three-point range but when he was recruited Duke didn't even see him play live in high school they saw him on tape and needed a guard and took him and I know again a it Ville Georgia brings the Seminoles back within one this Florida State team on any given night Williamson would you often and it's not just for these guys to get minutes to get production there one of the most productive benches in the country they convert there in a big way this is his bench is a huge part of what they do it's a great point Alison they gets thirty three point bench this year and the guy the free-throw line at the hundred for a lion too is on their starting five then Florida State is to get back to the point of third game in three days will fatigue become a factor for Duke later on I want to say handily but they they hate they handle them and God the two leading scorers have been coughing the ball up over the states spreading Duke out have a deli being guarded by DeLaurier gray the extra pass to the cell and he knocked doesn't the way the floor was spread look help then everything is Williamson lost it got it back kicked it out baseline floater for Jones wins over Virginia but by-and-large have not been a good three-point shooting team this season Williams center with a good defensive play Zion Williamson where that is quick reaction time and it came to a two-footed stop and he jumps and championship game of the ACC tournament most people filled with the win last night Duke is a lock for a 1 seed as Ching DeLaurier switches off on forests and a really nice crossover as tre Jones was trying to deal with cabin gely inside missed a beautiful move to get a on the bench Jay with two sitting beside mark wheeshing a freshman defender on the ball as good as trade Jones it gets blown by fact by for us he was looking for a screen the state's packing it in only on reddish are they going outside the three-point line we will cap up and the one seed Houston so what happens here tonight may influence ones and twos but I think the Hays already in the barn on all this stuff but if the committee wants to change our minds I just can't imagine the Tennessee that Kentucky loses one game and they drop that farm fine Williamson he's given him some space Barrett it briefly on the bench back in now for Duke and a broken play Rizzo elbows of the free-throw Lane two guys in the corners and another three four devastate team 43% what a steel forest is off to the races will lay it in and it's the largest leap challenge every pass to disrupt their timing the other thing guys they have to attack the glass they can rebound and push the pace they want to make do tired they feel like Dukas trying to rest they p.m. have got to be who they are and who they are as a deep team is going to try to wear Duke dance devils the sell rallied to the ball they're off that spin move that's very well scouted on Florida State but a very good shot and here goes Williamson and that's a very good shot [Applause] Zion Williamson he doesn't need much of a gap and when he can bust through it in yet they just bust right through JAMA Kelly with Jones on him right now after a switch the cell misses the three and Kevin Kelly's going to get called what he's asking about but he that's not a foul I mean they're gonna say well it's a swim move Barrett what a chance for three great jump and Phil Cofer did not do that he was basically playing them straight on you have a CC really carry Duke after Zion Williams shoulda got this year in which he scored 30 or more here's Williamson gambling and it pays off his parrot gets a hold of it and slams it home when Zion Williamson comes over he doesn't just come over to trap he comes over to steal the ball and his buddy RJ Barrett the Canadian a great cut there on the baseline by Terrence Mann surprised he didn't shoot that ball and Williamson fouled by Walker a little much DEP he wants to keep everybody fresh but that second foul feels like it kinda altered things sin is the de-facto five Purdue give Boldin's healthy nickels was taking key hey Clark off the dribble just a Jones off the dribble miss the follow man has a I will call not a block William owl was on him because the foul wasn't on him it was on Jack White his third not on Zion Williamson so that clears that up white goes to the bench gold the senior out of Lowell Mass oak Ophir Crisco Maajid Terrence man they've the family about as the years go by Leonard Hamilton is always said Terrence Mann is about one thing and one thing only and that's doing whatever he has to do to help his team when you a offensively with the shot clock winding down the cell block by Barrett claimed not even playing gold wire they go over the top to Barrett he had nickels on Avengers RJ berry down at the post but he can do that Nicholas nice look man open in the corner for three look good penetration wide forget it a different forest and we've got a foul going against Duke gets it to the middle of the floor and a beautiful bounce pass to Williamson who ran the floor very effectively and copers an outstanding athlete I don't things to their advantage especially in the second half try to wear them down [Applause] Jones we'll try another three Jones had to shoot the ball man drives on Williamson and draws the foul for the back is he yours and were tied again on that elbow Barrett drives got it up off the rim down to Nicholls four seconds good if it goes it will not for Raekwon gray who's on the floor knowing who's a driver who's a shooter making sure you're locked in on your Scout defensive all right Allison thank you very much a big start here for the senate's over the last three days for Trey Jones RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson as Barrett drives and to be out for that period of time it's really amazing Jones was loose belongs to do Jones ahead to Williamson they play on and the basket is good and duped in transition with a Williamson got another one all again the drive by Jones shovel pass to Laurier and he's found to DeLaurier that's just beautiful really well done nice recovery by Komachi number two on Komachi and he's going to go to the bench only in a big concern for him he has fouled out of four games and Galba the rebound well does the paint point difference in this game Cofer 16 footer he needed that different ways that forest is thinking more about dealing with Jones than he is about running the Florida State offense Williamson with a 17-foot over the street they're just the fourth and fifth to the over 20 points per game in right now they're one inchi with their scoring averages as a block is caught [Applause] just jumped a little bit in front of them and didn't quite have the angle although it was pretty darn close to being a charge that's tough call and Raekwon gray the richard fred is such a good defensive rebounder and he draws a foul on forest Jones plays solo pass my goodness this the in this tournament Jones is it a Gaza golden definitely the half minutes of the second half nickels gets inside rather easily with a jack it's on the season and this one beautifully timed as Nichols gets by him just goes up and swats it away with the right hand so with white the point guard on his Pulliam to the basket Jones again everything else you don't see freshman like him very often if ever man sweats Barrett takes it away numbers per dude [Applause] Florida State has numbers davon Kelly for three for did they need that affect Virginia's and number one see Williams had got one thing on his mind and that's getting to the paint he drunk Diane Williamson so explosive and strong goes right into the body of cabin Kelly not sure Betsy shot the design ones they shot the highest percentage in goes to today's 7 for 10 and he dropped nickels nice look that pass Gavin Kelly open again and the big man is not going to double-team of the corner he gives it up at the shot clock at 6 little stutter step by Jones and another layup the eye test isn't gonna change from one game to the next alright so you would have both Kentucky and Tennessee where I don't think they really mean it because then they start well every every one of the committee members may and and weren't at a hundred percent Barrett said DeLaurier blocked from behind by cavity Kelly but it stays Wiest by Kevin Kelly who's having himself a heck of a second half the follow will go for Terrence Mann Forrest one-on-one over Jones and a foul not that's what Leonard Hamilton was imploring his team to do line drive instead of the angle drive that allows and deli playing way off of DeLaurier that means he can be a screener Wow what a finish by RJ Peres a quiet night for MJ Walker he's got four he's got six a one beautiful player he's gonna keep getting better loader by reddish won't go but he's fouled Rhetta said couple the big three reddish at 33 the force by Jones won't go and it belongs to the Seminoles and a foul not sure RJ Barrett knew exactly how much time was on the clock when he gave the ball off he basically threw a hand grenade with the pin pulled out the dray Jones and he had to just get it up off the off the rim MJ what unflappable is wonder what makes him mad you and I are so flappable cassava has got to do things a little bit differently it's good players generally rather than a lot of Warren guns did not think live that this was a charge [Applause] put the officials in you know what the ad initial guarding position there's still plenty of time in this game not guarding delorean at all so he can be a screen that's an offensive foul and it gets Paul that was not the screen but anytime you get into a handoff situation you take out that defender that's plays low man wins in basketball what a possession all Jones looking for help finds DeLaurier shock walks at three Rhenish puts it up and it goes figure Duke has done a better job of blocking shots and challenging shots and with him they vary most well maybe the best team in the country but still short-handed without mark wheat like the 4c they'll find out their fate like everybody else will tomorrow as the foul is called I mean you're looking at it a league that endless league figures to get at least two and possibly three number one 16 regular-season games one that 114 Duke and then Florida State one if North Carolina and Duke wind up plays two programs I think every year it deserves around 400 Marlatt as it looks like the Blue Devils will take a shot clock violation here in the closing seconds petition and relying so heavily on a small core group of players to do so much of the heavy lifting that shot will count still two-tenths of a second so they did to end it lesson trees being a strong selection sunday and congratulations to the new clue Devils any heavy minutes for all

Duke vs Florida State ACC Championship Game Highlights 3 16 2019

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