we're here at one of valmont's great riding areas what an awesome day I can't wait to get out there see on the trail they'll mount British Columbia is a picturesque village nestled between three mountain ranges the Rockies the Caribous and the mana sheets the area offers stunning mountain scenery and endless recreational activities just 15 minutes from majestic Mount Robson and only one hour from world-famous Jasper National Park the Vale man area has some of the best mountain snowmobiling anywhere with endless powder snow wide-open spaces and incredible scenery no matter what your skill level you'll find it here today we're headed to combine a creek just 25 minutes south lamanna is an excellent area for all levels of riding ability with spectacular mountain views in every direction my co-host and guide on this adventure is Curtis Pollack manager of the Vail Mountain area Recreation Development Association or Barda it's starting out to be a beautiful day but the forecast calls for light snow I'm pretty new at mountain sledding but I know I'm in good hands with an experienced rider like Curtis with me before we got started I met up with three sledders from Jasper they do something interesting they sled up to the Alpine then skiers snowboard down so this is Phil from Jasper um how long you been sled skiing in vail mountain about nine years since 2008 excellent and how would you see it compares to other areas it's way better no just kidding it kinda is though like it's there's there's a lot more snow here than most other places like a little bit more than down so if it seems maybe not Revelstoke but maybe a little more than gold and there's a lot less people like doing what we do anyway their first flat skiing and sled snowboarding it's definitely there's definitely not as many people you don't have to fight for lines as much there's yeah it's always good they every day is good have a great day riding boys Curtis has the sleds already so it's time to gear up yet right proper clothing and even extra clothing are a must but more on that later the friendly Vardis app are there to sell trail passes and provide updates on current conditions we're heading into Avalanche country so it's important to check the Avalanche condition and make sure our avalanche beacons are working I'm good to go can't wait to get out there it's a 20 kilometer or 12 mile ride up to the camana Creek Cabin farter grooms the trail regularly so it's a smooth easy ride here comes the snow can't complain though all that powder is what makes bail mount such an awesome riding area the mountains look so beautiful and peaceful draped in snow it didn't take as long to reach the kumano cabin a brand new warming cabin and staging area for heading up into the alpine they fuse from up here are amazing miles and miles of untracked powder I'm here with Kurtis Pollak manager of Varda so tell me Curtis what is var to stand for and what do they do Varda is the veil Mountain area Recreation Development Association where nonprofit association based on a veil mount consisting of a range of local businesses and backcountry users we specialize in public recreation promotion infrastructure management and construction where are we and where are we gonna go today today we're in clementa Creek it's one of our does four main managed snowmobile areas kumano creeks one of our main managed areas it's great for all ages it's a gentle riding area into the Alpine cabin with multiple offshoots that allow for some amazing mountains and what we excellent agreed what are their areas as far to manage varda managed is a total of five recreational areas four of them are managed snowmobile areas we have where we are now which is a commanded Creek Cabin it's 36 kilometers south avail mount from the commonness staging area we can ride the combine a creek snowmobile area as well as the keyhole area a little farther south of us is the Allen Creek area about 40 kilometers that's a larger area it has some great family riding around the cabin a little bit more advanced riding as we push farther back a little bit yet farther south down the highway we have Chapel Creek which is a very large open area kind of our crown jewel has some of the deepest snow that we get in the valley and has riding for all levels and abilities our fifth area would be our one-of-a-kind snowmobile assisted ski area so that's Crystal Ridge located just outside the community of Vail mount it's one of a kind in the world similar to downhill mountain biking where we can access the area with our snowmobiles and ride some amazing skiing terrain excellent I understand that there's a trail pass fee for using the trails how much is it and what does it go towards so it access these managed areas it is a $25 user fee those user fees go towards many things for the club operations so we have a grooming program that we operate up to five seven days a week very large expense that's where 90% of those Trail fees go to sponsorships from local businesses and out-of-town businesses also help support that grooming system the $25.00 also goes towards things such as parking lot plowing infrastructure maintenance we're sitting in a beautiful new cabin right now that was partially constructed out of those funds as well and then we've got a lot of pressure for some for some new terrain we need to repair our old existing trails you know we've been here for a long time there's a lot of work to do and there's a lot of work it takes to keep these things going what level of rider do we need to be to go in all these different areas you know the groom trail riding is amazing we can access some pretty high-end terrain very very very simple trail system and you can only go as far as you're as you're willing to push yourself so once you get up to the top of the groomed trail you can either hang low and stay and ride the lower bow couple walks and some of the easier turning already have many many options to push yourself into some of the bigger mountains should your training and skills meet the needs and had often go from adrenalin rush awesome what makes them not a great mountain riding destination I think the coolest thing about the community of al-anon is our location we're centrally located within three major mountain snowmobile communities we have McBride to the north blue river to the south of us so just by basing your vacation and your accommodations out of a mount you can use all the amenities from our local community and still ride three amazing bill maher riding destinations excellent the coal miner cabin is a perfect place to warm your bones or maybe just grab lunch and swap stories with fellow riders about the great day you're having this is Chris what do you like about mountain riding just being here we get to experience some of the most pristine terrain there is in the world and less than 10% of the population Canada will ever experience it so it's humbly Bullock why would you not want to be here mmm what areas do you like to ride in and mailmouse Chapel is pretty good Alan creeks really good come on it today which is really good everywhere you go it has every level from expertise to be enter you can always find snow it's a pretty good place to go enough talk time to hit the Alpine we're headed to an awesome Alpine riding area called old Hill pine just two kilometres or 1.2 miles from the cabin it's an easy ride on a groomed road every once in a while though you just have to stop and taking those views all I can say is Wow riding and all this powder takes a little practice it's not so hard I'm starting to get the hang of it it's like floating on a cloud so Kurtis safety is a big part of mountain riding what kind of equipment and training do you need see up here in the Vail mount area we are you know we are riding a lot of mountain terrain in mountain terrain we you know there's many hazards out there besides the obvious just the Avalanche stuff so we do need a good level of Avalanche training we recommend a beginner our sorry a minimum of the Avalanche skills training one that's offered by many many providers throughout throughout the western provinces it's a two-day program teaches you the basics on how to understand the hazard bulletin how to understand and access the information provided from The Canadian Avalanche Center and also how to use the equipment we all carry on our backs then you know the but the most important thing we can bring out here honestly is our brain you know we're we need to make smart decisions out here we're in the backcountry who are a long ways away from help we are our only lifeline for help if an accident does happen also we need to be prepared so yes we need to have the Avalanche equipment but we also need to have some of the basic basic safety equipment you know we need to build a light of fire we need to be prepared to spend a night we need to have some extra food some warm clothes you know the basic repair kit the basic tools that you need to fix your machine you know really really we need to be able to spend a night out here we're a long ways away from help now we need to be prepared and we need to build a handle at least one night out here in the bush in case an accident does happen now some of the interest some of the equipment that can help with that stuff in case we do have an emergency out here we always want some sort of communication so here we have an in reach device now this is what I like about this thing is it's a two-way piece of communication right so there are other devices out there where you can hit a button you never know if the person on the other end actually heard you actually how to got the signal and if help is actually on the way this little unit here we can push a button we can send a text so we can actually alert a 9-1-1 Alert search-and-rescue that we need help we can also text family members loved ones people waiting for us at home or emergency personnel so this thing here I highly recommend when you're heading out on the backcountry you get a two-way piece of communication so that can either be the end reach device here or we also have a satellite phone here so again two-way communication is something we really really preach satellite phones they've come a long way although the inReach device it just tends to work that much better we can't get that direct voice to voice communication but we can get confirmation that messages are received and they received very very quickly and also on the way in say you do have a nice situation where you do need search and rescue with a device like the in reach with the two-way communication they can communicate with you while they're on route to the rescue you know basic stop extra water very simple first aid kit you know everything that I would need to handle most medical emergencies any small medical emergency that doesn't require outside help two-way communication with our group members so here we have a setup from backcountry access it's a it's a radio system where the radio is held in my backpack there's a strap to my back so I can hear my friends at all times we can communicate to each other communication is very very important out here especially as we head into bigger terrain or tighter treed terrain even okay now what what's so cool about this little system here is we have transceiver interference so electronic equipment can interfere with our transceivers with our avalanche beacons this thing here is stowed a minimum of thirty centimeters away from that transceiver and it helps with the signal and limit any interference that might happen with my avalanche beacon now speaking of beacons this here is a newer style three antenna transceiver so you know that that old junk that your grandpa gave you or your uncle passed down it's it has no place out here we need new equipment we need updated equipment digital three antenna transceivers are the standard they're very very easy to use they have micro processors inside them like little mini computers they give us directional arrows and distance readings very very simple to use I often play with these with my young daughters and they find transceivers all over the backyard it's a great way to play hide-and-go-seek now along with the transceiver try factor the Avalanche trifecta we need a good sturdy shovel good sturdy shovel so again not the one that you can get from Costco without one doesn't work out here it doesn't belong out here so a nice long handle good sturdy blade something that's actually meant to dig through Avalanche debris okay also helps if you get you snow machine stuck right also on the stock side snow saw so this thing here I use it for snow science but it also dubs as you know in case I need to cut a poor little tree down doing tree riding you know you can get your sled wrapped around a tree good saw can save hours and hours and hours of digging she fell down over here we also have an avalanche probe okay so this unit here packs down very very small it looks like a mess right now simply throw the unit out in front of me give it a Pole and shake okay so now I have a three meter long probe that I can use to help find my friends in the event of an avalanche okay the transceiver is only one tool of the program the transceiver gets us near our Avalanche victim the probe finds them the shovel gets them out of the snow okay so Jen's now got the Avalanche back on installed properly so we've got the crotch strap on we've got the buckle up secured nice and tight chest strap on packs fitting very very good now one thing we want to preach is avalanche educators here is we've got a handle here for our air bag now this needs to be out if that handles not out and we have no access to it we can't use it that crotch strap is very important is as this air bag deploys in an avalanche to potentially pin your arms up above your head if you didn't have that crotch strap held so in the event of an avalanche emergency you know it's it's like an air bag in your car we're not driving any harder or not riding any any more aggressively because we're wearing this thing but it's just another safety device should we need it now what we do in the event of an avalanche there you have it now this device here technically would assist us in coming up to the surface it's kind of like a jar marbles and sand you shake it all up the marbles come up to the surface hopefully you're very pretty marble and we find you on top of the snow so rule of thumb come out here prepared pack all your gear everything I showed you here is very basic there can be so much more but remember the most important thing we can have out here is our brains we need to make smart decisions we're a long way from help there's a lot of stuff that go wrong but we all want to come home at the end of the day sound good that's great thank you for all the great information if you need to rent a snowmobile in downtown or pick up some safety gear or clothing head on over to alpine country rentals I'm here with Vince Clark owner of alpine Country rentals hey Vince what kind of things does alpine country rentals offer for mountain snowmobiling Alpine country rentals offers snowmobile clothing helmets and goggles we also do avalanche gear we're an avalanche backcountry access authorized dealer so we can refill canister sell you bags shovels and probes and we do parts and repairs as well Oh excellent and I understand that you also offer guided services yeah the guided service is either you can go with a guide and you own your own snowmobile or we do a guided tour where we supply the snowmobile and the guide and all your avalanche gear and it's all-inclusive package okay and you are Val mouths only provider of snowmobile rentals yeah alpine country rentals been doing snowmobile rentals for about 15 years and we've been specializing in the bombardier product so we just in the past year we have started supplying plaire snowmobiles so we do both brands and yeah with great success it's been fun for us great well thank you for all the great information thanks Aaron there's no stopping me now I'm off to explore and let Curtis show you that claw mine is a great area for advanced riders as well as beginners well Jan thanks for coming discover veil mount we finally got you up here winter episode as you can see it's not that hard rookie snowmobiler right groom trail we can get up to destinations like this we have fresh snow alpine terrain some of the most beautiful sights in British Columbia so Mountain snowmobiling it's not that hard can be done by everybody we got you up here you're having fun anybody of all ages can do this stuff failed on house terrain that canopies anybody look where we are we're in some of the most beautiful terrain Dixon glacier behind us now it's time to go home thanks for coming and riding Belle no thank you man I had an awesome date mountain riding thanks to Curtis manager Varda for taking me out for more information on riding the mountains in Vail mount act varta see you next time you

Discover Valemount – Episode 9: Snowmobiling in Valemount & Area

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