oh I hope the snow princess comes back
soon so the snowy fire stops nothing funny I slide oh the ice line is filled
with snow we all be able to use it but then how we rescued a snow princess I
know we hang with our grated slightly snow and we can find some of my friends
well clean out the slide for you by fighting through I wonder if there’s anything in that
hollow tree stun I love your outlook jump in and see if anything’s man I’m a
monkey on a mission where the I slide what’s that for one place to another by tilting the wingman will or person
Mutulu you can eat I took just snowflake team well I’m
jumping uh-huh you can make me jump up again
by person to to time you press the two buttons we can see if there’s anything
inside the string Oh giant ice cubes
those are ice floes jump across them to get to the other side and we made it to be the pirate piggies across the ocean so we can say the snow
princess sure ladies hop on board and we’ll take
you across the ocean it’s a sea snake what do we do sea
snakes are afraid of pirates parties we just need to wave our flag help us wave
the flag over uh-oh the path is blocked don’t worry I
can use our magic to melt the ice but I’ll need your help we need to house
Snow Fairy power of this magic let’s put our thoughts along first we
fix the broken bridge of ice and snow fairy’s magic then move out some
friendly penguins to help Krampus snow from the ice finally we help the Snow
Fairy Mel’s block of ice so we can keep going
to save the snow princess

Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess Part 2 (Wii, PS2) The Ice Slide

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