this is the last day of the season real snow I'm just gonna stop the video right there this story happened yesterday I was snowboarding at Mountain High the day was going great Lindsay met up at the house we got on the road to Wrightwood around 8:30 ish got to the resort around 9 o'clock everything was going great until I got hurt yeah I remember last season I went hella tough though this year not really huge shout-out to jmo hook me up with his board I'm gonna put it to good use today no yeah so dude did you get points or D pest points snowboarding run filming cool board dude this board looks familiar that looks like somebody no we probably see a lot of older clips I don't understand today's Sunday the 18th full jacket I'm wearing Lindsay's jacket Oh a CD in the current past clips we're here today to snowboard and vlog shoot we're gonna shred the gnar boxes No as a skateboarder I've always been played with injury there it was dislocating my arm breaking my finger and now today dad maybe two hours into our ride the girls were tired they were eating they wanted to eat so they grabbed something to eat in John four went for a run to just film whatever that we wanted a film the crazy thing is that we actually filmed my entire run my run was filmed I landed everything I was stoked on it I don't know but I got carried away not really because I did a backside 180 at the end on this little tiny hip area and then I tried to kind of pivot back to regular IFFT it straight like shoulder into the freaking snow as soon as I hit the ground I felt something weird like like I broke like my shoulder or something or my collarbone area or whatever this bone is right here and right here got to the end of the mountain I was telling John dude something wrong I think I broke my freaking shoulder or dislocated something but it just felt weird I mean I just wanted to be sure in the older range my 30s so getting hurt now is more so I gotta kind of watch out for what I'm doing and to make sure that I'm okay it was weird because they were asking all these questions or asking more questions in as in regards to just their liability over the mountain what type of ski no border you are are the intermediate beginner or you know Vance what part of the mountain where you want when you got hurt everything that they were asking was nothing that had to do with my injury like there I was with pain all they were doing was asking me all these bogus questions I just thought that was weird damn be snowboarding the end of the season snowboarding day we had probably a broken clavicle or like I think this is clavicle right this is a clavicle this is a chromium chromium it's probably a chromium we don't know yet don't diagnose yourself I think I tore a ligament probably that see yeah broken all good that's how to go pro yeah and Sox it sucks I mean I'd be showing it right now but I'm in excruciating pain I had a sling on but I felt like with the sling it just it was actually hurting more we ended up doing the x-rays and just wanted to make sure you know everything came out normal thankfully thank God like everything was normal I was thinking it was broken but it looks like it's just a major sprain in the muscle probably but hopefully nothing's torn or nothing's crazy messed up or anything like that so yeah everybody wear your helmets people I don't know I'm usually pretty good with what being safety but you just never know we're pretty good at being safe but you just never know anybody be safe out there keep snowboarding skate life for me for sure kind of gotta watch out nowadays since I'm older see you guys later oh is this there it is alright off to the emergency room so we're gonna go to the emergency room right now dodo dodo boyfriend hurt himself by turning and he landed on his shoulder to be known

Dislocated My Clavicle Snowboarding
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