it's like waterskiing but with a high-tech winter sports twist this is drone boarding the brainchild of latvian engineers the idea is simple a powerful drone speared by remote control pulls up to four snowboarders at a time after two years in the making the idea finally got wings the idea drunk or thing was basically like a Friday afternoon idea we had the drone and we thought it was winter outside because okay let's go and let's try it after testing out a smaller four propeller drone the engineers built a prototype with 16 weighing in at 55 kilograms in 3 metres long the engine can reach speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour although the safe maximum for drone boarding is 60 the invention also has the potential to save lives the drone polished 145 kilograms so it can lift a person as well for example if there is building on fire and the people came up to cannot escape the drone could could fly and lift them off the roof and bring it to safe place initial tests with fire fighters have been encouraging but it doesn't come cheap the prototype cost 35 thousand euros safety and reliability are also issues that regulators will have to tackle before the drones become commercially viable but for now the first crop of drone boarders are having the time of their lives also like the speed was selfless and after humans there will be so many things to do with this thing engineers are working to extend the drones battery life past its current 10 minutes so their invention could really take off

Droneboarding: when hi-tech meets winter sports
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