Want to have fun with your friends and family outside this winter? How about doing that without having to drive up I-70 to the mountains. Those of us in East County can enjoy ice skating
outdoors in Downtown Louisville. It’s a quick drive for some quality outdoor fun. Downtown Louisville’s ice skating rink is
located at the Steinbaugh Pavilion. This area is transformed by Boulder Creek each season to become an outdoor ice skating rink! It’s a small, informal space where you can enjoy outdoor fun throughout the winter months. Skating is open from November through February each year. Our family went to the rink on one of the
days off of school. We were not the only ones who had this brilliant idea. When we got there we found that the place
was packed! Everyone was out on the ice having a grand time. Almost too much fun With all the kids racing
back and forth it was more of a free-for-all. But life is like that with kids around anyway
and it makes things more fun. Plus, with everyone there we got the additional advantage of meeting up with our friends and neigbors Note that this rink is more of a friendly,
fun place to meet friends and play. It’s not big enough for ice hockey and they don’t have a Zamboni. That means the ice is a bit ruff and not ideal
for pirouettes. But don’t let that stop you! Sometimes things that aren’t perfect are
actually quite fun. If you have your own ice skates, then lucky you because the price is just $5 to play on the ice. If you need to rent skates it is just $9 for
adults and $8 for children. Kids under 3 can rent skates for just $4 or they can run around on
the ice in their snow boots! It’s up to you based on their ability and your patience. So come on out and let’s have some fun

Downtown Louisville Ice Skating Steinbaugh Pavillion
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