Vegas born fan favorite Derrick England will be back for another year Fox 5 in Sapienza heard from him this afternoon he says he's happy to stay home here in Las Vegas in a summer where we've had to say goodbye to some of the original golden misfits one of the founding fathers of the Golden Knights is here to stay earlier this week the Golden Knights re-signed Derek England to a one-year deal and at 37 years old he's by far the oldest player on the team but he's also the most motivated the first year I thought you know obviously my best best year I think as a as a player and last year I was a little down but you know there's always room to improve and and get better even at this age and you know if I want to keep playing I got a I got to come out and perform and and come in in great shape and and do all the things I need to do Derek England appeared in 74 games last season for Vegas recording a career high in hits takeaways and block shots his work in the community earned him back-to-back Vegas strong service awards but with his age and the Golden Knights salary cap issues there was a belief he wouldn't be back in a vgk sweater that was never the case for England I had confidence it was gonna get done but um you know once it's opened the paper is always always nice to have so you know you're confident going into the offseason that something would work out and we got to go down yeah there was some some offers out there but ultimately like I said this is this is home this is where my heart is this is you know we've started such a great culture here I want to I want to see it through till the end now on this one year deal Derek's making $700,000 that's the league minimum for an NHL veteran with incentives that could see his contract rise to 1.5 million and when we asked if this would be his last year he said we'll see how the body holds up after this season that's the latest from City National Arena Vince Sapienza Fox 5 News local Las Vegas

Deryk Engelland signs with VGK for another year
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