Icecreeeam… What’s up, guys?
Today we are going dragon boating on the Elb River. It’s gonna be super exciting,
we got a local team right behind us getting ready on the boats. And yeah
we’re gonna join them today for a bit of their training.
Yeah and it’s super weird, like I never knew, that there is Dragon Boating in Germany.
Thought, its only in Asia Apparently they have it – in Dresden!
Check out the names – like they have Chinese names on like the boats.
Mr. Shawn here has some experience in Dragon Boat… A bit a bit…
With that Dragon Boat meat…muscles! Put all the Meat eating and beer drinking to good use.
Yes, it’s going to be good. So, we’re going to Dragon Boat
with the blue wonder dragons! Let’s do this! This is so exciting like… Oh my god… There’s is a boat with like full of
seniors – I believe one is like at 90 years old. So, my respect! Respect!
Never too old, never too young. Good morning everyone.
So today I’m going to try to do yoga. And for your information: I am absolutely
clueless about yoga. I do nobody met here. But wish me luck. Hi, nice to meet you. Shawn… Patricia… What is up everyone?
So today is gonna be a very exciting day… I’m moving forward right now, because I’m
wearing my skates… Today I have with me…Patricia!
And we are going to do… What are we gonna do today? We do inline skating today. And you will see some places of Dresden. Some beautiful places we will see… Ehm, eat ice cream!
Oh, ice cream is my best friend! So, what is inline skating? Like is it like rollerblading? Ehm, yeah. It’s like rollerblading.
But I think its more like ice skating. So I’m a figure skater.
Oh yeah, she’s a professional figure skater. So I think I’m in good hands. So, we do some exercises…
Excercises, yes! You do this… skate around the red… Thats beginner excercise? Now, its your turn…
WHAT? I can’t even balance yet… Ahh. Whooou… I can’t turn! Too much to the right… And pull it together. Yes! Yeeeees! Let’s go! Ahaahaaaa… Icecreeeeam! Uhhh… All right, so right now we’re having “Haselbauer” It’s a traditional Dresden ice cream! Ahhh, i mean… smells good Mhhhmm! The cream! So sweet and soothing! Really really good. “Haselbauer”: highly recommended! This is so good! Where are we right now?
“Schlossstraße” So, that means: Castle street? Yes! Yes, castle street! Yeah, not too bad. Castle! In the past here were horses. For the king, you know?
For the horses and kings? And over there, you can see the Frauenkirche… Yeah, the Frauenkirche. This is the icon of Dresden. And it is beautiful! This is the main shopping district?
Yes! Whats this place called? “Prager Straße” Prager Straße… Yes! All right, so right now
we are at the City Beach! Great place to chill! And I heard it’s very near here. Like about five minutes by bike.
Or by skating…or by skating, yes! We could have done it,
but yup – it’s a great place to just chill. You can’t even play volleyball here. Yeah just have a beer and enjoy the sunset and the river. I mean, we are so close to the river! Yeah,
really near to the city which is just over there. So, we are done for the day. My body is so
soft. Yeah but I really really enjoyed today! I mean skating in the city.
Inline skating in the city was perfect. A couple of falls but I’m doing fine… It’s great. I just wanna thank Patricia
for today. It’s been amazing! Yeah! Thanks for showing me around the
city as well. So, thank you, too! It was a really really nice day. It was very funny to skate with you! Yeah it was beautiful!
I mean: She got the moves! She got the moves! I got the moves… She’s been training since three?
Yeah… three years old. Three years old, man. Respect! Respect! So thanks for watching today’s episode
and we’ll catch you in the next one… But before that, we have to do a dance… A dance?
We have to do a dance!

Dresden like a local… Active-Vlog w/Patricia On Ice – Shawne & Shawn Channel TakeOver
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2 thoughts on “Dresden like a local… Active-Vlog w/Patricia On Ice – Shawne & Shawn Channel TakeOver

  • September 25, 2019 at 9:19 pm

    Fabulously beautiful video

  • September 26, 2019 at 7:46 am

    Clearly not meant to be an inline skater, I’m better off with awkward dancing 🕺

    Thanks guys for this memorable one, I had alot of fun nonetheless!


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