hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video we're going to be doing a DIY Hulk sled harness most of this stuff I bought at Lowe's like some of the hardware that I'm going to show you save you a lot of money than buying the the actual harness for it is quite expensive it was about 170 dollars u.s. from Langa's park sled calm I'm in Canada so then we got the exchange on that and the shipping and it's it's too much money so what you'll need is a Hulk sled I bought this Punk sled its regular $45 at sport check I got it on clearance for 25 and that was shipping included for the sale that they had on some PCV pipe half inch this I bought at Lowe's a lot of people buy a 10-foot length and cut it in half that way there you have two 5 foot lengths I find that's too short I find it ends up riding up like you're lifting the front of the sled because because of the angle up to your hips it's not long enough so I bought two 10 foot lengths and cut them into 7 foot lengths that way there they give you enough distance that was it's not riding up like you know a shopping cart on the back your ankles so you give you a little bit of room so I actually bought the Pelican Hulk sled harness it was regular price 25 bucks I bought it on sale for $9.99 10 bucks and that was including shipping that was from atmosphere CA and then some hard way here which we'll go through so here's some of the hardware laid out IKEA style so we got two wheels this is going to mount on top I'm going to take these wheels out so if you look here some have rivets some have bolts make sure you get the bolt if not then you have to drill out the rivet and just basically some hard work this is going to go into here it'll all come together once I start working on it this is going to go into there these caps are for the end of the PCV pipe which these eyelets are going to go through like this and then they're going to attach in through here with these clips and then just the hardware to put together a quarter inch by three quarters and this is what's going to bolt these wheels down to the pulk slide answer this is the hardware so all in all this hardware with the PCV pipes cost me 30 bucks and then like I said this was on self 225 this was on sale for 10 so do the math it's a lot cheaper than just buying the harness itself so in total I got 25 bucks for the pulp sled $30 for all the hardware and then 10 dollars for the actual harness set so 30 25 65 bucks my method right Canadian which is probably 25 dollars u.s. so it's it's pretty cheap some people I noticed online they'll buy a tool belt which works great but I couldn't find a tool belt cheaper than ten bucks you know like a good one so this is the Pelican Park sled harness so I bought that instead so we're gonna get some this cleared up and then I'll start showing you how to put together so I'm gonna mark these now I'm just eyeballing everything I'm actually going to start off with a smaller pilot drill bit so once that's drilled out you can switch up your drill bits pilot hole I made makes it a lot easier to drill that's for those there later on like I said I'm gonna be drilling holes down down the sides for bunch of cords so now you would want to take these out these are just normal caster wheels pretty cheap no ninety pounds each I guess do they stay on there now you can reuse these bolts in the center but I want it to 'less so these clips here I'll be able to you know snap them on snap them off so these a normal washer is too big too fat for that so I'm just going to put a lock washer on normally the lock washer goes at the bottom but I have a Teflon nut again you know this will offer II isn't going to fit on top of there and I don't want I mean this would be fine but I'm just want to put lock washers it'll help fill a gap a little bit as well so Snug these up leader so that's it for that part now you're going to want to grab block of wood just so that you can drill these caps these caps here are going to go on the end of the PCV pipe so they got lettering on here which could cause the drill bit to move so I'm going to drill the opposite way they'll somewhat find its center because it's concave so it's nice to drill through here that way there doesn't catch if you don't use this if you don't use a wood the possibility that it might catch and then start to turn and you can hurt yourself I mean it could still happen now but chances are are slimmer when it's got something else to bite into again just slide it around until it's sort of somewhat flying to Center some are perfect summer and that's what these bolts are for so how this is gonna work is before you put everything together before you tighten up I mean these you can tighten up regardless but before you tighten up these and then seal them on to here yeah this one's a little crooked and maybe I might swap this out and try to drill a little bit straighter these are really cheap they're only a couple couple cents but before you seal them all up with the sealant you want a dry fit so way this is gonna work this is gonna go in here and you're gonna have these pins just put some tape in there to make them less noisy on the trail and then you want to do the same on this on the opposite side then you would attach your carabiner on the other one to your hip belt just like that so you have one on one side one on the other side when you do it make sure that they're both lined up you don't want to put one this way and then one you know this way you want them both like that because this is gonna go onto your hip and even if you have one that's bent you can see how I have it on this side because they cross this is going to be turns that way anyways so they don't necessarily have to be perfect because there is room for error before I seal everything up I want to dry fit everything I won't be able to get all this in train this is gonna go on this side put all this together tighten everything up and we'll be good to go so once you dry fit everything all you have left to do is seal it wherever you seal these make sure at both ends these are options make sure you're not sealing them like this make sure that they're both the exact same way at both ends that's it let that dry and we're done snug everything up and then that's it you guys thanks for watching if you thought that was helpful put a comment in the description below and if you've done something similar let me know how it turned out and how you did it know we can compare notes

DIY Gear Sled – DIY Pulk Sled for Winter Camping – Winter Hiking -Pelican Snow Trek 45

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  • July 29, 2019 at 8:07 pm

    Nice work. Just got a sled and have been looking at ideas. Really like what you have. Thanks for sharing.


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