hey guys Gaming Off The Grid here, with Kingdom
Hearts 3 about to come out we started thinking about other great disney games
that are out there and then my nostalgia kicked in and i remembered this game
disney’s extreme skate adventure admittedly i have never played this game
before so i am going into this episode absolutely blind but i trust you on this
one and speaking of trust we trust evil twin brewing today we are gonna be
drinking the Imperial biscotti break it’s an Imperial Stout brewed with
almond and vanilla we’re really excited to try it out make sure you hit that
subscribe button and ring that Bell icon so you never miss an upload and sit back
relax pour yourself a beer if you care to and let’s go skating right here on
gaming off the grid all right here we go you have brought to
the table quite the treat today I was laughing when you first brought this up but I’m not really laughing anymore
yes this game I play a lot as a kid I never owned this game but one of my
neighbors had it and I didn’t really like him as a friend but he had this
game so I would go over to his house just to play it that’s how sweet this game yeah I
think most gamers have been there so they can empathize with you so what
is disney skate adventure oh so it’s basically a Disney skate game
developed on the Tony Hawk pro skater four-engine so basically identical to the
Tony Hawk games which is awesome because I love those games and it was developed
for all platforms ps2 Xbox and GameCube yeah so we actually have the ps2 version
we don’t know if it’s the best of the three typically thinks perform a little
better on the Xbox and then I think a lot of people are starting to think the
same about the Gamecube but the ps2 version is plenty of and that’s the one
that I played as a kid so nostalgic this game was published by Activision
developed by Toys for Bob which which also developed Spyro so yeah yes the new
remake for Spyro was developed by Toys for Bob and it is fantastic so I have
never played this game before until you brought it to my attention a couple days
ago my thoughts on the game are that it’s it’s really good it’s really
surprising I wish there would have been more of
them so oh yeah I only gripe with it is and this is fairly small as the game is
fun in the short term is I wish it would have just been a Toy Story skate game
yes because I love the Toy Story levels in it and things like that but there is
such a limited amount of Disney characters beyond that so I think you
get Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King you get Tarzan and the couple characters
I’m pretty unfamiliar with that series so my toy story’s the one I most know
about yeah so outside of Toy Story Lion King and Tarzan there’s no other Disney
characters and you would think with being Disney branded you know we maybe
have Mickey Mouse or you know all all the old characters you know Pinocchio
one of my four is Helen oh sweet oh and one more small grant the voice-over work
is a little dodgy some of the characters don’t have the original voice actors and
playing with woody without Tom Hanks being the voice just doesn’t quite feel
right I think for the mechanics and the way the game plays it is fantastic I
think there could have been more depth if they had expanded the roster maybe
released a subsequent release or something like that I also think it is
worth noting that you gotta change the controls to the pro controls if
you’re wanting that Tony Hawk experience cuz the first the default version of the
game is very user friendly and I think more developed for kids maybe yeah cuz I
was like trying to grind and I was using the Tony Hawk buttons because this is developed by the same developers as Tony Hawk so I know the buttons I know how to
grind and ollie and grab and kickflip and everything and I was doing it I was
like why is he always grinding and then I found out Oh every button is grind
yeah so what it’s a very simplified version of the game but as soon as you
put on the pro controllers seems pretty tough and it’s identical to Tony Hawk
and it plays really cool there’s a lot of cool tricks so if even if there’s a
little bit of a Disney fan in you or you’re a Toy Story or Lion King fan or I
guess even Tarzan which I don’t think I don’t know say anything bad about fans
of it but I don’t think a lot of people you know think of it as a main Disney
franchise I think there’s something here for you in this game and with Kingdom
Hearts coming we’ve kind of been talking about Disney games you know that don’t
suck and this one I have never heard of which is really weird and it
definitely doesn’t suck it’s a ton of fun but what’s really weird about this
game is it’s built on a tony hawk engine so as a kid i guess – now just kind of
skewed but i pictured the two minute in the round you got to get as much as you
can in two minutes and then when i plugged it in and played it recently i
was like whoa this is way different it’s kind of open world and you gotta like
collect things and skate but then there’s also like little missions you
can do in the world so like some of the missions are high-score pro score and
for those you get two minutes but then you’re still in the map you can still
skate for as long as you want which is kind of sweet yeah it’s more of a you
know and tony Hawk is a little bit this way too but it’s more of a collectathon i
feel yes i’m in the you know Disney universe with a Tony Hawk you know brain
and guts behind the whole thing so another cool thing about this game is it
has two player there’s a few different challenge modes so to finish things
off before we get into the beer review let’s go ahead to head what do you think
yes alright hiscore-challenge so there’s a few different game modes in
two-player there is just like a free skate high-score challenge like the
first one do X number of points and so we’re going to do two a hundred thousand
points but there also is horse and basically it’s a turn-based deal just
like horse and the person gets to do their tricks and
once their trick ends the totals are score and you have to match that let’s
jump right in time to kick your ass you probably will
just have to find the old ring-around-the-rosie thing here Oh baby
I’m grinding for days I’ve lost I’ve lost It grinding for days that’s totally
screwed though you are smoking me I’m doing freaking Woody’s special the bucking
bronco yeah that’s pretty awesome well you caught it quick but I freakin
ripped yeah man that was quick all right so that’s just one of the game modes in
multiplayer but there is enough multiplayer fun to keep this game going
and in the ps2 for quite some time and I think the best story mode has to be the
Toy Story 1 I just love skating in Andys room it’s so cool well and then
going to the pizza place what the heck is it called? Pizza planet, yes going to pizza planet was really cool and then the third one you go to Zergs planet yeah so sweet
yeah it was it was really really neat getting to play through that so let’s
talk about the beer what do you think of the Imperial biscotti break by evil
twin brewing it’s really good there’s a lot going on what exactly is in it it’s
an imperial stout with almond and vanilla and coffee okay yep I don’t
taste a lot of the almond I kind of taste like that vanilla kind of ish but
it’s still really good yeah I’m only get the almond a tad right before the finish
it kind of like rolls over the back into the tongue a little bit but it’s
definitely not in the forefront which is probably a good thing for a lot of
people almond can be a fairly offensive flavor and again things it’s a very
unique style we had one of theirs not all that long ago the even more pecan
well pie Jesus yeah that was really good this is this is good I think I probably
liked that one a little bit more but this is fantastic it’s a it’s a tough
one I mean they’re neck and neck this is a really good stout you really need to
check out evil twin brewing anything else you want to say about this game I
just want to say go out and play a skateboarding game
if you don’t have this one which most people don’t go play Tony Hawk because
I’m actually currently playing 2 at home with and that game is incredible
yeah and maybe dust off some old Disney games Kingdom Hearts is right around the
corner we’re really excited for it which made us kind of start going down the old
rabbit hole of Disney games but anywho we always appreciate you tuning in and
subscribe into the channel keep game and keep drinking we’ll see you next time
right here on gaming off the grid admittedly II have never played this game so we’re
going into this episode where I’m okay yeah yep I’m yep robot I have never
played this game so I’m going into this episode blind but I’m gonna have to
trust your judgment hey kit backing up on me Disney games that are
out there and then my nostalgia kick in and I remember this beauty Kingdom
Hearts and I remember this game Kingdom Hearts damn it
Kingdom Hearts – it is an imperial style is vanilla and almond we’re really
excited to try it make sure you hysterics yeah what
extreme skate let me yeah thanks yikes re-check servo

Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure Revisited | Gaming Off The Grid
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31 thoughts on “Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure Revisited | Gaming Off The Grid

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    Great video I only played 2 skateboard games Tony Hawks project 8 and tony Hawks American wasteland love those games

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    What is your favorite skateboarding game of all-time? Tell us in the comment section below!

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    I havenโ€™t seen this game in years ๐Ÿ˜€ nice video :p

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    I must be honest, skateboarding games I just cannot see the point in. I can barely walk on 2 feet, let alone balance on a piece of wood with 4 wheels attached to it. I haven't stood on one since 14 and promptly fell off it so there is no going back ๐Ÿ™‚

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    This looks like it would have been fun as a kid. I wish I played it back then! I did play Tony Hawk a lot though.

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