jumping on the bed time usually really cook daddy almost woke up welcome to ryan toysreview we're trying to watch Brian mystery lady but daddy is sleeping oh sure there's time we have to wake up these are really deep sleeper so guys I have a fun idea we're trying to write mystery play day we have new episodes every Monday on Nickelodeon 11:30 10:30 central time that instead of waking him up to get our electronics we're gonna play do not wake daddy up okay so daddy's sleeping challenge I'm gonna go first let's see what I get put whipped cream on yeah boom grab and electronic so we can watch Ryan's mystery playdate Oh little bit I'm still not done yet their Lord my Ryan you guys used to have to grab an electronic my iPad it's kinda scary mission complete I got my iPad back yes now let's watch a sneak peek of Ryan's mystery play today go you're gonna get two mini meatballs because that's the challenge you're gonna go back and forth collecting three meatballs onto your plates once you get three meatballs the challenge is done I'm ready to dig in then let's start the countdown oh all right here's your first giant meatball there you go Wow so much fun it's your turn mommy all right guys let's see what challenge I'm gonna get my god job on the bag let's see if I can jump on the bag without daddy noticing tell me what if you accidentally jump on his hand then it whipped cream all over your foot I hope not that's got us jumping on the bed time Brian how am I supposed to jump on the bed they like tronic now let's watch another sneak peek of Ryan's mystery play today finish it oh oh okay ready to go here you go okay so now my turn I got lipstick on daddy oh there it is Ryan you can use mommy's lipstick okay Ryan we gotta find electronic it'd be very very careful with you see me how you move that where is it where's oh don't see just laying on it pretty good Ryan look he still has the whipped cream right there do you see any no yeah – [Applause] that was close that is really really close daddy almost woke up oh I hope he wakes up on your turn no mission perfectly now let's walk another right sneak peek [Applause] Wow that was amazing okay it's mommy's turn let's see what's left here I got tickled daddy speech okay yes I couldn't find a feather all I found is this hat with a feather on top somehow we held the remote oh we're still good okay all right one more time okay okay we are still good all we have to do left is take the remote control so we can watch Ryan's mysteries playdate on the TV oh yeah okay you guys think I can do it I'm going for it oh let's see is he gonna budge to oversleep we did good yeah Gillis look at this up whipped cream daddy you gotta do this yes we did it daddy we were playing daddy's sleeping challenge and I lost because you woke up usually when daddy's sleeping you want to keep it dougie sorry but since you're up do you want to watch right mystery playdate with us alright let's go clean up and everybody's go Yeah right miss really head now Ryan's mystery play date is every Monday on Nickelodeon 11:30 10:30 Central [Applause] you're watching the show thank you for watching please click on one of these videos where I enjoy rated more fun you

Don't Wake Daddy Challenge IRL Nickelodeon Edition!!

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