we're in the Yukon this is Frank we're going Frank is a dog sledding legend in the Yukon he's the only man to have competed in 23 consecutive you conquests a thousand now solo dogsled marathon known as the toughest race on earth it takes a while to get the team ready for a safe pull lines must be straight rider relaxed dogs harness correctly so these are your leaders here sprocket in their own language if you want to go right we say Jeep Jeep if we want to go left we say ha ha excited and apprehensive I'm like the dogs just raring to go with the web blackjack the dog's head off into the snow it's all about teamwork people think it's the rotten control but it's all about the dogs the dogs aren't happy you're not going anywhere it might be the cold might be the experience but there's tears freezing on my cheek so beautiful and I can't believe I never thought to come here before yes Tara Gunn

Dog Sledding in the Yukon

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  • July 21, 2019 at 10:27 am

    I saw this video at school


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