let's see how you know happy I'm speechless honestly Wow they that's like putting on your wedding dress yeah it's uh it's definitely it's gonna be entertaining I thought everyone was able to like I think it ring goes with everything I'm Shirley I dad so proud yeah I never thought so walking down the aisle it was such a powerful moment I think that's the best way to describe it really I felt empowered as a woman my dad you know has been fighting cancer and and it was a powerful moment cuz it really was kind of my day where I you know kind of came out to the world away and you know I kind of you know said you know this is me I'm Katarina and I think I've never ever ever would have imagined in my life feeling that way it would hit your pal from woman from me especially getting dressed putting my shoes on and like looking down I mean like I can see my toes for the first time I am toes and then and I got to paint my nails like that it was I just made my wedding hall like I just I felt like the most beautiful person in the world and I don't think I've ever called myself it a little before I don't think it was yelling for call you you do I do and I just felt this confidence and the self-esteem and to have my dad next to me with him finding what he's doing and he's like he you know he calls me peanut he's like I'm so proud of you peanut are you okay I said everything is perfect I said today is perfect you're perfect I feel perfect and and he was a brilliant powerful moment and it's something that I will forever and ever remember and nothing can replace the way I felt when I got them the way I felt on my wedding and the way I feel today one of the biggest things for me was seeing her walking down the aisle she has such a glow it brought out a different confidence in her that I didn't see all my almost eight years of DOMA here beginning here so it was very exciting to see very humbling to witness when she first originally got her lips kim's within your legs but it was a great sight to get her going and building out that confidence I knew she had they just needed something I could knock on the door to where the septa head was able to create that for her and that was really awesome experience people love you for who you are if you're a a humorous person if you're required person if you're crazy person I figure anyone just be yourself you

Double Amputee Wears Dress For First Time On Wedding Day

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